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  1. But the banks are not interested in tracking fake account scammers.
  2. The statistics do not match the WHO figures... The WHO figures for Thailand give an annual average of 38.6 deaths per 100,000 population . About 68 per day average
  3. It takes a little time for the old eggs to hatch into ticks bite the dog and die.
  4. agudbuk

    UK pensions

    If you ever leave the country again the pension reverts to the old level.
  5. agudbuk

    UK pensions

    In 6 years nothing changes.
  6. Much lower than the daily average According to WHO figures road deaths in Thailand are an average of about 68 a day
  7. agudbuk

    More police deployed for Songkran

    According to WHO figures Thai road deaths average a little over 68 per day. Is Songkran the safest time of year on the roads?
  8. agudbuk

    Thai costume fever

    Bring back the good old days.
  9. Well I read a few bits and googled it but I didn't find any hard statistics or accident reports. Nearly all of the brake failure reports are just from drivers saying their brakes didn't work rather than from anything evidence. Maybe a pilot would say the wings stopped giving us lift and without any accident investigation or black box recording to show he had flown into the ground that would be the only report. My own suspicion is that not using low gears when descending hills and driver inattention are more likely accident causes.
  10. agudbuk

    UK pensions

    The battle continues.
  11. Why do we never hear of cars and trucks having brake failures in European countries? Do they have different braking systems?
  12. agudbuk

    Songkran Survival Guide – Top Ten Tips

    If you want to survive Songkran, stay away from me and do not throw water at me.
  13. agudbuk

    Where to watch Formula 1 in Bangkok?

    Shown on tv