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  1. A great effort, unfortunately not successful. To all the idiots running down her attempt to assist - hopefully one day if you are in the same situation requiring CPR no one wastes time and effort on you.
  2. If you care do a little research on the subject, and there has been a huge amount undertaken, you might just come to the same conclusion as all the tiger, communist and Martians theories have been well investigated without any outcome. So just to reiterate, he disappeared.
  3. Well you should give a bit of leaway to the highly intelligent want-a-be posting experts in <deleted>.
  4. What the <deleted> has such a stupid comment got to do with the story?
  5. So guess that makes a big difference, what was the alternative - do the normal runner?
  6. Yada Yada Yada, the only thing you can be sure of is he disappeared, end of story.
  7. Sounds a bit like a Thai TV soapie or a good story for one.
  8. Ok, there is justice in Thailand, especially if you don't rate as one the privileged.
  9. A bit like designed by the wolves to keep the sheep in line.
  10. They can file as many charges as they like but will make bugger all difference if he is sitting back enjoying an o/s sabbatical - not unlike a few ex politicians and other connected couldn't give a rat's-arse well to do business a/holes.
  11. At anytime you happen to suffer memory loss, just read TV, especially articles such as this, it will jog the memory back into action that you are in Thailand, a first step in regaining your memory.
  12. Yea of little faith, is it any worse than Thaksinism....
  13. ITD denies rumours Premchai is absconding

    Just send a few hard-arse rangers along and arrest the a/hole, seems the BIB don't have the necessary balls for it.
  14. Appears he has a fair bit to "handle" by the looks of it.