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  1. was lucky enough to see Tom a few times over the years in Santa Barbara. great shows.
  2. i have noticed i have noticed this too up here in Chiang Mai. a lot of ex-millitary types who are pretty messed up psychologically. some are really hostile, from various countries. sad, what service to your country can do to the mind. they come to LOS to live and drink up their pensions. i know of a couple up here who receive over 5K$ a month from uncle sam for PTSD, but at what a cost? it's just money. and it is the middle and lower middle classes who are targeted by the military for recruitment. the people i knew with brains and $$$ got out of the draft.
  3. how many others like them are there in the same situation across America? these kids have been brain washed and likely they will suffer the psychological consequences for the rest of their lives. not much chance for them assimilating into society considering that their formative years where subject to both physical and psychological abuse by these two monsters. the State of California will have to pay for life long counseling, but with Trumps budget cuts who knows? their future is uncertain. the fact that they did not excape is probably due to fear of reprisal or a developmental psychological dependency toward their parents as strange as this may seem. they could have identified themselves as being deserving victims and assumed that role. any escape attempts would have been countered by the reports from the neighbors that they where just one big happy Christian family. who would believe them. i imagine that they where on a very short leash when out in public. pure horror story.
  4. evidently they where good Christians
  5. What's happening at KSK?

    i spoke with someone yesterday and the food court will reopen in 4 months? i do not see how the place can remain open with all the empty shops. my guess is Tops. love KSK's funk factor
  6. How is pumpkin so cheap in Thailand?

    it's sad that the Thai's don't like Pumpkin pie, just Pumpkin soup.
  7. on the other end of the spectrum you have young westerners coming over to Asia and actually doing good volunteer work. when i was 17 i was able to convince the Peace Corp to let me volunteer one summer even though i did not have my degree just yet
  8. two more reason as to why i left the States
  9. fix the intersection at Nimman and Huay Kaew in front of Maya Mall.. make it a safe crossing for pedestrians. build a fly over. improve the almost non existent bus service.. fix sidewalks, put utilities under ground. enforce pollution and traffic laws, lol
  10. why would someone from Norway want to immigrate to a country like the U.S?
  11. why would someone from Norway want to immigrate to a shit hole country like the U.S?
  12. why would someone from Norway want to immigrate to shithole country like the U.S?
  13. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    dog and pony show, give me a break. one call to Interpol case solved.