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  1. jbaldwin

    True Visions

    Just a warning to True Visions subscribers about something that I believe is completely unethical behaviour. I have been a subscriber for more than 10 years and have the Platinum package. Just after the HBO channels were removed I phoned to cancel my subscription. I few days later I was contacted and offered a price reduction to just over 1,200 baht which I accepted and continue to subscribe. I was never told this was for a limited period. Yesterday (18 Feb) I received a bill for January of 2,259.89. I phoned the call center today to ask whether this was an error because a had not been advised of any price increase. I was told that I had been given a promotional price for six month which went back to the old price on 1 January. Obviously I cancelled again but was told they expected me to pay to increased rate from 1 Jan to the date of cancellation. Has anyone else experienced this. Any suggestions?
  2. I arrived at Suvarnbhumi early this morning. I have just realised that there is no departure card in the passport - not sure if it was not returned to me or has fallen out. The manager our condo says that they need the number of the departure card to do the required address notification. What do i need to do? Will Jomtien immigration give me a replacement card?
  3. Thanks. That is where i found an English translation of an out of date version but i cannot a translation for the 2559 form.
  4. I have no income in Thailand other than Interest and dividends. Every year I claim back the tax deducted from the interest and dividends. In previous years I have just taken the tax certificates to the Tax office (the one in Jomtien) and very helpful staff have completed the required tax form for me. However, this time i was just told that they could not complete the forms for me and gave me the 2559 (2016) form 90 to complete. My question is does anyone know where I could find an English version of the form. I found translation of the 2014 version of the form on the revenue department website but there have been some changes. Alternatively does anyone use an accountant/lawyer to make this type of tax refund claim on there behalf? If so could they recommend someone and let me know how many they pay.
  5. Yes Income earned in Thailand is subject to Thai income tax
  6. Not very impressive discounts anyway. I have just booked business class on Qatar to Londo. - which I think is superior to Emirates - for 72,500 baht
  7. jbaldwin

    Broke Bird: Nok Air lost 3 billion baht in 2016

    Profit at Thai AirAsia more than doubled to 1.8 billion baht. Bangkok Airways profit fell slightly to also about 1.8 billion baht and Thai made a small profit following a very large loss in 2015.
  8. jbaldwin

    ATM machine at U-Tapao

    Is there an ATM in arrival at U-Tapao or do I need to get baht for taxi/minivan in advance?
  9. Do you understand that TOT and CAT are both 100% state owner companies. What benefit could there possibility be in having two groups are state bureaucrats competing with each other
  10. jbaldwin

    Samsung S6 v S7

    Will the price of the s6 fall when the s7 is launched? Any idea of the likely price of each? I am looking to buy a new phone and was thinking the s6 will be very good value once a later model is available. Any view?
  11. Ask a friend or relative from your home country to make a transfer by Western Union.
  12. jbaldwin

    visa O-a in penang

    I was charged 620 MYR - that is 70 above the visa fee. The only required documents were my passport - to confirm I was over 50 - and bank book. I did not go to the consulate
  13. jbaldwin

    visa O-a in penang

    I got a multi entry in June. Banana Guest house said that this would not be possible. Jim said no problem.
  14. If you were to go to Vientiane you could possibly get a single entry non-o with no funds.You will not get a multiple entry in the region for being 50 or over. I have a multiple entry visa for being over 50 - issued in Penang. The only requirement was a bank book with at least 800,000 baht.
  15. Just to say I got a multi entry. The only requirement was a bank book showing 800,000 baht. Cost was 550RM. They originally asked for a letter from my home country confirming I retired but it did not seem to be a problem when a said I did not have one.