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  1. We are looking for a marketing manager to take over an existing role, meeting with clients (not sales), developing strategies for customers, reporting to customers and running most of our agency via our project manager. Job in Bangkok or Pattaya, your choice. Private message me your resume please.
  2. foxxx

    Thailand Golf Expo 2017

    I attended, about 10 small golf shops, 4 or so clothing shops, about 50 golf courses selling vouchers, and a couple of academies. Overall not really worth the visit, it was very small, did it all in about 15 minutes. There was a Diving (as in ocean diving) expo on at the same time in the same room and it was 2-3 times the size of the golf.
  3. foxxx

    Roi Et Golf Courses

    Closest would be in Khon Kaen http://birdie.in.th/en/golf-courses/thailand/khon-kaen
  4. foxxx

    bangkok golf societys

    Check the bangkok golf groups on Biride https://birdie.in.th/en/golf-groups/thailand
  5. foxxx

    Massive New Development In Bang Sarae

    anyone got an exact location of this development?
  6. foxxx

    Central Festival Pattaya Beach

    everything's made in china, high end low end, who cares. my only problem with central is the big sporting shop, whatever it was called, was 80% clothing, 10% treadmills and 10% sporting goods... would have like to have seen more sporting goods in there... aside from that's a nice place, will do well for a long time.
  7. foxxx

    Central Festival Pattaya Beach

    more bitching by cheap charlies who wont pay more then 30b for a meal or 45b for a beer... 3,00thb is fine for a tshirt when you appreciate the brand and quality, or want something new that looks good, i spent 10,000 there yesterday on 3 pairs of shorts and a shirt (puma, nike, ripcurl). i can never find any good looking that's a copy in pattaya, the copy stuff always looks a few years old and just average imo. also, the mention that "I also noticed the missing English signs, amazing in a place where half of the trade will be by foreigners." there's a boatload more well off & rich thais around then there are westerners. 70m thais and 5k westerners, 90% of the westerners are cheap and 90% of the thais are poor, that still shits all over the numbers of thais that will be shopping there, i doubt half will be english speaking foreigners, by the looks of this topic, the cheap english speaking people will be going elsewhere so that leaves it to the and Russian and Chinese who dont speak english anyway. then again, i didnt seem to have any problems with things not being translated there, maybe i missed the lack of english? </end rant>
  8. Yep, after the recommendations on here, we saw Nigel this morning, fixed a shoulder problem that my girl had for a few months now, after doing xrays and seeing doctors and them all saying its fine... Nigel fixed it up in about 5 minutes, professional, very nice guy, will definitely be back next time we're in trouble, and in my opinion, 500b was a good fair price, not expensive IMO, considering a doctor to prescribe paracetamol and say nothing is wrong was 900b. so yeah, 500b to solve the problem is very fair. he's by appointment only, call, it was 4 day wait for us. but well worth it.
  9. foxxx

    Banglamung Cable Internet

    monty, have you tried dyndns to keep a track of your IP