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  1. thaimate

    Shipping Personal Possessions

    Have a look at http://www.sevenseasworldwide.com/ . Their prices seem competative and they deliver door to door. I know of a few people who were satisfied with them and a friend of mine who's moving here next week is using them to ship items very similar to yours. They deliver empty boxes to your home in the UK, collect them when packed and deliver them to your home in Thailand. Delivery takes about eight weeks and they assured my friend ALL costs were covered in the price they quote you, unlike when I had my items (similar to yours) delivered door to port and it cost me another 11000 baht tea money and delivery costs to get them out of the port and to my house 65 km away. Whoever you use I would always have them delivered 'door to door' and not 'door to port', don't get stung like I did. absolutely first class company ,would use them any time ,helpfull polite you name it they are the best. had goods posted to my sister in laws in bangkok as we did not have a house at the time,but for 2000 baht they delivered everything to patters ,the guy unloaded 22 teachest and carried half upstairs ,couldnt recomend them highly enough both in england and thailand.
  2. thaimate

    Best Car Wash In Pattaya / Jomtien ?

    to all single men shopping at big c,be warned there are two very attractive girls who help you load your car ,then wash it,all they want is a lift to tesco,on the way they climb into the front seat and fondle and kiss you. when they have left you discover your wallet has been stolen. this happened to me last saturday,twice on sunday and three times yesterday.its sure to happen again ,once i buy some new wallets.
  3. thaimate

    Thais Driving In Uk

    god nobody tell my wife she can use her licence in england ,ive told her she cant. its bad enough here ,i have to put out a warning 1/2 hour before she hits the roads here.
  4. if he is married legally to his wife ,just get the forms fill them in get her to take all the neccasery documents with her when she applies for a marriage setlement visa ,if the marriage is genuine its a piece of cake . dont bother with agencys .i know i ran a marriage agency for 8 years dont lie tell the truth ,unless she has been working as a go go dancer all the time they were together