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  1. pffft. But do you have a big "SAFETY FIRST" sign?
  2. But surely the 90 day reporting makes this an easy exercise. Just hunt down the people who didn't report.........<deleted> clowns
  3. yes have the non-o visa issued on 15 Nov and admitted til 12 Feb. was wondering about the TM30, copy of lease etc. etc.
  4. Hi All: going to do my first retirement visa exxtension. Have the 800 K seasoned long enough in the bank. Does anybody have any information on the latest requirements for documents that they will want to see? Thanks for the input. Cando.
  5. 2x4 vs 4x2

    Thanks and that is what I thought or it is some marketing schtick. They have a few models labeled 2x4 so will ask about it this weekend at the motor show. Marketing people just seem to make things up willy nilly.
  6. 2x4 vs 4x2

    Thanks for your reply but then what is a 4x4?
  7. 2x4 vs 4x2

    Am wondering what is the difference between a 2x4 and a 4x2 (I know what a 4x4 is). Looking at buying a new truck and have narrowed it down to either totyota or ford. lots of comparisons in this forum on the two and am leaning towards Toyota. Going to the Motor show starting next week at impact and will probably purchase there. Anybody have experience making a purchase at the Motor show? are there discounts? do they give extras? Thanks for any and all replies. Cando
  8. Tourist visa to Non-O

    Thanks to all for your assistance. Cando
  9. Tourist visa to Non-O

    Great news. Thank you very much. I new about the "must do it with 15 days remaining thing" but wasn't sure how that would affect my length of stay.
  10. So I extended my 60 day tourist visa to 90 days and it ends on 2 Dec. Want to change it to Non-O (retirement) at Chaeng Wattana. Assuming it gets changed do I get to stay longer (i.e. an additional 30 days or something). My money (800,000 Baht) wont have been seasoned long enough (was deposited on 17 October) so it doesn't even meet the 60 day requirement. Do I have to leave and come back again for the seasonoing period? Also, for the Non-O (retirement) do they still require a police check? I have lived in Thailand (non-B with extensions) for 18 years with a 3 year stint in HK. Thanks for any input. Cheers. Cando.
  11. Thanks all for your input and advice. Cando
  12. Thanks for the info. Will look into that.

    I just opened a very similar topic but asking a few more details so keep your eyes posted on that one. Us Canucks have to stick together.
  14. I need a "tranferring money to Thailand for Dummies" publication. Want to transfer $140,000 in Canadian funds to Thailand to "loan" the wife (to get a mortgage on the Chanote for my protection) to buy a house that will cost around 3 M Baht. Not interested in advice regarding losing money to the wife and her "brother" sort of BS. What I want to know is what is the fastest/easiest/cheapest way to transfer the money to Thailand without excessive banking fees. Where do the banking fees come from? Is it the transferring bank or is it the receiving bank? Also, although I have been living here for 18 years my status is in transition from Non-imm-B working (with wp) gravitating towards retirement visa but currently on tourist visa (60 days and will extend for an additional 30 days). Have a lease with my name on it for a Condo we have been renting since 2011. Have an account with Kasikorn and a joint account with wife with BB but would really like to use a new TMB or BB account in my name but would need to open an account. SCB is not an option as I wouldn't use them if they were the only bank in Thailand. Looked at Transferwise (clicked on the dead link at ThaiVisa and then googled them) but the amount I want to transfer is over their limit so would have to do two transfers so really not interrested. Any advice, gems of wisdom etc. would be appreciated. Cando