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  1. Agreed, certainly wouldn't like to have that on my concious if I were the parent of a double murderer. Now waiting for all the negative comments.
  2. But who will watch the watchman while the watchman is watching the watches, wouldn't be the first watchman who wasn't watching the watches while supposedly watching the watches?
  3. Steady on now, why do you think their departure is pre-paid?
  4. so you also woke up to the trick …. but keep it quiet, don't want to overdo it
  5. Can see the ploy being played out: Watchman - "I don't like the story being reported , make sure it's killed off, arrange some changes - immediately - find a different house for the robbery - it wasn't mine" Media - "no problem - how about a neighbours house, is that ok?" Watchman - "whatever BS removes me from the scene is ok"
  6. hopefully we have time on hand to watch this space .
  7. If the testing, issue, and the enforcement of this license is based on the same criteria as drivers license, what could go wrong?
  8. It should work, Thai electricity is different....
  9. As you can see, it maintained the edict of "no Thai would do this"
  10. That should read - executed not excused.
  11. All security might have been given the night off, but that would be too much of a coincidence wouldn't it - no security on duty and the place gets done-over?
  12. Artisi

    Thai Buddha statue not smuggled: SOAS

    so long as you don't pee your pants ...
  13. Artisi

    Thai Buddha statue not smuggled: SOAS

    What criminals, are you saying there are Thai criminals in the UK - no, never, couldn't be , impossible - they would be immediately extradited back to Thailand if that were the case.