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  1. The Greek Grill House is now closed, so choice of only two. No informed recent opinion on your question. Another Greek place to consider further away is El Grecos.
  2. How do you define Palestinian land? A very large portion of Palestinians define Palestinian land as river to the sea. That's why I would ask people spouting such rhetoric as above would specify what they mean. It makes a huge difference.
  3. Mainstream anthropology suggests that race is not a real thing biologically. But it is a real thing in social perceptions.
  4. You're right and it's true white foreigners are often treated differently in Thailand based on both being white and foreign. Sometimes the different treatment is positive and sometimes negative.
  5. Perhaps but we can't really know about how individual officers might profile people based on whatever. In other words we don't know if they might choose to hassle one person rather than another presenting similar passports based on "non PC" identity factors. Which is why I don't see a problem with this issue being brought up for discussion without people acting like it couldn't possibly happen. Of course it could. Did it in this case? Who the hell knows?
  6. Makes sense. The con man president wanting a con man comms director.
  7. trump and his minions ... always with the threats. He still imagines himself as the "great" American dictator/emperor.
  8. No way to know about this case. But racism is real in every country and definitely in Thailand as well, from Thais and foreigners in Thailand. It's offensive to suggest it isn't or that bringing it up as an honest question is never legitimate. You can often see this in the "press" here (and racist posts) when the descent of a person is highlighted in addition to their passport nationality. Don't act like this doesn't happen all the time. For example -- "not a real Australian" etc., etc., etc.
  9. Vickan's Swedish (Guesthouse) Restaurant Jomtien Beach Road, near Soi 2 (not very far from the Thappraya turn) Keeping on the deep discount theme. For LOW SEASON ONLY (they do it annually) for food only. Daily for dinner. Some pictures of their food here -- http://www.asiaafterdark.net/hotels/vickans-guesthouse/ A Euro cozy little restaurant and bar. It feels much more cozy inside than it looks from the outside. A typical medium sized Swedish food menu including appetizers like shrimp cocktail/shrimp Skagen, presumably Swedish style pizza and lasagna. Also burger and a Thai food menu as well including whole fish options. 30 percent off was an offer I couldn't refuse for their classic Swedish steak on a wooden plank. Offered with pork, beefsteak, chicken, and imported salmon. I had the salmon which before discount is about 400 baht. Served with a white wine cream sauce. Low drama good service. First time I ever tried a Swedish plank thingie anywhere. So my uneducated impression is that their food is a notch UP from serviceable. That means I think it was pretty good!
  10. But they're not. Fish of whatever color notwithstanding.
  11. That does not make any sense. Jews are not allowed to pray there. Yes we all know global Muslims are nutso sensitive about that mosque.
  12. Now this is getting interesting! ... "Trump's hypothetical questions, however, may be further complicated by a recently unearthed 1998 memo obtained and published by the New York Times, in which the legal scholar Ronald Rotunda wrote to independent counsel Kenneth Starr opining that on the basis of his extensive analysis, a sitting president can be indicted on a charge of a criminal offense. ... In no small irony, this chain of reasoning emerged in the context of a Republican desire to prosecute Clinton - yet now could be neatly used by Democrats to make a case against Trump." ... http://m.sfgate.com/news/article/Trump-denounces-illegal-leaks-in-new-accounts-11307213.php
  13. No worries? Where's the fun in that?
  14. No. Never a worse one and it's a toss up if American democracy survives this one. It wasn't a telecast. It was directly from the tiny paws of clown force one --
  15. Wouldn't it be great if he could be limited only to posting on twitter ... from a padded room?