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  1. Tried doing this today on 3 different computers and I have the same problem, looks like im going in to report.......
  2. It's mine! Add me on Line NinjaShadowWarrior
  3. How to disable/Enable Active Management Technology?

    omg now one of my hard drives is gone <deleted> , arghhhhhhhh /vomit problem after problem hope it didnt die on me..... fLASHING SOUNDS DANGEROUS
  4. How to disable/Enable Active Management Technology?

    Disable is working great for a temporary fix but after i restart my pc the yellow flag always comes back , i dont want to reflash bios seems very risky and the strange thing is i was getting code 10 before then code 43, then i was getting com 3, then com 4, now its on com 5.....
  5. How to disable/Enable Active Management Technology?

    Thanks for a response it sounds kinda complicated to preform, any easier methods?
  6. How to disable/Enable Active Management Technology?

    Thanks the free program is great I updated 13 drivers but the problem still persists, ive spent hours upon countless hours trying to figure this out even tried Intel website and downloading thier drivers but I still couldn't get it to work, its very annoyong to see this I might have to bring pc where I bought it and pay 300 baht for repair, any other suggestions would greatly be appreciated, thanks again. Here is the error message I got when trying to download from Intel website
  7. Hello all, Trying to disable/ Enable it, I dont really need it just annoying how the yellow flag keeps popping up how to completely delete, remove it? Or is it always going to be there? I posted a pic here, getting code 10 and code 43, also tried disabling it in BIOS on my gigabyte motherboard but couldn't find any settings for it, wonder if this is windows 10 or software or hardware related, anyone have any experience would greatly be appreciated thanks.
  8. Do You Get Dirty Looks From Thai Women?

    I think your just being paranoid , dont worry about it, who cares if they look? If they look it only means their jealous because they want what you got!
  9. Song Title Game

    Lost without u - Robin Thicke
  10. Continuing Study In Thailand

    my thought is you get what you pay for, as for being a native speaker, im sure he can get a job with a ton of experience, but im not to sure how the MOE handles things these days, so my bet's on him, besides how many online degree's are offered these days? A TON.
  11. Thai Immigration Cracks Down On Foreign Teachers

    Unfortunalty Thailand is a corupt country, so with a corupt country come corupt rules, peolpe, teachers corupt anything for that matter! but thats everywhere in the world, the only thing that i can see to make things better is beefing up the TEFL ,and making new recruits pass a test, exam, and training course all in one in order to satisfy everyone.