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  1. trump voters still on board with the con man. "These are the stupidest people you've ever met ..." John Cleese
  2. Mexico, a much more powerful nation than trump realizes, is wising up to trump's sleazy con man games. Good for them. Mexico and the USA should be great friends. Both nations will be "greater" that way. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/27/world/americas/mexico-trump-nafta-trade.html?_r=0
  3. I bet he regrets not using air quotes when he promised the wall.
  4. You EVER got the meter on on one of those Pattaya fake "taxi meter" cars? For real? A driver told me their "organization" strictly forbids that.
  5. It would because with Uber they have an incentive to give good service because you can give instant feedback on the app, and even complain and ask for a refund.
  6. OK, that you're doing exercise surprises me. I recall feeling I had been hit by a truck.
  7. I had it 40 years ago so my info is dated. An acute case. Yes, I recall liver screening and basically had to rest a lot for months. I can't imagine doing active work in the condition I recall. There was no treatment. Still isn't? As far as your symptoms, obviously discuss this with your doctor when you get the liver screenings. My blood was used (among many others) to help develop the Hep B vaccine. Doesn't help you, but there is a vaccine.
  8. Just a really big show from the reality TV president.
  9. Ran as a populist. "Governs" like a plutocrat.
  10. Several years of nothing. Were you joking?
  11. You're right that there is no evidence that he is a child rapist. But there is strong evidence that he has sexually assaulted numerous adult women and also that he's a total pervert, using his authority to be a peeping Tom of underage girls at his beauty pageants. Normal people are justifiably ruined by such charges but he's apparently above it all.
  12. Seems to be a trend. https://www.cuencahighlife.com/panama-latest-expat-destination-tighten-immigration-rules/