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  1. Anyone using the BeIn Sports Connect app?

    I use it on my Android Box. Watch on large screen TV. Works well and has catch up. Not perfect as it is a little jerky. It only cost a couple of hundred baht a month so why not try it? Not much to lose if no good. I think it works better using Chrome browser than it does on the Android app.
  2. "Non-O" visa issue

    Yes it is illegal. Providing false information , even with the connivance of an Immigration Officer could get one in big trouble. You sign the application form.
  3. Marriage Exension

    Not in Khon Kaen. Any hand drawn map but not a Google map.
  4. "Non-O" visa issue

    Discussing illegal activities is against Forum Rules.
  5. "Non-O" visa issue

    Or 1,900 Baht if you do this very simple process yourself. As said, Immigration will only issue an extension of stay up to the expiry date of your Passsport if less than a year. When you apply in July you will get 12 months.
  6. No. You will get 30 days.
  7. Each time you enter you will get 90 days. Do a border run just before the Visa expires and get another 90 days making a total of almost 15 months.
  8. I thought Labour were supposed to be the opposition. Why were most of them voting with the Government? Shameful. Their days are numbered.
  9. Apply for 12 month extensions every year. Easy to do.
  10. You now have to deal with Udon. Yes Khon Kaen is a great office and a pleasure to deal with.
  11. Different situations have different set lengths of stay. I.E. 30 days, 60 days, 12 months.
  12. With an O-A Visa he gets 12 months every time he enters Thailand up to the expiry date of the Visa. He does a border run just before it expires and gets another 12 months. During the second year he needs a re entry permit if he plans on leaving the country. He has to report his address to Immigration after every 90 days of consecutive stay. Why would he want a Non Imm O Visa?
  13. The best place to get a Multi Entry Non Imm Visa is Savanakhet Laos. No financial proof is needed. BTW you are in the wrong forum. Hopefully a kindly mod will move it.