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  1. Manga Hokusai Manga Exhibit Coming to Art Bridge in Chiang Rai on October 7th CHIANG RAI – The “Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master’s Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics” exhibition organised by the Japan Foundation in celebration of the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Thailand heads north next week and opens at the Art Bridge Chiang Rai on October 7. Continuing through November 2, the exhibition will allow s to explore the original Hokusai Manga and see how these connect with contemporary Japanese illustrations created by seven manga artists. With the similarities and differences between modern Japanese manga and Hokusai’s manga, the exhibition approaches the Hokusai Manga from the perspective of contemporary Japanese comics, focusing on genre, pictorial storytelling and participatory culture rather than the integration of word and image of the role of popular characters. http://www.chiangraitimes.com/manga-hokusai-manga-exhibit-coming-to-art-bridge-in-chiang-rai-on-october-7th.html
  2. Garry Lyon labels current game ‘a modern day disgrace’ AFL great Garry Lyon has teed off on the current state of affairs in football — and Lance Franklin is at the centre of his gripes. FORMER Melbourne Demons captain Garry Lyon has taken aim at the current coaches of the game and slammed them for having a defensive mentality. After Lance Franklin and Josh Kennedy finished first and second respectively in the Coleman Medal, the two kicked a combined one goal in their teams’ semi-final losses. Lyon believes the results could have been different had their coaches given them more license to focus on kicking goals as opposed to playing a role within the team defence. “The two best key forwards of the modern era played for sides that got unceremoniously dumped from the finals race last weekend,” said Lyon on SEN Breakfast. http://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/garry-lyon-labels-current-game-a-modern-day-disgrace/news-story/3b0725abd4b667554be150c88edb0625
  3. Under the Act you are placed on half the couples payment. This is considerably less than a single payment. As I said in my previous post, you can apply for an exemption if your wife has no income.
  4. You can apply to Centrelink for an exemption to being treated as a couple and remain on a single person's payment if you can show your wife has no income. I've found that while it is possible to conceal a marriage while living overseas it all goes bad if you decide to return to Australia and obtain a visa for your wife. Immigration DOES have a direct line to Centrelink.
  5. Good Things Topic.

    Som-O season is upon us, pull up at a little roadside stall and pick up a few at 20-30 baht each. Grab a couple of packs already cut to nibble on while the Mrs peels the whole fruit.
  6. Stay on topic and cease with the political commentary or the thread will be closed.
  7. A few of the Cat's mid ranking players stepped up. Not a bad lead up for next week, Crows would have been hoping that they would have had to work harder than that.
  8. Chiang Rai Immigration

    Another 10 minute 90 day report this morning. Service was smooth, polite and helpful when I asked for confirmation of the date of my next renewal. A warning to people not to fall into the same trap I did a couple of years back, if you leave the country and return, the day of your 90 report will change, the date your visa expires will not.
  9. Dengue Fever

    Well paraffin would do that, it's lighter than water and would float on the top. Mosquito larvae have to breath through a type of personal snorkel, if it couldn't penetrate the oil then this would drown them.
  10. Irma lashes Bahamas, Cuba on a path toward Florida

    I have a friend in St Martin who's been off the radar for a while now. What sort of time limit would I be looking at before internet communication is restored? I don't have a phone number for him.
  11. Dengue Fever

    I've found that a fan is the best personal defence against mosquitoes, they don't like air movement. Last night the power went off when I was planning an early night so I gave myself a good dousing with repellent as a substitute.
  12. Dengue Fever

    I get claustrophobic.
  13. Coffee

    OK, sounds interesting, might go for a tasting.
  14. Good Things Topic.

    Anyone looking for a fruit treat should go to the back of the main market for the small black seedless grapes at 80B a kilo. Delicious.