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  1. One consideration should be coverage area. Some companies do better in the cities than out in the countryside. Some are better in the north than in the south. Depending upon YOUR needs, find the one that give the best cell tower coverage for you.
  2. I use True for phone and internet provider. I've been with them for five years, and never had any problems what so ever with my phone. For internet, I rarely have any problems. They go out every once in a while, perhaps for an hour or so every 4-5 months. I can live with that. They offer lots of different packages depending on your need, with constant internet speeds. I have had no reason to even consider changing companies.
  3. Most of the used book stores have large selections of books in different languages. I think your biggest problem would not be 'finding' book in German, but finding 'age-appropriate' books in German for your daughter.
  4. I've seen people practicing Tai Chi in the park on the south-west corner of the Old City inside the moat in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, they are not doing Yang style. In fact, it's not Wu or Chen style either. It seems to be a home-made blend of several styles, with no fluidity to the movements.
  5. I found the largest selection with the best prices at PowerBuy on the north-west side of the moat. I found the most expensive ones at Siam TV and they only had a couple of models from which to chose. Good quality, but I didn't want to spend $100 to toast bread.
  6. Khontiem Flower Market, next to Tesco Lotus. On the 'main' street leading away from Lotus heading into the market, there is a large shop on the right hand side with huge rolls of plastic sheeting in all different gauges.
  7. Amazon is your friend.... or....
  8. I use headphones for the TV for the same reason... I have wireless headphones that have their own amplifier and volume control, so I can turn it up a high as I want, while my wife can watch using the speakers at a much lower level. Do an Amazon search for 'TV Headphones' and you'll see several to choose from.
  9. It is called "sarchasm," that abyss into which people oblivious to sarcasm fall. Shall we send down a ladder for you?
  10. Whether you agree or not is moot. Do not like the posts ? The ignore function works perfectly well. And saves the rest of us for having to read such as yours. And posts by others in the same vein.
  11. Ahhh.... It's the "Someone said" defense! Certainly proof positive. So actually, you aren't upset with the practice, only that Chiang Mai charges more for it. I see. It's like the punch line from the old joke; "I know what you are. We are just negotiating a price." Yes, or they can hire a local high school kid to do it for them... as many of us do. It's 300 baht well spent. No more needing to buy Calamine lotion for the bug bites.
  12. Very kind of them to state that. Not required to state it, but certainly nice of them to let us know. Very kind of them to state that. Not required to state it, but certainly nice of them to let us know. And, certainly accurate. No fee is required for a Residence certificate. None at all. I suppose it would be nice if they also let us know that an expedited service is available, but certainly they are not under any obligation to do so. Not at all. They are all accurate, and in no way at odds to what we've been saying. Thanks for validating them.
  13. Lets start with some facts... 1. No one is required to pay for a Residence Certificate. No one... Free certificates are available. We do so for expedited service. We do it for our own convenience. 2. No one is required to pay for the services of a Visa Agent. It's easy to take care of it yourself. We do so for expedited service. We do it for our own convenience. 3. No one is required to pay for Immigration service above the stated fees for which we get receipts. We do so for expedited service. We do it for our own convenience. There is no law prohibiting the use of expedited service, nor are there any rules or regulations against the use of expedited service. To assume that this is aiding and abetting corruption is just that, an assumption... personal views of how things 'should' be. Unless, of course, you have proof that you can show, that laws are being broken. To date, no one has shown such proof. No one. If a person does not want to pay for expedited service, they are not required to do so. It just takes a little more planning on their part.
  14. Go to room #7 just next to the copy shop with all your documents, turn them in and pay 500 baht. 3-4 minutes at most. Come back the next afternoon to pick up your RC. Less than one minute. I believe that the person who must sign the RC is not on the property, which is the reason for any delay.
  15. How is it that you moved to a country you find so corrupt? And then spend so much time fighting about it? That makes no sense to me. At all.