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  1. I'd say it's very unfortunate this guy is still capable of going to prison.
  2. Farang must learn to stand well clear of all balcony railings, seems as if the lemming disease is rampant and unchecked.
  3. No argument from me. Just enforce the laws, speeding, booze, driving hours, and weed out the idiots.
  4. Not hard to analyse, just outright stupidity. How about analysising the pickup crashes that don't result in any deaths.
  5. It's either a yes or no answer, but based on what? A full analysis of deaths in pickups needs to be undertaken looking at the number of deaths in relation to number of pickups on the road, number of people carried, distances travelled and number of deaths per accident. I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers were actually very low based on the above parameters. So is there a genuine case to answer. OK, limit it to 6 per vehicle with strict policing speed, alcohol and dangerous driving.
  6. Not left him to it - should have helped..
  7. Correct, my quick description of Thailand sum's it up with "the floor drain must always be located at the highest point"
  8. Do not ask difficult questions and you should also be aware that Thailand is the hub of terracing.
  9. Seems the transport arrangements are endless, cabbages one minute fertiliser the next.
  10. You need something to go with cabbage to make it edible.
  11. Awful, must be the understatement of the year and you're a sparkie. It really requires prefixing with at least a dozen adjectives.
  12. What law, if nothing is enforced there is no law.
  13. Don't know about crap, but it's as boring as sh1t, like reading War and Peace backwards.
  14. No, the house ghost just having fun 😊