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  1. FolkGuitar

    Lower Case English Keyboard or Keyboard Stickers

    Most of the computer accessory shops in Computer Plaza carry them, both in the main building and the new building behind it. I buy them often as I seem to wear off the N,M,I,O, and L often. Some of the shops carry 2 or 3 different looking stickers.
  2. We've done our 90-day reports by mail for the last few years. But I heard that they will/have moved to Airport, and so wondered if the mail-in address had changed. I've since learned that you can mail the 90-day reports to either address.
  3. We usually do our 90-day reports by mail, but we heard a rumor that the address has changed. Have 90-day reports moved to the new Airport location now? Thanks
  4. Have 90-day reports moved to the new Airport location now?
  5. Is there a Pigeon Feed Mafia?
  6. FolkGuitar

    Receiving Mail

    Thai Post is pretty reliable. Perhaps one letter in 100 gets lost. No different from mail in the US.
  7. FolkGuitar

    Where to buy Pu erh tea in Chiang Mai?

    Sorry. Pu'erh isn't a favorite of mine, so when I see it, I don't make a mental note where. I bought some 20yr old cake from the company I listed, and for Pu'erh, it was very good. But I prefer a good Keemun or an extra-smokey Lapsang Suchong. I order both of these from a different shop located in NYC. (McNulty's Tea & Coffee)
  8. FolkGuitar

    Where to buy Pu erh tea in Chiang Mai?

    You didn't specify what sort of Pu'erh tea you were looking for? Cake, brick, loose, tuo? Did you want Sheng? Or Shou? Aged or fresh? While you can find some nice Pu'erh in the Warrarote area (cake and tuo) if you look closely, your bet bet, if your truly love Pu'erh, is to order it on line. This shop carries perhaps the largest selection of Pu'erh I've ever seen, as well as wonderful black teas, too.
  9. FolkGuitar

    adding your home to Grab map

    Helps a lot! Thanks!
  10. FolkGuitar

    adding your home to Grab map

    Can you explain the steps used to do this? Thanks.
  11. FolkGuitar

    Glaucoma Care in Chiang Mai

    I've seeing Dr.Paradee when she has office hours at Sriphat Medical Center. She prescribed Azarga for me. One bottle at the Sriphat hospital pharmacy is 720 baht, but the same bottle at PharmaChoice is 900 bhat! Go figure... I have her prescribe three bottles at a time.
  12. FolkGuitar

    Quiet and durable fan

    Only if used incorrectly. With most oil lubrication, less is better than more. A single drop, spread out, will lubricate better than a tablespoon-full, and not attract dust and debris. As I stated above, almost all of today's home lubricants start with a base of Mineral Oil, then add various 'magical ingredients' such as Molybdenum, Polytetrafluoroethylene (TEFLON -PTFE,) or other additives. There is a new and very effective product called 'Frog Lube' that uses a vegetable oil base (coconut oil, actually) that a lot of knife knuts use to protect their carbon steel blades as it is food-safe and very effective against corrosion, but not much more slippy than mineral oil. We have been using WD-40 for years on our pocket knives, a location famous for fluff, gunk, and other assorted debris, without any problems... so long as it is used sparingly. One single drop on the pivot of a pocket knife twice a year is all that is needed. Hose the oil on and you start running into BIG problems. For a fan, a half-second blast of WD-40 is more than enough... way more! The Stoddard Solvent will thin it out sufficiently to disburse it where needed. No need to flood the thing! Less is more!
  13. FolkGuitar

    Quiet and durable fan

    With all due respect, WD-40 IS a lubricant. It is Mineral Oil mixed with Stoddard Solvent. The solvent thins the oil which allows it to penetrate and displace water, then the solvent evaporates leaving a coating of the oil. Mineral Oil is the base oil of the majority of non-grease, non-synthetic lubes on the market today.
  14. FolkGuitar

    Social Security Form 7162 Received Yet in CM?

    Yes, I received mine last month. You can send an email to the Manila office and they will send you a pdf copy if you wish.
  15. FolkGuitar


    Tops carries 3-4 different brands. Rimping also carries 3-4 different brands. A few are Korean imports, some are Thai-made.