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  1. grandpa-m

    Eating Pacu

    The last couple times fishing I have caught nice 2 lb. Pacu , I filleted them and seasoned with salt,pepper and lime juice and fried skin down for 3 min , the flesh down 3 min , then placed on a tray and placed in a 375 degree oven for 5 in , basted with bar-b-que and liquid smoke, served with Baked Pot and salad , and it was to kill for , them meat is sweet , no strong smell and all white meat , and the ribs are out of this world , if you haven't tried it do , has now become my fried fish of choice. Going back fishing tomorrow and hope to hook up with a few more and Ciejay made Thai tum yum and loved it .
  2. grandpa-m

    Tyre / Tire Recomendations 2014

    Love my Yokohama geolanders ---Malcolm
  3. Hickory smoked Spam and mustard and onion,Spam fried a little first.
  4. grandpa-m

    wood chips for smoking

    If you want a really mild yet wonderful smoke try using corn husk , I use them for all my smoking gives a great smoke taste ,easy to find , I use half fresh and half dried for my bacon . give it a try .
  5. One time last years i lost all my fish and could not for the life of me figure out what happened , then a few days later I was talking to the old lady down the street with Ciejay translating and see told her that one of the neighbors had gone up and down both sides of the road and sprayed pesticides and weed killer and that the whole area smelt bad for hours , sure enough I went and tasted a little water from my pond and it had chemical taste to it , check and see if anyone has been spraying in your area . By the way I went to the neighbors house and ask him to please not spray near my house , i would control the weeds my self and give me time to cover my pond with plastic , I've had to do it once when he sprayed and never lost a fish this time, I fill my pond with water from the village and It never needs enough to bother the fish and I also have a set up on one of my rain gutters with a hose that I will put in the pond when it rains and if it overflows for a bit it helps clean he pond a little. Malcolm
  6. grandpa-m

    Home security

    Put security bars on all your windows and steel screen doors for the doors and make your house a fort when you turn in for the night and when you leave . always keep the steel screen doors locked even when we are at home especially the back one . better safe than sorry , and cameras do nothing don;t waste your money anyway they will wear a mask , and you don't want to catch them , It's like catching a skunk if you get my drift , and they are sooo tense they will hurt you bad if not kill you JUST MAKE A FORT . and Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite lol
  7. grandpa-m

    New Luxury Tax On Internet Usage In Thailand

    Nice one george! I'm either still gullible or more trusting. - or maybe just thick? The dongle bit did ring a bell though. i swallowed hook -line and sinker the best one yet grandpa-m