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  1. already showing very good returns for very little effort ….
  2. you sound like the resident expert on the inside of Thai prisons..... not.
  3. yep, a fair amount - in Baht terms.
  4. - - on the job learning usually results in higher language skills.
  5. 3, 4, 5, or 10 don't make any difference to the end result if the input is lacking in quality and usefulness.
  6. And a large number of resort / hotel staff who do speak reasonable English are Philippino......
  7. might surprise you that some homeless might well be good teachers, being homeless on the streets doesn't necessarily equate to low intelligence or lack of skills just as being a "teacher" doesn't make you intelligent and skilful.
  8. The vast majority wasn't because of Thaksin, he just happened to be in the driver's seat at the time and of course claimed it was all his doing and perpetuated by his disciples.
  9. Mute point, Thaksin can, is, will run what ever he likes from a distance - there is no way the junta or any restrictions put in place can stop it, unless all incoming outgoing communications are brought to a complete standstill, or every communication is monitored 24/7 - won't / can't happen.
  10. Popular peasant uprising may not be so far away....
  11. seems like she was in the correct spot ….
  12. Would you also like his flight detail and passport number - - might as well go for the full Monty.
  13. Seems your post could well contain a reasonable amount of nonsense and assumptions as well.
  14. Nothing to do with the little arse-hole bullies, is it? In my days, pre Jurassic - we would have got a very swift well aimed smack in the ear for that sort of behaviour.