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  1. PLUS 200 Baht please, when I did the same about 6 weeks ago at Khon Kaen. I know I was being ripped off because EVERYONE else that had to make any sort of payment was sent to Desk #3 and given a receipt. Lack of time and the fact they were really busy stopped me from complaining. Easy come easy go I guess.......
  2. I am collecting my new Passport from Bangkok tomorrow. I used the Kasikorn Kbank Shopping Card (virtual credit card). It was processed without any problems. However, I understand that the same card is not being accepted at the Consular Office for Income letters. Personally I would have expected the complete opposite........
  3. I have NEVER received the Life Certificate that Newcastle sent me in JUNE!!! It was only as a result of reading on TV that many Brits had received one that I sent them an email enquiry. They replied with an electronic copy of the certificate insisting that I returned the hard copy. I sent it using EMS (TB 1300) and tracked it through to delivery. I then received another email stating it had been received and processed (same as OP). Very worrying to read this post.
  4. OP. Get a life and think of something sensible to waste your writing time with. 99% of your post are Sooooo boring!!!
  5. I was required to answer questions that were on the form at Khon Kaen Immigration in June. They were still using the Thai only paper (no translation) and the officer got fed up asking me after 4 questions as I am a little hard of hearing.
  6. I use True Cable for ILikeHD and all matches were "watchable". Not perfect but....... I will swith to 3BB tonight to see it any better.
  7. They told me about changing to 16 weeks as well. The irony of all this is that I read on TVF about masses of Expats receiving the Proof of Life and I have never had one. I decided to email the office with a casual enquiry, only to be told that it HAD been sent to me in June. It has still not arrived!! However, they sent the form attached to their email, but insisted that I sent back a paper copy. I sent it via EMS and tracked delivery 4 days later. 16 days after the delivery date I got another email from the UK telling me it had arrived and been processed. Email is not a recommended form of communication it something is urgent!
  8. The Pension Office use Citibank for International payments. Citibank is a USA owned bank - hence they take USA holidays. OP - my payment was due on Tuesday this week but did not arrive until late Wednesday afternoon.
  9. My extension was due to expire in July but I decided to renew last Tuesday (21 June). I use the Letter based on Pension Income method). Had I waited until Friday my income would not have met the minimum level, dispite being "comfortably ove the minimum 4 days earlier. There is a double "whammy" for Brits that use QROPS as well. First the Pension fund held in QROPS will reduce in value when it is next reviewed, resulting in a lower income, and secondly the lower (much) rate of Exchange has the second impact. I do not see this improving in the near future.
  10. Underneath the photo, it explains it is the mask he was wearing, when he carried out the attack. No No No............. It is to make him look more like a farang, because a Thai would never...........................
  11. So your one of the GOOD people. Guess that means overstay are BAD. So who are the UGLY What a DUMB comment. How can these people (overstayers) suddenly find the funds to stay legal after 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 years? IMHO they should still face a Ban. Thousands of us manage to stay within the law - probably because we took the time and trouble to find out what the law is. As for BAD - YES 100%. If fewer people abused the law the rest of us might have an easier time!!
  12. @somo They told me the same. I took a photo-copy and the original to a doctor at my local hospital. I printed (by hand) the required statement as shown in the Pension Pack and asked the Doctor to sign and rubber stamp the copy. The Pension Service was happy to accept, with no questions asked. Good luck.
  13. Well, that is one bloody confusing answere, no advice what so ever. Did you try clicking on any the words? e.g. Airport (Don Muang) Pattaya
  14. I suggest the OP takes another look at the British Embassy website. It now states that the letter can only be obtained by the Postal Service. In the past I have gone to the Embassy in person, but doing it by post is actually saving me money!!