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  1. The people that speak trump are mostly institutionalized...
  2. Not sure it matters. You can find a wide range of views among Israelis. Anecdotal accounts of a few random ones doesn't say all that much.
  3. That's a big issue but alas a potential two state solution isn't exactly the topic here. It requires leadership on both sides willing to make good faith negotiations. Neither side really has that.
  4. World news forum. No need for Thai content here.
  5. Dude, I never said there were no anti-Zionist Jews. I objected to your TROLL move of posting that picture of that FRINGE group of bizarre people that had even met with Iran's previous holocaust denying leader. Again, you don't get to put words in my mouth. Again, that picture you posted is of a group of a TINY number of people. You post it to promote a totally fake narrative that they are representative. Totally sleazy and totally disgusting. To add I have never seen that tiny group posted about where there wasn't a hateful agenda behind it. It's always about trying to promote a distortion that has nothing to do with reality. Everyone can see through the dishonest game of using that CRAZY group and presenting them as representative. We have no argument that there is a minority of (not crazy) Jews that are anti-Zionist. There are rational arguments for that and some of them are interesting. But it's kind of too late for such arguments as Israel now exists for a long time. But again that isn't the topic here, and certainly your TROLL games posting pictures of that inflammatory tiny group isn't either. In the context of this thread, I would assume that the majority of the sincerely dissenting Israeli soldiers in that left wing group are not in any way anti-Zionist. I assume most are patriotic Israelis that just want their nation to be better. That's an admirable goal. Zionism doesn't mean right wing or left wing or defining any specific borders. At it's core, it's about supporting the right of the Jewish people to have political self determination in national homeland. That homeland now exists and it's called Israel.
  6. Chance blown. http://www.newyorker.com/news/amy-davidson/donald-trumps-unintelligible-presidency
  7. Obviously there are many moderate and leftist Israelis. The group the German FM was meeting is part of that. Israel is a democracy. Netanyahu governs in an environment where some factions are to the right and some to the left. Of course, it is true that the right wing side of the spectrum has dominated Israeli politics for quite some time. This entire kerfuffle appears to be purely about domestic Israeli politics for Netanyahu. It obviously looks awful internationally, but that isn't his priority.
  8. Yeah, but trump is such a horror show, even someone as vacuous as Ivanka is seen as a hopeful check on the nasty craziness of trump. Dark times indeed! Total banana republic family/business corruption stuff. Any respect the USA had in the world before trump was elected (which admittedly was already battered) is now totally down the crapper.
  9. Off topic, please stop it, but because you posted it, a correction is in order. The Grand Mufti did indeed spend the war in Berlin, met with Hitler, asked for a promise to exterminate the Jews in the Middle East when Hitler could get around to it, was aware at an insider level of the death camps, did participate in promoting the genocide of European Jews (participated in propaganda), etc. However, there is ZERO evidence that the Grand Mufti gave Hitler the idea of industrial genocide of Jews. So there is a lot of truth in your post, but it's really important to not blame the Mufti for stuff he did not do.
  10. Off topic inflammatory garbage. How many times has the Israel demonization agenda posted this very same total crapola on this forum? These characters, and they are characters. do not represent Jews or Israelis in any way whatsover. Their numbers are a tiny fraction of one percent of the Jewish people. Maybe there are some naive, ignorant people that see pictures of these loons and actually think they represent Jews in any way. They do not. Please stop posting such misleading fake news/fake Jews propaganda. Back to topic please.
  11. He'll never be a normal anything. Forget about that.
  12. Great news. He's trying to punish regions that didn't vote for him. Continue to block.
  13. Fair enough. It's not the cheapest place. That is true.
  14. You may be confusing her with Tiffany.
  15. She's complicit. Germans shouldn't fall for her act.