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  1. Don't worry, it's just an extension of the evening soap opera's without the gongs, whistles and canned laughter ....
  2. with a box of ammo, a full clip wouldn't be sufficient.
  3. your tag line says it all, if only the poor bastards constantly being conned would wake up.
  4. Of which probably only half were actually reported.....
  5. Think the wealthy are usually the worst...
  6. Isn't Thai Buddhism at the upper level so fantastically Buddhist which unfortunately is usually tolerated by the lower levels together with all the devout followers.
  7. Because they are special - so lets see how special this one is, to be gauged by the sentence when it is finally (if ever) handed down.
  8. If she has been pushing drugs, I for one hope she gets everything she deserves, provided it is fair and suits the crime.
  9. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    I am sure that the final period of mourning will far out-way any interest in YL, with exception of a few die-hards who don't count for much at any time.
  10. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    And what has October got to do with YL and the court case.
  11. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    Give them a chance, may well be sleeping or involved with some other nonsense elsewhere 😊
  12. Oh dear! caught with her knickers down and now wants forgiveness as she will be a good girl, typical of those who think they are really special.
  13. Yep, another few mm and the town would have been swimming.