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  1. So conclusion is, if you do it by yourself nothing has changed,just passport,copy passport and 2 photos. But if you use the agents you will need to supply additional documents(i asked at jims place and he confirmed this).
  2. The visa is free until august,they(agent)normally charge 40 ringit for the service,and now an aditional 150(+40) Total 190 ringit if you dont "have the right documents"-which you dont need..the embassy dont ask for them.
  3. Just got back from penang today with a new setv(my 3 rd). They didnt ask me or anyone else about ticket out,financial proof or rental contract. This is just some bs the agents there have come up with to make some moore money,by interest i went in to 3 different agents on chulia street and asked,sure enough they all asked for this or it could be "sorted" without these documents for 150 ringit...But the embassy only ask for passport,copy passport,application and 2 photos. same as before,nothing changed there. screw the agents.
  4. Anyone got the tourist visa form for the penang consulate and could post or send the link? Im sure its been posted before but couldnt find it in the search..Thanks!
  5. regarding the ticket out of thailand requirement at hcmc and savanakhet,can it be 6 month later or does it have to be within a certain time?
  6. is it possible to have one of the touts to fill in the form(they have it?) Before they open the doors at the consulate?
  7. Does someone has a link or know where i can find an up to date Thai tourist visa form for the consulate in vientaine? Would like to print and fill it out before arrival,thanks.
  8. There is a Big sb design shop 300 m from the index on bangna trat rd,but Moore expensive for similar quality. Bought a sofa at index there 2 weeks ago,went smooth and free delivery.
  9. widht of wall about 10 cm..
  10. 1 m high,50 m long with a wood finnish on top yes.
  11. we are looking to build a concrete wall in front of the house,about 1m high with concrete and 60 cm with Wood on top,quite a standard thai wall many house have similar,how much would one expect to pay for around 50 m wall? This is in isaan..
  12. Arrived at suvarnabhumi this morning with a setv and got 60 days and the "used" stamp on the visa,i suppose its still possible to do a 30 day extension at immigration office even there is a used stamp on it?
  13. was told by the neighbour(rice farmer) that all farmers with land which couldnt grow rice was allowed 1000 bht/rai(up to 10 rai) from the government,is this correct info?
  14. As they give limited tourist visas,and i would like to stay as long its possible.Would it better to arrive on a visa on arrival(30d) then get the extension(30d),after go to laos to get Setv.Will they count the Voa as a visa later when i apply for lets say my 3rd TR?
  15. Anyone with the experience of getting a multiple entry tourist visa without the employment certificate,is it possible?