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  1. Yes and No, more than likely bought their way out of serving.
  2. seems to me that some of them (Thai Drs) think they are gods gift to the world and time they realised just who they really are.
  3. life I have, seems they should also stay well away from the BBQ, and as for grilled pork from the street stalls - watch out.
  4. Can you just imagine a few live rounds, a bit of teargas and a couple of stun grenades to top off the training 😂
  5. April fools day every day.
  6. Anymore never to see daylight again thoughts 😊
  7. What do you get to wear for submarine training, a dorsal fin or two?
  8. Definitely o/t, but some of the precious little darlings need toughening up so they understand what the real world is and what many people face in real life.
  9. Can you please point to the stats. that show the crime increase and the levels of such. Do confuse the increase of detection with an overall increase.
  10. If you can find them, or if connected, forget it.
  11. The normal trick for class room whiteboard stuff-ups.
  12. I can see it working from what you did, it is now acting like your "upside down" air tank. Temporary fix until the air is absorbed into the water - and then back to hunting up and down.
  13. Of course it's working well, nothing unusual as it's all piss and wind.