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  1. Kan Win

    Where are the inland lakes in Thailand?

    Quite a few. Take your pick http://www.pbase.com/win13/dams and maps http://www.pbase.com/win13/maps Win
  2. Kan Win


    Hi Folks, Hope I am not barking up the wrong tree nor "Barking Mad' in posting this new fred thread. Trees, branches and roots as well. So lets see yours like I saw mine:- Win
  3. Koh Samui taken in 2004. I like the bend in this pano btw So, what are you all waiting for please post yours, no need to be a pano just water and sand One photo per post, thank you. Win
  4. Kan Win


    One that I like to photo when you have blue sky. West runway of Suvarnabhumi Airport The Airport is on your extreme left btw. Win
  5. Please post your very own folks taken in Thailand of course. One photo per post please As a starter lets try this one from Kan http://www.pbase.com/win13/image/33850760/large.jpg[/img] Date/Time 11-Sep-2004 18:22:32 Make Olympus Model C8080WZ Flash Used No Focal Length 7.4 mm Exposure Time 1/125 sec Aperture f/4 ISO Equivalent 50 Win