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  1. treehouse_ monkey

    What charity work can I do to give back to the community?

    go to www.tolo-thailand.com for a look-see. schools are currently out. we provide materials to assist indigent children in 12 schools. we always prefer the donors to go with us. they can then distribute shoes, uniforms, sports equipment, food, school supplies and other materials etc.
  2. treehouse_ monkey

    Issan Holiday

    Come visit Buriram. It has changed a lot since I first visited in April 1989. I came out here to live permanently in January 1998. The population was listed as 35,000 people in the city. Now it is well over 200,000. New roads, bridges, entertainment centers--a great Thai football team, an F3 racing track. Thai Grandprix is scheduled for February 2018. Some very nice hotels" Amari, Best Western, Alvarez, Princess Sita. Amari's food is extremely delicious. Three western shopping malls-- Robinsons, Taweetkit and Big C. My son is the night manager at Amari. Had some friends stay there for a week this past month and they were very pleased. When we first arrived there were only 2 flights per week. Now soon to have 12 flights per day. To me Buriram is home. There's no place like home
  3. treehouse_ monkey

    Go fund me? - Go fund yourself.

    we tried gofundme to help construction costs for a sports center for indigent children. we did not get a single donation from it but we did get help and the facility is in operation. used by 12 schools free of charge. my friends provided the money. still helping thousands of children here in buriram.
  4. treehouse_ monkey

    Backwater to boomtown: Buriram emerges as sporting paradise

    it has been considered but it was deemed to not be profitable enough to justify the investment.
  5. treehouse_ monkey

    Backwater to boomtown: Buriram emerges as sporting paradise

    seating capacity of Thundercastle (Buriram FC) is 33,600. Population figures are spot on. A lot more development projects are on the planning board or are already on the way.
  6. treehouse_ monkey

    Buri Ram revamping reservoir for nature lovers

    I was in a meeting with Governor Anusorn this past month and the project is even greater than you have reported. For the past twelve years I have been the sponsor of the Ban Yoei Sakae School and the recently completed Juta-Antiya Sports Center that is located adjacent to the Huay Talat Reservoir and just across from the Huay Jorakay Mak and there are plans in development on both sides of the highway 219 (15 km mile-marker)being developed for adding water sports, picnicking, additional areas for boy scout and girl scout camping areas. The area is prime for development and will become a major recreation area for all who wish to utilize the facilities. So glad to see it coming to pass.
  7. treehouse_ monkey

    Disney to open theme park in Thailand?

    Hope they choose Buriram for their new location. Plenty of good land still available, but oh the traffic, would have to widen roads again!
  8. treehouse_ monkey

    US Marines join Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand

    thanks for sharing this film on cobra gold. We had a team come up and help us to reconstruct a rural school and paint a long wall. Thai soldiers from the local garrison were also involved as well as people from the neighboring village and a dozen foreigners from a church group in Chicago.Now we need them again. The soldiers and marines were a real blessing to us in 2005. Wish they would come back. We are in the final stages of constructing a memorial sports facility to be shared by 2,136 kids from 12 schools in rural Buriram. Could sure use some help.
  9. treehouse_ monkey

    I am so excited!

    you will like Buriram. Have been here 19 years and have enjoyed being here in my home and there is no place like home!
  10. treehouse_ monkey

    How to stop ants

    I found this recipe works wonders. take a tray, put 10 teaspoons full of baking soda and add the same amount of confectioners sugar, blend thoroughly then add a few spoonfuls of water to make the ingredients moist. Ants will be attracted to the confectioners sugar but when they consume it the baking soda will cause their stomachs to rupture. I put a tray of this in my bathroom and within a week every blood ant in my house was dead. The powdery substance turned brown from all the ant bodies. This is no joke. It really works. Good luck with your ant problems. can use the same mixture on a saucer or styrofoam food tray.
  11. treehouse_ monkey

    Volunteering opportunities in Thailand or neighboring countries?

  12. Without a doubt there are Thai's who are so nice to be around. Our registered NGO organization Tolo-thailand Foundation has been constructing the Juta Memorial Sports Center at the Ban Yoei Sakae Elementary School here in Buriram. Twelve schools with many indigent children will be using the facilities free of charge Funds came in from around the world. While we are in the final stages of building the facilities to honor the beloved principal from the school who passed away seven years ago due to cancer, thirty Buriram Rajabhat University Second Year students came to the school and painted all the children's playground equipment, and helped to prepare the ground for a beautiful patio for children to sit under the trees in front of the school classroom building. The next week 10 superb Thai soldiers from the local Military Garrison arrived to construct the patio and stayed to work for an entire week. The kids absolutely loved having them around. So far we have had volunteers from 50 different nationalities who raised money and came out to work along side the Thai's on numerous projects we have undertaken here over the past 19 years, including many English, Canadians, Americans, Australians, Dutch, Belgians, French. Buriram is a better place because of this.
  13. treehouse_ monkey

    Right size air-conditioner for 30 sqm studio?

    18,000 BTU. get one with inverter that costs a bit more but uses 20 percent less electricity: Samsung, Mitsubishi are good. circa 22,000 B