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  1. Lots of shops around town sell these. You can get just the temp/humidity devices or get them with indoor/outdoor, date and time, minimum/maximum readings too, all for just a few hundred baht. There are half a dozen clock/watch shops on Chiang Puak Rd, around the traffic light near the bus station have carry various models. Amorn, in both their shops have had them in the past, too. Even the Hospital supply shop on Suthep Rd ( 50m east of the Wing 41 turn-off) carries them.
  2. Superglue, most of these accessory shops sell both the single-CD and double-CD cases, but you will need to specify which you want to the shopkeeper. You will see these stacked in clear-wrap packs of 10, and are known (in English speaking countries) as 'Jewel Cases.' The ones with the cut-outs surrounding the hub usually are double-CD cases but you will need to verify this at the shop. Print this image of the cases so you can show the shop keeper what you want. As you are having limited mobility, I'd suggest going to the new computer mall behind Computer Plaza first, as that has the largest number of accessory shops in town, and should result in your finding what you need. If not, then Computer Plaza would be the second choice.
  3. All the computer accessory shops sell them in packs of 10. Computer Plaza (several different shops inside on both first and second floor,) as well as all the shops in the new computer mall behind Computer Plaza, Computer City (the place where the new Amorn is, near the north west corner of the moat,) and Panthip Plaza.
  4. Out of curiosity, where IS Bob's Buffet?
  5. What sort of music do you play? No gigs for me, thanks. I prefer to keep my visa status.
  6. It is... except at 8pm in the pouring rain, when you've been in the saddle since morning and you're trying to find the damn hotel in a strange city. Nothing like hearing; "turn left in 100 meters. Hotel California is 50 meters on the right" play through your speakers. When bike touring in Europe, especially in the Alps regions where you might cross into three countries in one afternoon's ride, it's nice to know that you are one the correct side of a mountain pass that closes for the night. A series of maps put out by 'Golden Triangle Rider,' perhaps the very best maps made for S.E. Asia riding. David Unkovich, the name behind GT Rider, has made very detailed maps specifically for motorcycle riding, and hosts a website for riders at THIS is THE rider information place for Thailand and Cambodia, as well as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Laos.
  7. For long motorcycle rides, I always use my Garmin Zumo. It has a larger screen than my phone, has more information than my phone, and when hooked up to the computer, can be pre-loaded with route information making even complicated directions flow smoothly, with verbal directions fed directly into my helmet speakers. Great when riding back roads at night! This site gives me a few more options for when the urge to ride comes. I appreciate the effort that went into it.
  8. Not in Chiang Mai, but the 'Vermont Country Store' in Weston, Vermont sells it, and will ship to Thailand. Best stuff ever made for chapped hands (and udders.)
  9. Grackcu can be easily found. Peera Pharmacy, just inside Thapae Gate carries it. PharmaChoices 'usually' carry it. And for certain, the huge pharmacy just beside the Chinese Gate leading into Warrarote Market (left side of Chiang Moi Rd, on the corner) buys it buy the box-load. I saw them unboxing a case of 24 boxes the other week when I was in there for anti-histamines.
  10. I married the right woman... She usually is the first one to say 'Sun's out! let's go on a bike ride!'
  11. Chinese herbal called "Gracku." Sold in most of the larger pharmacies such as PharmaChoice, and many of the smaller ones too. About 350 baht for 6 capsules. Taken on an empty stomach, they are effective for 24-36 hours. VERY effective. Almost comically so. Little Willie thinks he's 16 again, and jumps up at the sight of anything with curves. The enclosed directions say to take 1-2 capsules daily. Frankly, I'd be afraid to take more than one every two days! Very potent stuff (no pun intended.)
  12. MIW Music on Changklan Rd, just before Chiangmai Land Rd. Third Floor Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall, rear, left behind Robinsons MIS Music on Prappaklao Rd, just north of Ratchadamnoen Rd. Moon Muang Rd, between Soi 2 and Soi 4 Sri Poom Rd, around Soi 6 ... and the one on Charoen Prathet Rd, just after the turn from Sri Donchai Rd.
  13. I don't know who invented what. But I did try the Sausage Rolls sold at Rimping. Frankly, I was not impressed. I can only hope that these Trader Joe things taste better.
  14. Perhaps in some areas, they do. Just not in the melees that I've watched. I'm sure every local has its own versions of costumery vs authenticity. I think a Bamboo 'shinai' would make a very good, long-lasting weapon, but I've never seen one being used by the SCA.
  15. Are you only interested in the sweet candy flavored with Licorice, or would you be satisfied with Licorice root itself? You can buy the woody root from various spice vendors who sell at the Chiang Dow Market on Tuesday mornings. I used to love to chew on the thin Licorice roots. Full flavor and none of the sugar. We also used them when training young horses to accept a bridal and bit. We'd replace the metal bit with a licorice root, and the colts loved the flavor!