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  1. How to prove Thai Marriage for UK Pension please?

    As said, get it paid into your Thai bank. No charges and a better rate. For what it is worth with the crap pound.
  2. First marriage extension

    Always a good idea to apply early in case of any problems.
  3. Any recommendations at Tucom to set up TV box?

    Plenty of "how to's" on YouTube.
  4. Bein connect chromecast issues

    Buy a cheap Android phone.
  5. If you are staying more than 30 days you need a Visa. Without one you could be refused entry to the flight without an onward flight ticket within 30 days.
  6. Visa exempt extension

    Application takes less than one hour depending on how busy the office is.
  7. Deposit means the amount in the bank. Paint the house number on a bit of wood and stick it up somewhere. Stand in front of it for a photo. That's what I do.
  8. Bein connect chromecast issues

    How about using Crome browser on the I Pad. Might work.
  9. You need the letter from the bank stating the deposit. This has to be on the day or day before at most offices. Plus an updated bank book. This will show how long the money has been in the account.
  10. Bein connect chromecast issues

    That would not work. Only available in Thailand.
  11. In that case it would be cheaper to go to Laos and get a Non Imm O Visa.
  12. Bein connect chromecast issues

    Yes. The problem being that BeIn Connect is only available in Thailand. As he has a UK Apple ID they will not allow him to download the app from the app store. Maybe he can side load it somehow.
  13. Which visa to apply for?

    Yes it takes a little more paperwork but is still pretty easy to do.
  14. You can apply but will be refused and given 7 days to leave the country.