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  1. Thanksgiving turkey

    I would say that they would have Thai turkeys but it's just a guess.
  2. Thanksgiving turkey

    I took a look today, they're Thai turkeys, small with no breast pieces.
  3. Australian Aged Pension

    OK, that's enough personal opinions of each other here. Posts will be removed and warnings/suspensions issued if it continues.
  4. Thanksgiving turkey

    I had news today that Tops in Central have frozen turkeys and "pieces" reduced to 450B a kg. My informant was not sure whether they were local or imported, I'll try to check tomorrow.
  5. Tick Bite on Cat

    I took him to the vet this morning, just a little bit of infection around the bite. He was fine at the vet, I even bought a new carry cage and he was perfectly happy... until he got the thermometer shoved up his.... Made my eyes water just to watch it.
  6. Thanksgiving turkey

    I don't remember exactly but it would have not been much, it was backyard grown, not commercial. If I had to guess I'd say $20 and I think half the town turned up to help eat it and we still had leftovers. This was Xmas 2001.
  7. Thanksgiving turkey

    Years ago I bought a live turkey in Vientiane, the Lao PDR, I never saw it prepared but my Lao friends roasted it very slowly over about 8 hours and it was very nice. I remember they put the potatoes in with it at the same time and when they came out they were crisp right through. Arroy mak.
  8. Thanksgiving turkey

    In accordance with forum rules the telephone number has been removed, anyone interested in the turkeys please contact Capone via PM to obtain it. 18) You will not post phone numbers, email addresses, business names, or web/Facebook/Twitter/Google+ addresses in posts or signatures. Web addresses to personal non-commercial sites sites/blogs, or Facebook/Twitter/Google+ addresses, may be posted in a member's profile page.
  9. Tick Bite on Cat

    The new kitty been thriving and putting on weight but earlier this week was very subdued, wouldn't eat and went up stairs in the warm for the day. I checked him out for pain a couple of times and the second search I found a large tick on his back. I removed it and he livened up almost immediately, the tick had no blood in it so it had not fed, probably due to e-cat being halfway through his first Frontline course but this morning I found a weepy sore in the bite place so dabbed a bit of Betadine on it and it looks a lot better now. I don't really want to traumatise him with a trip to the vet so should that be sufficient for now?
  10. Hua Mae Kham festival

    I've seen a few articles on it on other websites, we had some posts here a couple of years back.
  11. Parking in Mae Sai

    There's several parks for day trippers, I use the one where you go left of border immigration then turn left into the market, it's a 50m down on your right. If you're looking for longer term parking such as overnight you could try the Wang Thong hotel carpark, there's a security guard there and he may accept care of it for a consideration.
  12. Thanksgiving turkey

    OK, I never get a whole turkey but like the frozen breast piece.
  13. Thanksgiving turkey

    I was in Makro yesterday, I couldn't see anything there. They have smaller pieces of Artisan Parmesan cheese there now, 700gms for 500B which considering how well it keeps is not a bad deal. There's a problem with the pricing though, it took a while to get it checked through which the girl seemed to decide was my fault.
  14. Thanksgiving turkey

    Central Plaza is the large shopping mall across the road from Big C.