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  1. God, this being banned is a life sentence!

  2. Good on ya jet.

  3. Suegha NOT a lady, she's a dude, lamphun-LOL! But how would U know. Jet, you been BANNED????????????

  4. you're the only one who likes me...

  5. 99 where are you ?? come back soon..we miss ya.. OM.

  6. Jet deserved it!!!

  7. Banned for what ? They'll be banning that other old lady Suegha next

  8. Ok..why the heck has she been banned??????

  9. ^ Spike, really sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Please give my condolences to his wife. Always heard great things about your restaurant.
  10. Your so cool. Your on TV

  11. hey, im not the butler. But ive got a couple of reds buried under the bungalow if your interested...

  12. Hi, Babycakes. Where you been? Who drank all the wine? Blowing you a kiss.