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  1. rice555


    Yes, but not in dirt. The only thing that did well in dirt was serrano's. I grown OP's Jal's, the M, the Early and Jalor which I would still had going till I ended up in ICU for a week. I made it, the plants didn't. Jalors, Ancho's and Yolo Wonder(bell pepper). The Jalor is yellow to red, no green and is hotter than the M or Early. Several Hyb's Jal's I've had good production with also. All seed is from US seed Co.'s My last batch of seed came from here, see last pix. These are all grown in coir hydroponically. rice555
  2. rice555

    Farm Photos

    Pix's from the porch & front yard. This is the first time the wife has saw waves and little white caps, with out the trees and bamboo more people have had roof and siding blown off. The backhoe operator also was catching fish. rice555
  3. rice555


    Hello All, I just found these pic's I forgot to post. You can get a back issue of the magazine from the publisher or the guy in the article may have an E-book. rice555