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  1. there is a great early film "None But The Lonely Heart" 1944 with a young Cary Grant who plays a miscreant cockney in East London. Grants character explains how the sentences are constructed to his love interest in the film.
  2. why don't they just build a BTS connection between the two airports?
  3. dogs need to be vaccinated and licensed in Thailand. a 30 day grace period and than off to China
  4. big problem in Ubud as well, i walk softly and carry a big stick
  5. the RTP can do pretty quick work
  6. i was bitten by a temple dog, had the rabies series which cost around $300. went back to the temple and presented the bill to the abbot. he just laughed, i told him next time i would shot the dog. i have studied rabies, and it nothing to laugh about. the dogs need to be licensed neutered and vaccinated in CM. i once saw a temple dog with open sores and brought this to the attention of the monks. i said that the dog should be taken in for treatment. could not be bothered. shame on them.
  7. it's about time, FBI, Interpole ect. whatever it takes
  8. adopt them and socialize them and in 2 months get vaccinations. 6 months sterilize. cheap compared to the States.
  9. most wealthy Americans are selfish and congress is reluctant to raise taxes on the rich to pay for health care for all. America is not great. America is not inclusive. America is govern by the rich and for the rich. this is how it has been since day one. nothing to celebrate Tuesday. .
  10. this is why i prefer to live in a hotel here
  11. smooth sailing most of the time..
  12. i have looked at fMRI studies. and Asian minds are literally wired differently. there is empirical proof that when test subject when given scenarios that predicted future outcomes the Asian population scored poorly. areas in the brain that are used to predict consequences and make judgements of future outcomes where not highlighted in the fMRI studies i looked at. the relevance to driving means that judgments like speed/stopping distance require the driver to think ahead. passing another vehicle safely is another area that requires complex calculations. culture has a big impact on the developing brain.
  13. now to the real work. traffic enforcement, environmental enforcement, , including burning and vehicle emissions, building code violators. Thailand IS dangerous, fix it. you have bigger fish to catch. arrest that little Red Bull scumbag for starters.