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  1. sceadugenga

    Hello! Chiang Rai

    There's plenty of quite comfortable guest houses in the 500-1000B a night range in the town center.
  2. sceadugenga

    Hello! Chiang Rai

    Good to hear you're settling in well, MadameM. I'll point out to members that any issues with former members will not be discussed here and any attempt to resurrect the problems of the past will we dealt with under the forum rules. They are several years old now, lets move on. I'll take this opportunity to thank those who sent best wishes or visited me in in hospital during my current illness, I still have several months of treatment to go during which I'll not always be available to moderate here. ....however, ThaiVisa staff will still be monitoring it closely.
  3. OK, I see where your coming from. Something that's never been an issue with me.
  4. sceadugenga

    Central Plaza Parking

  5. sceadugenga

    Central Plaza Parking

    Yes, that's it, German Baker Restaurant, it's hard to see because of the banner hanging from the veranda. Look for the pink place on the opposite side of the road.
  6. sceadugenga

    Central Plaza Parking

    Anyone notice where the rice paper roll lady moved to? I couldn't find her outside.
  7. Our residency may be dodgy but I hardly think we fall into the "overseas tourist" category.
  8. sceadugenga

    Flying to BKK...

    Some of the flights can be fairly full, I'd be inclined to book online. I wouldn't try to scam them with the wheelchair thing.
  9. sceadugenga

    Central Plaza Parking

    I finally found the German deli on the way out of town on 1211 after hearing about it for a long time. Good bread baked on site and regular deliveries of remarkably authentic European sausages like bratwurst. It's towards the end of 4 lane opposite the two story pink building.
  10. I haven't seen him for a long time, I mainly read eBooks now.
  11. sceadugenga

    Australian Aged Pension

    Scott Morrison scraps Government plans to raise pension age to 70 The Prime Minister has dumped the plan to raise the pension age to 70. Scott Morrison has announced the decision on breakfast television this morning even before Cabinet has formally agreed to it. It was one of the issues on which Labor had repeatedly attacked the Government, especially highlighting the impact for people with physically difficult jobs. Former treasurer Joe Hockey announced the plan to lift the pension age from 67 to 70 in his controversial 2014 budget in a bid to help fund the cost of the ageing population. The Senate has refused to ever agree to legislation to formalise the change, but until today the Government had stuck to the policy. Mr Morrison told Channel Nine he did not think the measure was needed anymore. "It is one of the things I will be changing pretty quickly," Mr Morrison told Channel Nine this morning after facing a question on it from a viewer. It is the first major policy backdown he has made since becoming PM. "I was going to say this next week, but I may as well say it here, I have already consulted my colleagues on that and next week Cabinet will be ratifying a decision to reverse taking the retirement age to 70. It will remain at 67, which is what Labor increased it to. "The pension age going to 70, gone," Mr Morrison said. The pension age has already started going up from 65. People turning 66 in the first half of next year will have to wait until July to qualify for the pension. The next stage kicks in from July 2021 when the age to qualify for the age pension goes up to 66 years and six months. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-05/scott-morrison-scraps-plans-to-raise-pension-age-to-70/10202678
  12. Does anybody know if the secondhand shop, Orn's Books is still trading in the lane behind Wat Jed Yod?
  13. sceadugenga

    Getting married In C Rai at a Govt. Office

    You can get married at the Amphur.
  14. sceadugenga

    Spouse Visa Update

    Moved to Chiang Mai forum
  15. Any chance of getting back to football?