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  1. Until recently I could go online at and notify immigration of guests staying at the resort I manage. For a while I have not been able to do this. Has anyone else been able/unable to do this lately, or may it be connected to the attack on Thai govt websites last month? I have tried on to 2 different computers, with different IPs and different browsers.
  2. Once you click the X in the top right hand corner, it doesn't pop up any more.
  3. Thanks for that link. I have been doing this for years, but for the last week or so I have not been able to connect with the link that I have been using.
  4. I heard that he is not there anymore, since the new boss arrived.
  5. Lamai even has there own "German street" Soi Lindenstrasse (sp?), which is very busy. Between the Soi that has the small market every night, and the the larger road that starts opposite the Outback Bar, and runs up to the ring road.
  7. gusG, on 27 Feb 2015 - 10:54, said: That should have read, "Do you actually need a phone line, or are you just after internet? Sorry for the confusion.
  8. No you actually need a phone line, or are you just after internet?
  9. What brand are you using? Do you buy the same brand every time?
  10. The Daily Mail is a blocked site in Thailand so no real help. It worked for me. In Samui, on 3bb.
  11. Off 08.30 until 3.30 pm here, near Hua Thanon. Today.
  12. You are a legend JT, I think your Pattaya food threads are great. I live in Samui, but still check out your posts regularly. Happy Eating.
  13. Nothing like that, cost of MOT. 100/150 baht on a bike. Transfer costs not much more. Let me check my records, and ask my staff, and I will update tomorrow. Probably extra. for the 4 years your " Thai friends " have not paid the yearly tax / insurance, whatever.
  14. No updates. Obviously, this hasn't happened. It looks like it maybe has been swept under the carpet.