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  1. People commit suicide everywhere. We just happen to live in a small enough city that it makes local news so we see it. If we lived in NYC, it would never get front page coverage even though it happens almost daily.
  2. Chinese Medicine Practitioners

    I've been a patient at Mungkala Clinic many times over the past 15 years. Both doctors, husband and wife, are knowledgeable and highly skilled. But by far, the 'bedside manner' of the lady just can't be beat. So incredibly gentle and caring! But most importantly, so effective. And as Watgate stated, when the problem is one that may not benefit from Chinese medicine, she is quick to say so.
  3. homemade spaghetti sauce

    So I tried it... Putanessca; in the style of prostitutes... How can it be bad? So I tried it. And you were correct! It WAS delicious! I'll certainly make this one again! Rimping... on the river, had several varieties of Ragu on its shelves yesterday.
  4. Amazon purchase

    UPS delivery workers in the US are, in training, instructed to; 1. Knock on the door rather than spend time searching for the door bell. 2. Not spend more than 18 seconds waiting for the door to be answered. I don't know about most folks, but my Butler can't walk the 75 meters from the kitchen TO the front entry hall, much less across it, in 18 seconds. What ever do people do?!? ROFL!
  5. Amazon purchase

    Both DHL and FedEx have their own Customs clearing facility, separate from the ThaiPost Customs. Because of this, virtually ALL parcels coming into Thailand via DHL and FedEx will get charged Import Duties. And... with FedEx for sure, and probably DHL, because they have to run them through their Customs area, they have to hold them an extra day. AND... if they are going to hold them an extra day, they CHARGE a storage fee... AND... because they are storing them, they insist on protecting them with an INSURANCE policy, charged to you as well. Of course, since FedEx (and probably DHL) don't deliver on the weekends, any package that arrives on Thursday or Friday will have to be held until the following Monday, which gives them 2-4 days of storage and insurance for which to charge. It's brilliant and it's legal. And it generates a fortune in income for these companies at our expense... if we allow it. I will NOT order from any company that insists upon using DHL or FedEx to ship to Thailand. If I can't avoid doing business with such companies, I'll have them ship to my USA re-shipping office. It still comes out less expensive that way.
  6. Use of Overseas Credit cards

    Oddly enough, it was a Capital One card that I had the problem with as well. But once I called, I haven't had a problem since, and the silly people just keep increasing and increasing my credit line, despite living on a fixed income.
  7. Use of Overseas Credit cards

    All of my credit cards are from US banks. I use 2-3 different cards, making weekly purchases. I use them often as I get air mileage points with them. I've only had one refusal over the last 10+ years and that was by my own bank thinking it was a fraudulent transaction. When I called them, I told them I'd be traveling in Asia for the foreseeable future, and haven't had a problem with that card since.
  8. A Day Trip Through the Mountains - A Recomendation

    Mods, as the OP, I request that this thread be closed. It's getting off topic. Thanks.
  9. A Day Trip Through the Mountains - A Recomendation

    For that matter, there are plenty of food vendor carts you can eat at too, standing up beneath the trees at the base of the mountain and save even more money. But I think we'll stick with the Chiang Dao Nest. The food is quite simply out of this world, and the two of us ate a delicious lunch for around four hundred baht. But this thread is about a Day Trip through the Mountains, rather than good restaurants found along the roads or on a lake. Let's save that for another thread, rather than hijack this one.
  10. Kad Chin Haw open?

    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to investigate. I love to cook Chinese dishes, but there are a few ingredients that are often hard to find in the local fresh markets or even Wararote. I'm on the lookout for dried lily buds...
  11. A very good question... The reasoning is that the police make the original charges. They go for the maximum. The prosecutor (or what ever the term is in the relevant country) also wants the maximum. But if the law reads that 'premeditation' is required for the maximum, then the prosecutor at least has some leverage to say, 'Well, OK, then we'll take the next best thing,' rather than trying to boost up the penalties during the trial. It's easier to come down than go up.
  12. You are correct. It is not required for a 'charge' of murder to be brought before the courts. But I believe it is required for a 'conviction' of murder.
  13. Kad Chin Haw open?

    I wasn't even aware that there was a Chinese market. Please... would you give us the location and times that it's open?
  14. best men's shirtmaker in town

    I can't buy dress shirts off the rack. They just don't fit. If I buy one that has a collar large enough to close without choking me, the sleeves hang down 5 inches past my hands, and my wife can fit inside with me. If I get a shirt that fits my arms, I can't even button the chest, yet the waist is like a tent! (OK, these days it's a smaller tent...) I need to have all dress shirts made to order. And to look nice, my casual shirts should be custom made as well. I'm envious of the folks who can just walk into a shop and find clothes that fit, but I haven't been able to do that since I was a young teenager.
  15. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    If you are not a 'bar regular' spending on beer and bar girls, only need the occasional 'fix' of a fancy restaurant, than $1600 a month will do you just fine. That can even handle a yearly week's vacation to the islands.