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  1. I now use My Gov portal and eTax. Frightening how they know almost every thing you do financially, but easy for tax lodgement. Only mistakes you can make are relavent to say Health Insurance or deductions you want. So any mistakes are your own.
  2. oxymoron

    Linux Mint Install disaster

    So my/our mission is to find a wiper that can boot from an iso usb without the need for any internal ssd boot space That is exactly what my post said I did. Step 1 on another computer go to Microsoft .com and down load the Win 10 Media Creation Tool to a bootable USB (I did not have to do this as I keep one made up due to Windows10 often failing. Step 2 put this USB into the failed computer and power up holding F2 so the BIOS screen appears. Sometimes F2 and Delete to get to BIOS. Step 3 put this usb in to the failed computer and power up Holding F2. Sometimes F2 and Delete, so the BIOS . Step 4 change the boot sequence in the BIOS. Step 5 hit F10 yes to save and enter. Sit back and your problems will pass and miraculously WIN 10 will be the only OS on your machine.
  3. oxymoron

    Linux Mint Install disaster

    I had the same problem. I went into the BIOS and changed the boot order to the start from the Repairs Disk image I had of Windows 10 and re installed it. Mine was a 80 Gbit HDD and linux and win10 mixed together. Now back to just WIN 10
  4. oxymoron

    Japanese girl gets lost in BKK

    This must be a long winded advertisement in disguise!!
  5. As a Telecom Engineer I thought that to. Until I saw the the Optic Fibre cables on TV melted from a Lightning Strike in NSW Australia that isolated all 000 emergency services last week. ABC News has it
  6. oxymoron

    Square Steel Tube Bearing Capacity

    The problem in Thailand is steel is sold not only by size but by weight as well. I am a Chartered Ozzie engineer and I nearly got caught when designing the trusses for my house. If you want 100 x 50 x 3 "C channel" you need to specify the weight as well: ie you can get 6000 x 100 x 50 x 3mm as 18,20,22 Kg from memory. Quality TIT. I am talking black rolled steel, not the Bluescope rolled products.
  7. oxymoron

    Australian Aged Pension

    Amaysim uses OPTUS Network $10 for 12 months validity. Great as number for contact required by most Australian banks.
  8. oxymoron

    Australian Aged Pension

    Many a true word is said in "jest"
  9. oxymoron

    New Phablet Recommendations Invited

    Xiaomi Mi Max2 Screen size is said to be 6.44 inch. Does it have Google Store and all the Google features installed?? This was the problem I had when purchased a Chinese Nokia 6