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  1. I asked to be tested for helicobacter pylori as Dr Google suggested that’s what I had. It cost just over 3k at Sukhumvit hospital Ekkamai. I blew into a bag then took a tablet which I believe was radioactive urea. I then had to lie on my left side for 5 minutes followed by sitting up for 15 minutes and then blew into a bag again. Came back an hour later and test was negative. Peace of mind though. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Have been using my work permit for years to renew as always had proof of home address in the back. Until now it seems. Just changed employers last month and my new work permit has no page for home address at the back anymore! Asked HR to go back to labour office in Bkk and check if there’s anyway to put my home address in although there’s no page for it anymore. They claim they went back and the answer was no home address anymore. Has anybody received a new work permit lately and managed to get their home address put in it?
  3. I’ve been working in Thailand for years and always had my home address on a dedicated page towards the back - useful for Thai Driving Licence renewal Just changed employers and just got my new work permit back. I can’t see any page for home address in the book and yes I’ve combed every page. Got HR to go back to labour office and double check and they say no more home addresses?? Has anyone received a new work permit within the last month with their home address in it?