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  1. Thank you, John McCain. Again.
  2. Yes, and the clown potus (commander in troll) responded with this zinger.
  3. I stopped at one. Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the best shows in history. VP is DRECK!
  4. Are many Australians stupid enough to change their vote to the no side because of an irrelevant incident like this? That might make more (any) sense if the yes side leadership was inciting or encouraging violence. They are most certainly not. I'm not speaking from a condescending POV. As an American, I can say with great confidence, Americans would be stupid enough. So are Australians better? I hope so.
  5. Yes, the far right needs to be CRUSHED wherever it breaks. The far right surge that occurred in the USA is bad enough. A far right surge in Germany would be even more disturbing.
  6. Yeah, because it's ever so funny to stereotype gay people. Uh huh.
  7. Of course violence shouldn't be condoned except in cases of self defense. The sleazy thing that's going on now is that pro NO vote propagandists are trying to trash the YES campaign over the violent action of an isolated private individual. Typical dirty smear campaigning. I hope Australians are smart enough to see through that dark game.
  8. That's a LIE. Also, it's important to note that this unfortunate incident with Abbot is in no way representative of the leadership or tactics of the pro equal civil rights YES campaign. Similarly, the violence that is occurring from individuals from the NO side (such as the violent attack on Kevin Rudd's godson) is not representative of the leadership or tactics of the NO side either. Let's be fair. Australians should vote on the ISSUE. Not this propaganda noise trying to peg violence from isolated individuals to trash entire campaigns totally out of context.
  9. Things do more intense after a certain hour. But it's wrong that all the victims are looking for trouble. The criminals are out looking for trouble whether you are or not.
  10. I didn't say no money. I said zero baht required of INCOME. That's a FACT, Jack.
  11. This thread really isn't about Thailand retirement extension requirements. That's covered on hundreds of other threads. That said, the minimum income requirement for the O-A visa and retirement extensions is exactly: ZERO baht
  12. No, I expose myself to right wing media regularly. Again, they weren't the same speeches.You're talking diplomacy vs. INSANITY.
  13. It's a nice fantasy but U.S. presidents don't go to jail.
  14. Turns out you do agree whether you admit or not. You posted a right wing propaganda piece from the New York Post, took the thoughts as your own, but it turns out they were not the same speech at all. That's an objective fact. Deal with it. I also agree with you these are different times. I don't agree that trump's bombastic nuclear war threats were helpful.