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  1. Natural honey

    A common problem is that they mix it with sugar to make it sweeter.
  2. Australian Aged Pension

    We'll allow this to continue as long as the discussion remains civil.
  3. Natural honey

    They have it in the deli at the end of the lane way that goes past Da Vinci.
  4. Natural honey

    Some of the hillstribe people keep bees and their honey can be found in their local village markets. I'm not a honey lover so I've not sampled it, it may be watered down, but I've also seen it sold still in the "comb". I would imagine it would be a matter of trying what's available until you find a reliable source.
  5. I have TrueVisions/Australia Plus as an iPad app, without the cable. My neighbour gets the package (platinum?) and gave me the app that came with it.
  6. I took this on this day in 2013, quite a difference, Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. What is new in Chiang Rai ?

    A lot has changed in 10 years Wiley, not so much in 2. There's a few new coffee shops heading out towards the Doi Chang turnoff on 1211.
  8. Honda Lawn Equipment

    Post removed, stay on topic please.
  9. Isuzu gave me one for my DMax as a "free optional extra", to be honest it seems to be little more than decorational. The slightest nudge produces a dent.
  10. Fearing cull, Chiang Rai villagers vote to keep pets

    The second type of quarantine (for a potentially exposed animal) is based on less solid evidence. The idea in these cases is to keep the potentially exposed animal isolated while waiting to see if it develops signs of rabies, because there is no other reliable test for rabies in a live animal. For example, if an unvaccinated dog gets into a fight with a rabid raccoon, it would be considered potentially exposed. It would be quarantined (or immediately euthanized… the other option) and monitored to see if it develops signs of rabies. The length of quarantine for non-vaccinated dogs is usually 6 months, but this may vary by region. This helps reduce further rabies transmission by ensuring that a dog that develops rabies during the quarantine period is not roaming at large and able to infect people or other animals. One weakness of this approach is the incubation period of rabies, which can be very long. There is not a lot of objective research on which to base the 6 month time frame (unlike the 10 day quarantine described above). After 6 months, it’s very unlikely the dog will develop rabies, but we can never say it’s 100% because of the rare cases of rabies in humans with extremely long incubation periods. In reality, it’s likely that the vast majority of animals that are exposed will develop rabies before 6 months, so it’s a reasonable time frame. Would it be better to use 4 or 8 months, or something else? Possibly, we just don’t know. https://www.wormsandgermsblog.com/2009/06/articles/diseases/rabies/rabies-quarantine/
  11. Australian Aged Pension

    That's my information as well.
  12. Chiang Rai Immigration

    I came back from overseas last April, my 90 day was due a week later and the officer said..."you have to check in with us 24 hours after returning to the country..." I tried to look as dumb as possible... not difficult... and she said, "but you could not have known that so I'll let you off this time".
  13. Internet

    My experience is that any Fibre Optic cable is the way to go. I use CAT that gives me 100/30 (which just tested at 91/50) and costs me about 1000B a month. I've had a few issues with breakdowns but they have been resolved very quickly when I called them.
  14. I took these Sunday, I thought the air clarity was not too bad for the end of January. I've seen it a lot worse.