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  1. Yes. That is why I specified only if explicitly required. At your office, it is.
  2. Jingthing

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Open call for "reviews" from T21 mall! There are scads of new restaurants at the new mall. Readers, when you eat at these NEW places, please take the time to comment about the experience here. More value on totally new to Pattaya places as opposed to places that have already existed here. Thanks!
  3. To be clear, it is best practice for applicants to only present what is explicitly required. For income based applications unless told in advance (such as through a cautious agent) only the embassy letter should be provided for the income "proof" part. The idea is to have some supporting evidence ready only IN CASE it is demanded. Obviously only relevant to people that actually can provide such supporting evidence (if demanded).
  4. The Australian embassy has been and is still issuing the required income documents that are REQUIRED by Thai immigration for income based applications. Thai immigration may demand additional evidence of the income claimed in such embassy documents, but usually doesn't.
  5. True. You don't need to have a MySSA account at all. But I wanted one to view my status online rather than rely on the now notorious exigencies of trying to find out what's happening through other means. I agree doing the benefits application online is the best way to apply for a simple application. I do NOT AGREE that you still (in all cases anyway) need an interview with Manila! Because I recently did this, and even though I assumed that I did need such an interview, even though I emailed Manila requesting it (NEVER ANY REPLY WHATSOEVER even on followup second emai), it turned out my benefits started to be paid (date correctly indicated on MySSA) on the stated date on MySSA without any interview by anybody (Manila or Baltimore). Also no demand for I.D. documents at all. (Surprised me.) I respect what you are saying reflects your greater experience than mine and perhaps reflects what people should generally expect. However, my experience is very recent. So I guess it's another case of … IT DEPENDS!
  6. Jingthing

    Thailand to Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions in Support of LGBTQ Rights

    Goodbye more.
  7. Jingthing

    Burgers with that British factor

    Beetroot is obviously an Aussie specific thing. But I wonder do Russians do that too? Borschtburgers. Yum.
  8. Jingthing

    Burgers with that British factor

    Yes, exactly. A typical fancier burger menu in the USA -- https://thevortexatl.com/menus/food-menu/
  9. Coverup in progress. As far as "trump" fans are concerned, I can almost understand coming from that immoral space, saying doing the coverup is the smart way to go for "America First" and all that jazz. But surely there isn't even one conscious person on the planet that actually believes this B.S.? https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/global-opinions/the-saudi-explanation-for-jamal-khashoggis-death-is-a-fable-still-trump-plays-along/2018/10/20/1777e3b8-d457-11e8-8c22-fa2ef74bd6d6_story.html
  10. Jingthing

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Odelices Freakin' ridiculously good French bakery, pastry shop in Jomtien Jomtien complex, see map. Find Tinnies Aussie pie shop on the corner of Tappraya and go into that soi to the next corner Connected local "foodies" already know about this newish spot. But in case you don't, you might want to let out a notch in your belt. This is home of "worth the calories" delights. And bring plenty of money too as it's not cheap. Americans might call this an "artisanal" food products shop. All the products are clearly made with very high quality ingredients and expert skills. I would expect to find a shop like this in the richest areas of San Francisco. But here it is in Jomtien Complex! Almost shocking but true. I'm not even much of a dessert person but this place can make anyone a dessert person. Too much hyperbole!?! Check it out yourself. Note the hours. They open early but close at 7 p.m. Yes they have plenty of indoor seating and they serve meal sets as well (breakfasts, quiche sets, baguette sets). Or enjoy your cakes or pastries with coffee. BTW, the pictures here don't even do it justice. You want FB? https://www.facebook.com/Odelices-jomtien-1812956712114210/
  11. Getting rejected by their families for who they are is stressful. Western Pollyanna views about Thai attitudes towards sexual minorities doesn't match the realities for many. Generally the ones that are doing better come from better educated families where they are given unconditional love and support.
  12. You're right there is a huge generational difference in how people see gender presentation. Such as concepts like gender fluid and all the pronouns. Carry on, evolve, use protection, and have a great time!
  13. You may not see a difference but the vast majority of gay men DO see the difference. To add, not all effeminate men are gay. But it is true a segment of gay men that are cisgender are more on the femme side. But they're not taking hormones, not getting breast enlargements, not presenting to the world in female attire.
  14. News flash. Nobody is making you so don't worry. As a gay man who like the vast majority of gay men has no sexual interest in women or ladyboys, I am also happy that nobody is making me have sex with people I'm not attracted to as well. So we're brothers in that, amigo.
  15. Not being sexually attracted to women or transgender women (which describes the vast majority of men that identify as gay men) has nothing to do with hatred of femininity or women. It's about what turns you on. (Or not.) On the other hand, I would agree that mainstream gay culture has some major flaws in it. But that is NOT the topic here.