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  1. Thank you, Cooked and Jackdd for your explanations. I appreciate them. I wonder if this Union Card will be the front runner for the cards in use in Japan and in Hong Kong? In both countries you can virtually do away with carrying money as almost EVERYTHING can be paid by simply passing your card over a scanner; from purchases at supermarkets, convenience stores, public transportation, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, taxis, buses, department stores, even vending machines, train station lockers, photo booths, and now even many mom&pop shops. These cards speed up and eliminate long lines at ticket booths, speed up (and make more accurate!) payment at convenience stores, etc., etc. While it's true at the beginning these weren't accepted outside of the countries, that is being addressed now.
  2. Please excuse me if I've misunderstood your tone (seeing the word 'forced,') but what is it about using this new card would be unpopular or undesirable? Thanks
  3. FolkGuitar

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Nothing in that prayer about turning the other cheek, is there? It says; 'To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; If you are unable to stand up for yourself, that's something you need to work on. Some monks are Shaolin....
  4. FolkGuitar

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    When a prayer gets shared as often as this one, it's safe to say there is wisdom in its words. Grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Taking this world As it is, not as I would have it.
  5. FolkGuitar

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    The nice thing about corruption is that it works so very well in keeping things moving. If you don't like the local system, feel free to leave. It's not going to change because you don't care for it, and we aren't going to miss you.
  6. FolkGuitar

    Sending a parcel to Singapore / Malaysia

    I send my watch to be serviced in Singapore once a year. (It's a dive watch/computer that requires a pressure test on its seals.) Takes about a week to get there via EMS through Thai Post.
  7. FolkGuitar

    Toe nail removal, where perfectly done?

    I can't address complete removal, but I can certainly speak to fixing an ingrown toenail. Podolgy Center Chiang Mai... they completely corrected several recurring toenail problems that I had been having for 40 years despite numerous hospital or podiatrist visits. These days I go back once every 3-4 months for a 'tune-up.' I haven't had a flare up many years and doesn't look as if I ever will again! Podology Center Address: 399/208, Moo 3, Siriporn Garden Home 9, San Na Meng, San Sai, 50210 Phone: 053 352 529
  8. FolkGuitar

    Where Can I Buy Taco Shells?

    Both Tops and Rimping carry them, but only as part of a 'taco set' including seasoning, sauce, and shells, all for about 350-400 baht. Rimping sometimes has just the shells alone, but not often.
  9. FolkGuitar

    Hot Air popcorn maker

    That's the place!! :)
  10. FolkGuitar

    Rain cloth in rainy season

    Motorcycle supply shops... All of them carry good quality (as well as bad) rain jackets.
  11. FolkGuitar

    Hot Air popcorn maker

    Both Tops and Rimping sell popcorn. Rimping even sells two different brands. Both are shipped vacuum-sealed so the moisture content remains at 14%... the ideal for popping large, tender kernels. However, this being Thailand, half the bags lose their seal, so it pays to look through the shelf for the bags that are still tight if you want good popcorn. As for hot-air popcorn poppers, the big food store (the name escapes me right now... 3 letters...) on the Superhighway sells them in their upstairs appliance division. But popcorn made in those things is best used as shipping container fill rather than food... healthy, but tasteless!
  12. Could be. If you don't live too far from the airport, I'd imagine it would be worth a ride over there. For that matter, even if you DO live far from the airport, all you may lose is time and a little gas. And with the possibility of a win....
  13. I had been in the same situation once before with an order of fencing equipment from the UK. It turned out that because the swords weren't assembled, they couldn't decide if they should charge import duty on sports equipment or as import steel as the majority of the order was epee and sabre blades. This time, I just took a shot in the dark and went over there with my tracking number in hand, walked in the door and asked. Sorry, but I don't have any phone numbers.
  14. This last order was from China via Aliba. I received no notice what so ever, but after seeing it static as 'held in Bangkok,' I asked for a tracking number from Aliba, took that to the Airport, and found my package there. They asked me for a post office notice, but I never received one. At first they wanted me to go back to the post office and get one, but I protested that I already had the tracking number and if indeed it was at the airport, they would be charging me 'storage fee' because it had been there two weeks already. They acquiesced, traced the tracking number in their computer, found the box, did in fact charge me two week's storage fees (50 baht) and then proceeded to tack on the several different import duties which amounted to almost 40% of the total cost of the item.
  15. My latest package from the US was held up in Customs at the airport. Normally I have to pick up packages, and pay import duties at the Pra Sing post office, but for some reason, this one didn't get that far. I had to take my tracking number to the Airport (it's in the building just after the main Arrivals/Departures building, first floor with 'Customs' on the door) show my passport (which they charged 4 baht to copy) and sign some forms. It took about 20 minutes, in and out.