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  1. That's OK if you are American. You don't have to provide proof of income.
  2. Expat HD TV UK sports

    Flawless are pretty good. TVMucho works well but with limited channels.
  3. Within 30 days before your current permission to stay ends. 45 days at some offices.
  4. Expat HD TV UK sports

    It is primarily for football. Different leagues and competitions around the world. They do have catch up. Handy for the late games.
  5. Expat HD TV UK sports

    For the EPL you cannot beat BeinSportsConnect. Cheap, reliable and 100% legal.
  6. A criminal check will not be done so no problem.
  7. How to avoid an overstay?WP and Nonb

    Looks to me like his original Immigration issued Visa has expired and he now has an extension of stay that ends on the day his employment ends.
  8. Multiple entry O-A

    Has been multi entry for quite a while now. For the first year you can come and go as you please and get 12 months on every entry. Second year you need a re entry permit.
  9. Thinking of retiring

    Yes. Some of us actually do try and help people while there are others that get some kind of pleasure in misleading people and sending them up the garden path.
  10. Retirement Extension expires 16th September ???
  11. Renewal of NON-O Retirement

    So. 30 days before your extension expires you apply for a 12 month extension the same as you did last year. Did you have a Re Entry Permit when leaving the country.?
  12. Renewal of NON-O Retirement

    For overstay the fine is 500 Baht a day. Plus a ban if you overstay over 90 days. We still have no idea what you actually have in your passport. Can you upload a photo?
  13. Renewal of NON-O Retirement

    If you have a "O" Visa you should have been doing border runs every 90 days.
  14. Renewal of NON-O Retirement

    You said you had a Non Imm O Visa. This requires leaving the country every 90 days and not reporting. You wont get a Non Imm O-A Visa in Chiang Mai.
  15. Renewal of NON-O Retirement

    An O-A Visa is a totally different animal which you apply for in your own country. 90 day reporting just requires you to fill the form out and copy a page or two from your passport. You can even do it by post or maybe online. BTW. I hope you have been doing border runs every 90 days.