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  1. that was my next question - possibly the pipe system is sorted - how about we look at the pump and the way it is installed and why you have problems upstairs
  2. Unfortunately sounds like the typical Thai build, no thinking , no idea, no care. You farang want too much - you want power points , what for, use too much electricity. I would have a small wager that the power outlets that you do have are not earthed - is the outlet for the pump earthed ?
  3. Raid a few old dears playing cards, the proceeds will help.
  4. I would think it's fairly obvious what will happen - how much you give me. Guess it would be too intelligent to instigate an exchange system, the new weapon is handed over after you hand in your current weapon and fair payment made and credited.
  5. Suggest you have a look at my post 50# re Thai law.
  6. Yes very easy, but why would you look in Thai criminal code, lost property is not a crime. Suggest you and others review the civil and commercial code section 1323 regarding lost property.
  7. Focus, nar--- it's called ad-hoc do what you want but don't tink to mut give you headache.
  8. now that is a very astute observation, I was really wondering the reasons behind this raid from such a well oiled and professional SWAT elite team, it was like watching clockwork in motion ...
  9. ..... and in the meantime you have people shooting people, dogs mauling kids, crazies on the road trying their hardest to kill themselves or someone else -- but that's ok, it's much easier to raid a few old ladies enjoying themselves who are not harming anyone.
  10. ditto my post 2# - but luckily no cockies.
  11. If it attacked me or any one else in the family just once it would be dead.
  12. Venting the tank might help, but only if the resistance for the stink to escape via the vent is lower than via the floor drain and even then you could still get some back thru the floor drain.