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  1. rice555

    hydro/aquaponic gardening

    Hello All, I don't know if you've gone through the thread by Frappington, now on Pg. 8 of the Farming Forum "Aquaponic and Hydroponic Hobby Growing", he used the tower system on the right hand side of the pic. I don't know if his uTube VDO's are still up??, but half way through the vid's he set up his towers, he was using AP.(Hyb. fishshit system) "Ponic Wars" was the u-tube, there's a link in the thread. rice555
  2. rice555

    Agricultural Fairs And Shows

    Hello All, cold & windy. They really changed the layout of the Korat show, I didn't see a map and we headed to where the greenhouse and flower gardens were in the the past, not there. Lots of plants/trees for sale. The #1 pic is looking west, I'm standing in the "T" of the intersection.(I found an old map from a previous show). #2 is looking E. To my R. in this pic is behind the stands is where the gardens were in the past. The black arrow. #3 is an enlargement from #2, my wife paying for 2 yellow dragon fruit plants, the lady told the wife that they are from plants from Isarel, they also will be selling at Ya Mo Festival. rice555
  3. rice555

    CFL Grow Lights

    Coming up in May, again, Thailand LED Expo. www.youtube.com:watch?v=O8sh1vXwyLw 2.webloc You should be able to find the lighting you need. Girls from the MeanWell TH. booth, for your power supply or led driver needs. rice555
  4. rice555

    Hydroponic Farming

    I weigh out each chem, from .135g to 1200.g to make my 3(ABC) or 4(ABCD) part mix's. Scoop1 has been the one that dialed all my(HIS) formulas in. I had planed to grow and direct sell to one place and he would take all I could produce, nobody imported regularly as it's a small nich market. It all started as a hobby, no rush to make $. It was grow here in Korat and send to BKK. Time to go to Lotus Phi Mi. How many different strains in the pic? Test grow for size and if they could take some rain, great prices around the end of April. rice555
  5. rice555

    Agricultural Fairs And Shows

    The Korat Show starts in a few days, 11-14 of Jan., 2018. rice555
  6. rice555

    Studio 7, Buriram

    There is an I-Care at The Mall Korat, 3rd. floor that does repairs. rice555
  7. rice555

    The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Just incase you didn't know, Olympia is the Capital of WA. rice555
  8. rice555

    The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Seams like someone knows everything BUT how to use Google. rice555
  9. No, I believe it was imported. The wife found it and showed it to me, I would like to have bought some, but not at that price. I haven't been able to find kale in Korat at Foodland, The Mall or Lotus. A friend of mine down by Chi Am was growing in by hydro saw it a Vila HH and it was about Bt.200. Here's the time they give for the buckwheat, and a pic. rice555 Fagopyrum esculentum Japanese Buckwheat (49 days)
  10. rice555

    Biochar producer in Chiang Mai area?

    After looking, I use to get small amounts of coir & cubed coco husks at a store in one of the large market also sold bags of CRH, on the pallet right of the coif. Each bag was Bt.10 for the CRH. I've also saw them in DoHome here in Korat. I've not looked at Global House here. rice555
  11. What size of an area are you planning to irrigate? Is it flat? What plant(s), tree(s) or crop(s)? Faucet or pump? Go to U tube and look for what your trying to do. Most all of the Co's. have How To Do for landscape, greenhouse and Ag. Then look and see what you can get here in LOS and go from there. I've only done corn, beans, eggplant and squash with 16 mm drip tape from a 1"(32mm) HDPE supply manifold from a 1" pump. From the borehole through a filter to a 2000L tank. pumped through a filter to the drippiness. Same when fritagion. I did get all the supplies to do a micro drip for irrigating 2/300 chili plants in poly bags(hydroponics). but never set it up. A P/C dripper into a 4-way with 3-4mm tubing to a stake dripper. All 4 stakes and all other clusters of 4 stakes should get the same amount of flow with P/C(pressure compensating). If you use a nonP/C dripper, the one furthest from the supply gets less. A + for SP's P/C dripper's, they can be taken apart and cleaned, Netafim's goes to the trash, it's a sealed unit. Each row of this grow had a valve as the corn needed more water than the bush longbean's. Beans, the 3 short rows. R/H The tools I used to put the whole system together. The red cutter at the top of the pix is great for cutting LD&HDPE up to 1". It's from the BKK SP store and catalog. I haven't found it at the two main sources of SP in Korat. DoHome/GlobalHouse. Not shown is the hand punch to make the hole into the HDPE for the tape fitting. rice555
  12. Thanks for the info, I had ordered some small packets from a Co. in N. Calif. that you can direct order with plastic and they will mail here, Stainable Seeds in Chico Ca. I wanted to try buckwheat and see if I could squeeze it in from mid Dec to mid Feb. To stray a little, I also got some kale to try, most likely will go NTF Hydro with it later, but finally found fresh kale at the new Central in Korat and was Bt.299 a bunch. rice555
  13. rice555

    Biochar producer in Chiang Mai area?

    Look in the OG section at the top of the farming forum main page. there's several threads on biochar and one has a low cost stove for CRH. I'm lazy, I just want to buy ready-made, this is 1/2 the pile of CRH the village used in a OG fertilizer project in Pi Mai. rice555
  14. Hello All, has anyone tried growing and if, what verity? Was it for seed or GM? I was about to order my CARE package from the US and for my seed part of the package, I was wondering if it was worth the effort? rice555
  15. As a W. coast US person, do you mean bell pepper? If yes, the only seed packet's I've seen is(see the pic) is from this seed Co. The have 2 packs I have got before, 1. green 2. green to yellow. If you leave on the plant long enough they will turn red. Last time I was in Korat, I looked and the store was out, the store is the distro for All of Korat. I'm about to order these from the US in my seed order: "heirloom pepper seeds, Yolo Wonder Improved strain of California Wonder, larger and more mosaic resistant, 4-4.5 x 3.75-4 in. diameter, thick flesh, 3-4 lobes, dark green to red, pendant, compact spreading 24-28 in. plant, dense foliage protects against sunscald. Thick skinned holds up well for baking or stuffing. Sweet, delicious and eaten raw in salads." the red bell pic. And they are OP rice555