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  1. Why not use thorium? It's been around as long as uranium and doesn't have the radiation or waste problems as uranium. Thorium was not used because it can't be made into bombs, thats why the U$ went with uranium. There's shit loads of the ore in the western U$ and is cheap. A good cleaner source of electric power. rice555
  2. Hello All, the old yellow dragon, thorns and all. This is from this months Thai Ag Magazine(as usual) and the new yellows. rice555
  3. You can buy what's in your link at any garden shop or even at Lotus for under Bt.100 a Kg. Just look for the blue colored fertilizer. Use Nicspray from WESCO. I use to buy it at JJ Market, BKK. rice555
  4. rice555

    Hydroponic Farming

    Hello All, just to bring this to a newer page, but the prices of what Scoop1 got quoted from WESCO 6 years ago. The prices today are maybe Bt. 1-2000 more today's prices get somewhat of an idea of the cost. With 1 ea. of the chems above, I would be able to make 20-10L. kits of grow. and need a bag of potassium sulphate to make bloom. Todays cost for the above salts and the micros cost from my last post comes out to Bt7070. +or- Bt.1000 doesn't cover the pot sul cost for bloom. Buy another box of Fe and you can make 3 more kits before you need to buy another bag of calcium nitrate and the buy as needed cycle begins. rice555
  5. rice555

    hydro/aquaponic gardening

    Hello All, Bangsai, the place that sells the DWC grow systems was the first place in TH to sell foam cubes, their net pots are designed to fit their raft/grow boards. They are in BKK. Also Accent Thailand has foam cubes in their www. rice555
  6. rice555

    Hydroponic Farming

    Hello All, you can see what the WESCO micro's cost. I'm still using all of these except I've gone through 10Kg's of Fe. Bt.250 for EMS from BKK to Korat.
  7. Did you try their phone? rice555
  8. rice555

    hydro/aquaponic gardening

    Hello All, has anybody got a price from Aquaponics Thailand or Accent Thailand for hydroton? rice555
  9. Hello All, I @ the guy at WESCO that I dealt with for the past 16 years and got a reply, see below. He didn't say anything about their www. Here's the WESCO map and a screen shot of their old www. on hydro supplies they sell.(did at one time) A page from a Thai Ag Mag on their water soluble fertilizers blends, some with TE's. Some come in 1Kg bags, mostly 25Kg bags. rice555 I don't do FB or the like, maybe they are on FB??
  10. Hello All, OP, have you found the nute's that you were looking for? I went back and looked at the Flora-Nova link, that price is OTT! I could buy 25Kg bag of calcium nitrate, + 25Kg bag potassium nitrate and either a 25 Kg bag of mag-sulphate or all the micros in the pic I posted. Then you only need a bag of MKP and a bag of potassium sulphate for the bloom formula. I didn't know if you had tried Accent www, but they listed a grow and bloom liquid( if blooms it's not salad ). One important thing about the Accent nutes, see first pic! You won't see that on the Lazada. http://www.accenthydroponicsthailand.com I'm don't have a lot of plants now, so I'm only 5L each of A, B, C, and D. Takes about 1L of a, b, c for grow or 1L a, b, c, d for bloom to fill a blue wide mouth barrel, + water to get the EC I work with chilies and toms. The chili pic are the differences you get with white light, 30K and 50K. rice555 rice555
  11. rice555

    Indoor growing directory

    Hello All, if you want to DIY grow lights, here's some pix's-info. Link to a HK shop: www.satisled.com Other stuff. If you want info on strip lighting, try ledgardener dot com or google grow lights and go through the "images" link at the top of the page and look for pictures of the 4th and 5th pic below for the Bridgelux/Samsung strip grow lights. Arrow Electronics(U$) ships free for orders over $50 to LOS For strips & drivers. rice555
  12. Hello All, this is what I used with my DIY note's, bottom half of the first pic. This the formulas that WESCO handed out. The other pic's are the micros in both the green and tom/chili formula. I now use the formula that Scoop 1 gave me here on TVFF. Another place that at one time listed as having micros was the place that sells the DWC systems, Bangsai, out on the E side of BBK. The Nic Spray comes 50g. and 1Kg. rice555
  13. The small bottle in the pic 1 is 100g. of Moly, the round one below is 500g. of solubor. If you go to WESCO's www. the have a page for hydro and list most of the the things they sale. They have DTPA, EDTA and Fe. sulphate The 2 white bags are Mn. and Zn. I just tried to go to www.wesco.co.th and couldn't get to to the site, have they changed their name or location? I checked through google and "can't find sever" is all I get. Check the latest Thai Ag Magazine and their add is same as before, www.wesco.co.th . I was going to order some Mn, Cu and Fe from them, I'm getting low. rice555
  14. Hello All, WESCO tends to sell "bulk materials". There are several threads that have all the Co's that sell nute's. ACK in the Ah Nut area, Fresh Gardens is 1 stop past The Emporium on the BTS, Accent from OZ(down under) has a garden/store E. of Don Mung(old airport) and are the only place that has a good web catalog. I make my own from WESCO's chems, the micro's come by the Kg. All the other chem's come by the 25Kg. bag. I use a 3 part for grow and 4 part bloom/fruit. A & B, Cis the micro's and D,(potassium sulphate) bloom/fruit ACK is where I first got tomato/chili nuts, it was a 10L. kit A/B that made 10L of A and 10L of B. These are dry chem kits, not bottles of mostly water thats $$ to ship. If you want to use lights to grow, check out LEDGardener for DIY lights with Bridgelux or Samsung led strips. The best white strips for peppers is 35K. I grow run to waste in coir, only use a fish tank pH test kit Bt.110. and a 16 YO Accent EC meter. pic 1. Micros from WESCO. pic 2. 5bags of coir I just treated with calcium nitrate with EC 2.0 for 24 hours. pic 3 & 4. some of the chilies I've grown here in Korat. pic 5. Homestead OP and Blackseaman OP toms to be transplanted. rice555
  15. rice555


    Yes, but not in dirt. The only thing that did well in dirt was serrano's. I grown OP's Jal's, the M, the Early and Jalor which I would still had going till I ended up in ICU for a week. I made it, the plants didn't. Jalors, Ancho's and Yolo Wonder(bell pepper). The Jalor is yellow to red, no green and is hotter than the M or Early. Several Hyb's Jal's I've had good production with also. All seed is from US seed Co.'s My last batch of seed came from here, see last pix. These are all grown in coir hydroponically. rice555