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  1. Until recently I could go online at and notify immigration of guests staying at the resort I manage. For a while I have not been able to do this. Has anyone else been able/unable to do this lately, or may it be connected to the attack on Thai govt websites last month? I have tried on to 2 different computers, with different IPs and different browsers.
  2. Once you click the X in the top right hand corner, it doesn't pop up any more.
  3. Thanks for that link. I have been doing this for years, but for the last week or so I have not been able to connect with the link that I have been using.
  4. I heard that he is not there anymore, since the new boss arrived.
  5. Lamai even has there own "German street" Soi Lindenstrasse (sp?), which is very busy. Between the Soi that has the small market every night, and the the larger road that starts opposite the Outback Bar, and runs up to the ring road.
  6. Off 08.30 until 3.30 pm here, near Hua Thanon. Today.
  7. Today, 8.30 am to 3.30 pm between HinTa HinYai and Hua Nathon. I wish the PEA had come to my hotel, so I could of had a shower early.
  8. A bit tough to answer.... are we talking a lot of top soil that has been delivered from one of the suppliers, or the small bags ? I am going to assume you are on Samui.... Some ants are beneficial and not necessarily a problem... are they biting or stinging you? (red fire ants that bite are usually more of a nuisance some of the small black ants sting... ...) If you really need to kill the colony. Borax mixed with sugar and a little water, about equal portions of each, (say a table spoon of each) and make traps with jars old milk containers with a few holes punched in.... to protect from rain etc... I have found and this works and use around the house .... it gets rid of them for months. Borax is not easy to find... (at least on Samui) Gai Pharmacy on Soi 4 in Maenam will bring it in... One pound box will make a lot of solution, so will last a long time. Make up small quantities at a time! ( Borax pronounced in Thai is almost the same as the English) You can by sprays at Tesco etc, multipurpose stuff, look for symbols on the spray cans!) ,... but these generally on kill on contact ... meaning repeating sprays. If you print this picture out, it might help! But Gai pharmacy has been the only place that will bring it in, locally, that I have found . In some other areas of Thailand it is not that hard to find, Hi Jimmy How do I go about printing this? I have been trying for the last 10 mins and can't work it out. If you can't explain the process could please PM me the file. Thanks in advance gusG
  9. I couldn't guess his login & password. But I'd guess you know Mr Angry.
  10. Same here in Lamai. If fact, I don't think I have had one since the big 3 day event. Just came back from Lamai, the whole of beach road and the back streets are blacked out, since about 7.15 / 7.30.
  11. Hill side towards Lamai from Hua Thanon for one.
  12. Nylon half stockings Tesco . So my wife says. Most hardware shops, have nylon/plastic multicolored rolls of twine/raffia like stuff, that is about an inch or more wide, that is good for this.
  13. Also in Australia, very popular. I prefer it to Cod, great fleshy fish, terrific taste.
  14. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: hake Silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) (click to enlarge) Silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) (credit: Painting by Jean Helmer) Any of several large marine fishes (genus Merluccius) usually considered part of the cod family. Hakes are elongated, large-headed fishes with large, sharp teeth, two dorsal fins (one notched), and a notched anal fin. They are swift carnivores and, though somewhat soft-fleshed, are used as food. Hakes are found throughout the Atlantic, in the eastern Pacific, and along New Zealand. In eastern North America, the name is also applied to several related marine fishes (genus Urophycis), including the economically important white hake and red hake.
  15. Oh, you came from the other place! 555