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  1. There are the various Marinas in Phuket and Krabi. I am living on an island that does not yet have a Marina. What are the steps to establish / make a Marina, from choosing a good location to building it and registering with the local authority ?
  2. I will fly to Kuala Lumpar to get Non-O and pay the overstay at the airport, should be no more than 7 - 14 days. Anyone see a problem with that ?
  3. I understand there is a threshold of 40 days after future entry into thailand will be denied ?
  4. Due to an incident and ongoing investigation passport is currently is held by the local police. Visa is VOA which expired already. Will there be an overstay payment due once passport is returned ?
  5. I believe it is necessary to get the Thai Vehicle Registration Document ( Blue or Green Book ) translated into English. I have been told this can be done from Hat Yai, but can this be done in Malaysia anywhere ?
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies.
  7. I'm considering chartering a yacht to do some sailing around the Andaman Sea, generally heading South as we go, but not sure how far we will get. One thought was checking in and out of Thailand. E.g. If I sail around the Thailand area of the Andaman Sea, generally sailing south, if we time available and then decide to continue on due south to Langkawi etc. Must we come back up to Thailand to check out first, or can we check out of Thailand from Langkawi or Penang ?
  8. ArranP

    Obtain a Thai ID card

    Is it necessary to have a witness when making an application for a Thai ID card ? Yesterday I ( Farang ) was at the Amphur to get my daugther's ( Thai / Farang ) Thai ID card. I had her passport, birth certificate and the house book but they would not make the application for her Thai ID card because they said they need someone who already has a Thai ID card to witness and countersign the application. Is this normal practise ? has anyone else experienced the same ?
  9. ArranP

    Obtain a Thai ID card

    I am Farang, my daughter is Thai/Farang. I would like to apply for her Thai ID card. I understand from the first post the following two steps: 1. Go to my local Amphur and get myself in the house book (can I do this by myself?) 2. Apply for a Thai ID card at the same Amphur when I'm in the house book. Whos house book do I use ? I am divorced and live in Southern Thailand with together with my children, their mother lives in North Thailand.
  10. I know the surveyor at the land office, holds the map on computer, that shows the land boundaries. Can anyone tell me if the map is also, availble for download ?
  11. ArranP

    Bank Account Frozen.

    It has happened to me twice now, my bank account has been frozen, for a period of time. Does Thai Law permit, people, anyone, to dip into ones bank account whenever they feel you owe them money ?