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  1. Do I Need to Worry Yet?

    Sorry - UK
  2. Do I Need to Worry Yet?

    The postal service to my village is very bad and MANY letters never arrive. I would like to ask if any Thailand based TV members have received the Life Certification paper yet. I only knew about last year thanks to posts on here. Any news will be appreciated.
  3. Sophon cable changes - alternatives?

    HDPrime returned after about 10 days. They had major European server issues and decided to go off line until resolved. They are back in full swing with some new channels and the reduced monthly cost of TB 380 for all UK / USA and Sport content including Golf.
  4. Where is the NE? Take a look at this website: nookiesdelights.3baht.net He is based near Buriram, and delivers to Khon Kaen and Korat every 6 weeks. HP Sauce (glass bottle) 100Tb HP Sauce (Squeazy bottle and nearly double quantity) 170Tb Not only that, his Product List is amazing, and so is the food!!!!
  5. If you have the SMART SCG card you do need to get it activated and approved for International use (Same as the K-Shopping card with Kasikorn). I was lucky because the guy at my branch did most of the validation for me (online). I did not have my passbook with me when I got my card so he gave me a URL to use from home to complete the activation/verification. I have searched around but cannot locate the URL (sorry). Try calling the Helpline - they speak good English and they will give you what is needed. The card works fine for all International and Credit Card payments - just like the Kasikorn card. Hope this helps.
  6. I did my Retirement Extension renewal two weeks ago at Khon Kaen. I was 43 days early due to concerns about the UK election results!!! I had to help the IO count the days back on her calendar, but there was no problem other than that.
  7. Going to live near Khon Kaen

    There is a delivery by an English man every 6 weeks to the car park at Makro. He has a huge list of English, Indian and Chinese food available. Take a look at http://www.nookiesdelights.3baht.net/ Very cheap compared to Supermarkets and excellent quality. He is next due to deliver on Thursday 13th July. JC
  8. PLUS 200 Baht please, when I did the same about 6 weeks ago at Khon Kaen. I know I was being ripped off because EVERYONE else that had to make any sort of payment was sent to Desk #3 and given a receipt. Lack of time and the fact they were really busy stopped me from complaining. Easy come easy go I guess.......
  9. I am collecting my new Passport from Bangkok tomorrow. I used the Kasikorn Kbank Shopping Card (virtual credit card). It was processed without any problems. However, I understand that the same card is not being accepted at the Consular Office for Income letters. Personally I would have expected the complete opposite........
  10. A Warning Pension Stopped

    I have NEVER received the Life Certificate that Newcastle sent me in JUNE!!! It was only as a result of reading on TV that many Brits had received one that I sent them an email enquiry. They replied with an electronic copy of the certificate insisting that I returned the hard copy. I sent it using EMS (TB 1300) and tracked it through to delivery. I then received another email stating it had been received and processed (same as OP). Very worrying to read this post.
  11. OP. Get a life and think of something sensible to waste your writing time with. 99% of your post are Sooooo boring!!!
  12. I was required to answer questions that were on the form at Khon Kaen Immigration in June. They were still using the Thai only paper (no translation) and the officer got fed up asking me after 4 questions as I am a little hard of hearing.
  13. I use True Cable for ILikeHD and all matches were "watchable". Not perfect but....... I will swith to 3BB tonight to see it any better.
  14. British pension hasn't arrived today

    They told me about changing to 16 weeks as well. The irony of all this is that I read on TVF about masses of Expats receiving the Proof of Life and I have never had one. I decided to email the office with a casual enquiry, only to be told that it HAD been sent to me in June. It has still not arrived!! However, they sent the form attached to their email, but insisted that I sent back a paper copy. I sent it via EMS and tracked delivery 4 days later. 16 days after the delivery date I got another email from the UK telling me it had arrived and been processed. Email is not a recommended form of communication it something is urgent!
  15. British pension hasn't arrived today

    The Pension Office use Citibank for International payments. Citibank is a USA owned bank - hence they take USA holidays. OP - my payment was due on Tuesday this week but did not arrive until late Wednesday afternoon.