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  1. Jingthing

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Some fun details to add. Doriwon offers chicken ginseng soup for 450 which is a fair price if it's good and most places don't have it. Korean restaurant offers a spicy pork ribs stew with tubular rice cakes for 300. It's good but I would much prefer that dish with beef ribs which is a more famous dish that would of course be more expensive. They don't have it and I know of no local Korean place that does. If you know a place that serves it please post. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Jingthing

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Years ago I used to go to Jin Sung. Back then their banchan (side dish) offerings were paltry which is why I switched to Korea Restaurant. But that may well have changed and I also noticed they greatly expanded their non-BBQ meats menu, such as soups. I should probably give them another try. My least favorite Korean place there is called Bibimbap, a chain from Bangkok. But that place is very accessible to non-Koreans. We are definitely spoiled for choice here for some national cuisine types such as Korean. Still for me it's hard for me to pass up that "free" fish at Korean Restaurant.
  3. Jingthing

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Doriwon https://www.facebook.com/doriwonthailand A newish Korean restaurant in the "Korean food mall" at the Burger King, North Pattaya My regular Korean joint for soups and bibimbap is the place called "Korean Restaurant" on the other side from Doriwon so I'll compare them. The reception at Doriwon was kind of odd. Was presented with a non-English menu even though I know they have an English menu. So I asked for the English menu. It doesn't match the other one as far as dish numbers, dish names, and pictures which I think is kind of stupid. So I had a hard time figuring out what's what. Aside from the expected meat BBQ choices they do have a large selection of soups which is great if you can figure out what they are. Three choices of bibimbap in hot stone -- spicy cuttlefish, pork, or raw beef. I went with the spicy shredded beef soup Yukgaejang (240) which includes banchan and Japanese style white rice. The quality of the banchan was very good but very small portions and refills were not offered. I eventually asked for a refill of basic cabbage kimchi which was granted but I was still annoyed by their lack of offering it. The soup was excellent and a culinary level up from "Korean Restaurant". The banchan at both places is competitive in quality but at "Korean Restaurant" the portions are larger and it also includes a large piece of fish which is amazing for the prices. I've seen similar pieces of fish sold at Japenese restaurants for 100 baht plus. At "Korean Restaurant" when ordering their only choice of not sizzling stone bibimbap it also includes an excellent bowl of spicy bean paste soup. I don't know if Doriwon offers similar but I doubt it. At "Korean Restaurant" they offer a large jug of free drinking water. At Doriwon only a small glass. Both places offer free watermelon for dessert but predictably the portion is smaller at Doriwon. Quite obviously Doriwon doesn't offer as much (for similar prices) than "Korean Restaurant" but the choice between the two isn't as cut and dried as it may seem. As I said, the soup quality was better at Doriwon and Doriwon offers sizzling stone bibimbap. I will definitely return at least to try their bibimbap.
  4. Jingthing

    Pattaya Baht Bus

    JOMTIENTo "Korean food mall" at the Burger King North Pattaya (north of Marina Mall)10 baht accepted Running total. 6 accepted 1 not accepted
  5. An interesting source of information on the ancient cost of buying vs. renting choice (if you can afford to buy anything) and it's regional variations -- http://digg.com/2018/rent-or-buy-homes-map
  6. N word, schmen word. "trump" is a racist no matter how you shake it and he owes his political success to pandering to racists. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/so-much-for-the-presidency/2018/08/17/c3ac008c-a177-11e8-83d2-70203b8d7b44_story.html?utm_term=.b30ac8c0d2f6
  7. Yes our criminally corrupt Swamp King president is clearly signaling that he will pardon Manafort if convicted.
  8. You're just scratching the surface on how much long term damage that buffoon is doing. Enemy of the people? The president. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Powerful pushback against our American fascist clown president! https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/revoke-my-security-clearance-too-mr-president/2018/08/16/8b149b02-a178-11e8-93e3-24d1703d2a7a_story.html
  10. The horrible U.S. president "trump" can't be mocked enough. Yes he is totally unhinged. That's a given. But is there even a word in the English language to describe the historically elevated level of unpresidential behavior of his bizarre white house "reality" show?
  11. I suspect he agreed to the "delay" because of political fallout of his overblown fascism show happening right after the midterm election.
  12. OK. Bank and brokerage? Vanguard, BTW, will be requiring two factor (to phone text) authorization by September of this year. Don't know if they accept foreign cell numbers. Voice messages and email not allowed.
  13. The concern I have with informing current accounts in the U.S. is that I might not be so lucky as some others have. I am down to one U.S. credit card. If I lose that, I won't be getting another. I absolutely need at least one U.S. bank that definitely accepts a foreign address. So I could afford to lose all the others if I could just keep the one. The reason I opened so many accounts before moving abroad was because of things changing so that I could afford to lose some. Things did change. For example, my original wiring bank totally changed their policy and I can't use them anymore. Some banks might make the decisions conditionally based on your relationship with them and size of accounts. Fidelity does not restrict larger dollar customers. The last I read was 500K USD.
  14. Yes I was logging on from Thailand naked. Then a few years back multiple firms pushed back at that but Fidelity was the only one that got hard core. So I started doing direct US logins via TeamViewer using a physical computer in the US to all my accounts. No VPN. But that's a problematic solution long term and I've considered switching to a VPN but I've read many reports of firms not liking that either. Which VPN do you use specifically? To add even though Fidelity says they know abroad for some years now that conclusion hasn't migrated to credit agencies or any other firms that I use. It's possible Fidelity changed their view about me based on the US logins. BTW I suspect they got me from social media. It is well known firms use that to smoke out suspected expats. So I closed all my social accounts that identify me as living in Thailand. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. The saved money will fund several years of the Mueller investigation. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app