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  1. I've always paid cash in CM, card would not be a big deal but they would be looking at the one from my Thai bank first.
  2. I've said this earlier in the topic but the contents of a stat dec are legally no business of the JP, or in this case the embassy officer, witnessing your signature. All they do is show proof that you signed the declaration.
  3. Australians will appreciate Bickford's Lime Juice Cordial being on special at Tops, 103B
  4. Looks nice out now but I don't trust it one bit. Mains water just went off as well, not unusual after heavy rain, apparently the village filtration plant cannot cope.
  5. This is a pretty big Statement. “The challenge for him is still the technical nature of the game because it’s a bit incongruous that the strongest man ever to play the game at AFL level is getting pushed out of the way. Brad Scott on Majak Daw
  6. I'm not a fan of ribs, too messy but we tried a new place today and my friend said they were excellent. I wasn't particularly hungry and grazed on a few wings which were good as well. It's across from the electrical shop near the old Doi Chang Coffee shop corner. Good serves of ribs for 200/300B Ribs and Co Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. It's coming down here as well, west of Mae Lao. Wont flood here, too steep.
  8. I wish them luck, they're still planting here.
  9. That's three inches in the old terminology. That's a lot of rain in 90 minutes. We never got that here, just steady all night.
  10. Where the new ring road crosses Route 1211 they've had pumps there all week trying to keep the water out of the new work.
  11. Longans
  12. I think that the family fruit picking consortium must have seen this coming, they wouldn't have bought up half the crop they did last year and all close to home.
  13. First of the new seasons crop. A bit small but still sweet. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app