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  1. Pence looked like a gorilla in a zoo giving dirty and threating looks north. nothing will change in a thousand years.
  2. From Russia With Love
  3. Asia has it's own unique chaos that has worked for centuries. now the EU and the States are such a boor
  4. i am calling on Anthony Bordain
  5. get up early and walk, very quiet and love to watch the Thai's set up their stands.
  6. Songkran has been hijacked by drunk and surly farang idiots. the Thai's by comparison are relatively polite and respectful and will spare you. i think safe zones for people of motorbikes and pedestrians with water free access into and out of the Old City in CM would be a good idea. restrict the water throwing to the road along the moat. 6pm-12pm curfew
  7. crazy is something Putin can understand. keep them guessing.
  8. every second word is "like"
  9. take out Assads air capability. this could be accomplished with coordinated air strikes. we have the intel on this. i am sure we also have the intel on the chemical weapons strike as well. nothing flies in Syria without this. eyes in the sky. but Dump will do nothing.
  10. who would want to visit a s$%#@hole like the UAE any way? worse than Vegas