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    Border run in Penang

    Update. My friend was turned back at thai border, told she has to stay in malaysia for the night. The said she was working, which she isn't, because she had stayed in Thailand 90 days already. They then said come tomorrow and cross over ............
  2. mearkat75

    Border run in Penang

    Thank you very much for your help!!
  3. mearkat75

    Border run in Penang

    Sorry, Sadao crossing, she is on a 30 day extension of a tourist visa from bangkok . she is just wanting to come back into the country on a 30day exempt. Is this possible Thank you again for any info
  4. Sorry its probably been asked a thousand times Is it possible to do a border run , u turn at the Penang,Thai border? If so, are they asking for any onward flights, show money. Thank you for any information