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  1. Hi again, W thought that we would change the name on my wifes passport, So went on the Thai embassy London website to see what was required. It now seems that as my wife has changed her surname to mine she has to go back to Thailand to obtain a certificate of name change from her home town where the home registration book is? jb1
  2. Sorry for butting in on this thread. We are just applying for our first FLR(M) my wife passed the A1 test Grade 2 on 15/02 2016 her current visa expires on 28 Oct will she still be able to use her A1? Cheers jb1
  3. Hi All, Can anyone help us with filling in the FLR(M) visa form. Basically any snippets of knowlege of answers and documents supplied would be great. We recently married in the UK on 8th August 2016. We actually started filling in the form before we were married and have submitted her name in relavent sections as her maiden name her passport is still in her maiden name. Should we change them both to her married name before finally submitting? I have been told that we can not submit the form until 28 days before her marriage visa expires anyone know if this is correct? In supporting documents I have already printed off online bank statements and had them stamped and signed the last statement being dated July 2016. My wifes visa expires on 28th October, would the statements still be accepted? I think we have all other supporting documents in place but would be thankful for any advice that could be offered. Thanks in advance for any help offered. jb1
  4. for an austrailian id thought you have more sense its not one guy there are thousands including Thai nationals so as a penance go back and read TV again annd this time engage you brain while it is not full of fosters or the like you have never delt with the police or you would just not be saying this sort of crap switch DNA confessions beaten out of them (body punches) so nothing shows at the interview i can only guess you must be a tourist I suggest people check some of the evidence that's now being made available on CSI LA's Facebook page and don't rely solely on everything you read on Thaivisa. Agree. Check out this page. https://www.facebook.com/CSILA90210?fref=photo Sadly I don't read Thai. What I did notice though, It might not really mean much. On all of the cctv shots (csi la) that I saw the time/date was all the same colour as in white or amber, on the photos that the Thai guys lawyer presented the date/time was a mixture of black and white. Would this be normal. Not that it would make any difference as we now have the culprits?? jb1
  5. This can easily happen when using the TV android app. Could be better. jb1
  6. Only a few months ago Central announced they were opening a massive mall in Bang-Na? You walk around Mega Bang-Na, yes very nice. My first thoughts were shops empty, they must be paying enormous rents, where's the money comung from. jb1
  7. Was this a frame-up attempt by the BIB to blame Christopher Ware for the murder or are they just morons? Probably both since if they were trying to frame Ware why were they packed in Miller's luggage? They've bumbled the case all along, wasting a lot of valuable time by putting all their efforts on desperately trying to pin it on a foreigner. In their amazing incompetence, they likely got the wrong suitcase and thought is was ware's. The real killers are long gone, and I feel sorry for the person or people that get framed for this when the police run out of patience and get stupidly desperate. Did they really get it all wrong or is it intentional? Hopefully the only good thing, that should prevent a stitch up is the DNA? jb1
  8. And that is why the British Embassy (joke) should insist on Scotland Yard Investigators, both Police and Forensic teams should be called in. Although probably to late for forensics, as the area is probably sufficiently contaminated by now? jb1 Thailand is a sovereign nation. If the crime occurred to a Thai couple vacationing in Britain would the Thai Embassy have a "right" to insist it be investigated by the Thai Police? Ofcourse not. But most certainly a lot of pressure can and should be applied. Especially if the police force of the country involved were/are pronven to be Inept. Which isn't Rocket science in this case. jb1
  9. And that is why the British Embassy (joke) should insist on Scotland Yard Investigators, both Police and Forensic teams should be called in. Although probably to late for forensics, as the area is probably sufficiently contaminated by now? jb1
  10. If you had bothered to read your own link you would find (in red) DNA CANNOT: Determine the age or race of the donor Thankyou halloween, I was just checking before making the same post myself. jb1
  11. There are a lot of unexpected costs you're not considering. E.g. what if the buffalo gets sick? what if the motorbike is stolen? what if her brother needs bail money? what if her grandmother gets sick? All of these things may happen to OP's girlfriend/wife on a monthly basis. + Gambling depts? jb1
  12. But it's their system. Don't abuse it, you should be OK. Jb1
  13. Any gluten free beers? Not a troll. jb1
  14. First the authorities need to learn how to design and mark roads. Jb1
  15. We bought 10 kilos the other day for 100bt. In Rayong by the roadside. jb1