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  1. Hi again, W thought that we would change the name on my wifes passport, So went on the Thai embassy London website to see what was required. It now seems that as my wife has changed her surname to mine she has to go back to Thailand to obtain a certificate of name change from her home town where the home registration book is? jb1
  2. Sorry for butting in on this thread. We are just applying for our first FLR(M) my wife passed the A1 test Grade 2 on 15/02 2016 her current visa expires on 28 Oct will she still be able to use her A1? Cheers jb1
  3. Hi All, Can anyone help us with filling in the FLR(M) visa form. Basically any snippets of knowlege of answers and documents supplied would be great. We recently married in the UK on 8th August 2016. We actually started filling in the form before we were married and have submitted her name in relavent sections as her maiden name her passport is still in her maiden name. Should we change them both to her married name before finally submitting? I have been told that we can not submit the form until 28 days before her marriage visa expires anyone know if this is correct? In supporting documents I have already printed off online bank statements and had them stamped and signed the last statement being dated July 2016. My wifes visa expires on 28th October, would the statements still be accepted? I think we have all other supporting documents in place but would be thankful for any advice that could be offered. Thanks in advance for any help offered. jb1
  4. Anybody who has seen pictures of David's injuries will know that this is not true. I have seen photos of Davids injuries, In my unqualified opinion, I would say there is an injury to the back of his head, which would have been caused by the hoe, the other injury that I have seen just under his jaw was In my opinion caused by a knife. I have also recently seen a photo of a push knife which again in my opinion I would say could easily been the type of weapon used to cause this type of injury. jb1
  5. What would make a huge difference though would be, if Hannah and David's parents could bring themselves to petition the British government for an independent British investigation directly through their MPs. Absolutely I can not believe how quiet they are being. It is coming on for four weeks now. But then we don't really know what they are going through, everyone handles things such as this differently. I can only say if it was me I think I would be looking for answers to many questions. jb1
  6. I notice that Freeman, Hardy and Willis also liked his post. jb1
  7. But injections of rohypnol to facilitate confessions and pliant behaviour at police re-enactments, while blurring memories of 'safe house' interrogation sessions, are part of the legitimate hi-tech crime busting arsenal of every modern police force. Yes I wouldn't go with boiling water. Far to visible. jb1
  8. “The body has been sent to Vachira Phuket Hospital for examination, but at this stage we are unsure whether the body will be sent to Surat Thani for further forensic tests to determine the cause of death,” he added. Anyone up for a game of Cluedo.
  9. It depends, if his hands were tied behind and if he fell from his first floor balcony? jb1
  10. Hmmmm. Not much sympathy here then. Why does that not surprise me. More like a case of what goes around, comes around. jb1
  11. why can't they stay on script? Didn't the end of last week an NGO confirm they sent /sending the suspects lawyers? Is it possible and likely the lawyers have since talked to the suspects and police? "Aung Myo Thant, a Burmese lawyer who is part of a legal team sent by the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok to represent the accused, told The Irrawaddy that Win Zaw Htun was assaulted and threatened after refusing to confess to the murders during a police interrogation.He didnt confess when he was in the investigation center, Aung Myo Thant said. A police officer hit the side of his face and the interpreter also hit him four times. Then police threatened to electrocute them [the suspects] and said that no worse thing would happen to them if they confessed. So, they finally confessed as they saw no hope. The lawyer said Win Zaw Htun had asked him to please protect us in accordance with the law. Aung Myo Thant said the migrants signed a power of attorney document over to the embassys legal team, allowing it to represent the accused men in court. Thai authorities denied a request by the Burmese legal team to meet with another Burmese migrant Maung Maung, who is being held by Thai police as a witness. Police told us Maung Maung is not a criminal. They are keeping him to be a witness and provide testimony to the prosecutor. So, they cant let us meet him. They told us they are keeping him at a hotel, said Aung Myo Thant. There were unconfirmed reports stating that Maung Maung, who is a friend of the two suspects, was also badly beaten by Thai police." From today's article on http://www.irrawaddy.org/burma/burmese-suspects-koh-tao-murders-tortured-interrogation-lawyer.html They are keeping him in a hotel as a witness. As a witness. Is this for his own safety. Shouldn't someone, human right or defence lawyer be asking to see him, the presents of other witnesses? I don't know about Thai law, in the UK the prosecution have to give the defence lawyers details of witness statements, before the case goes to trial. jb1
  12. I contacted Tom Phillips from the Telegraph on Sunday and exchanged a few emails with him. I'm so glad they've published an article, and a very well written one at that. This will put questions into a huge audience here in the UK who may not have been following events. Hopefully other news agencies will follow suit. Well done,it's a shame more of us don't have such contacts He isn't a contact, I just found his email address on his Twitter profile. I contacted a number of other journalists too and suggested on another thread that others might like to do the same. [/quote Great work. Keep it up please. This can not be allowed to go cold in the UK. Are the government saying anything? Cheers jb1
  13. significant digestive disorder .............. hat in the heck does that mean? Poison..... Who said that? You over there. jb1
  14. Never I'm just waiting for the police photo's to appear on f/b. jb1
  15. This could be Thailands answer for the Mafia. Beware Koh-Tao jb1