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  1. Don't believe every thing you read in Thai news reports Maybe nobody at the scene had the brains to call for the fire brigade, not my problem - all dead anyway - so why worry.
  2. I'll repeat my earlier question, where do you reside? Do you really believe it will be policed and enforced - they can't even get people to wear crash helmets and drive on the correct side of the road, stop at stop signs or red lights and travel at the speed limit etc..
  3. If only life was so easy and perfect as some posters seem to think.
  4. Little clue for you, to do with spelling, not source or atomic numbers or periodic tables
  5. Or maybe an alternate thinker, rightly or wrongly.
  6. Of course that is, unfortunately stating the bleeding obvious 😁
  7. Did you miss the not so subtle dig at our esteemed leader?
  8. Tachographs are very very useful after the event , unless of course data is being viewed live at a manned control centre. However in any case it doesn't overcome sleeping drivers, reckless drivers and stupidity.
  9. But some people are true xxxxholes and get their jollies from such comments.
  10. well make sure you stay in the good old USA and don't venture away too far from home.