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  1. No need to learn to speak Thai. Just shout louder in English. That seems to be what so many do... Perhaps wave arms around in big gestures too. That seems to help...
  2. I took AUA classes. There were no tests in these classes. AUA offers several 'levels' of instruction, so perhaps in the immersion-type classes tests are given. We were in conversation classes, and it was all fun and games.
  3. Alert: Chiang Mai cooks.....

    They are located on the bottom level of the pan display. A bit hard to notice without a careful look.
  4. Alert: Chiang Mai cooks.....

    Those of us who love to cook know the value of a good cast iron pan. Unfortunately, they have been hard to find in Chiang Mai... until now! I just saw three different sizes (up to 12") heavy-duty cast iron frying pans in Rimping Nim City. I didn't look at the prices, but I did carefully examine one of the pans. This IS a very heavy, thick, well-made cast iron frying pan! Bound to be expensive, but worth the price.
  5. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    The Officer was very careful to point out the date to us, to make sure we were given the correct one. Valid until our latest extensions runs out.
  6. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    We were told by the people sitting next to us that the fellow manning the Re-Entry desk was taking between 20-30 minutes per applicant. Just as our number came up, he stood up and walked out the back door towards the toilets. Fifteen minutes later, the woman who appeared to be running the show sat down at the desk and called my number. My wife an I sat down together, at which point we were instructed to fill out the survey and hand them in. We did so, and then the woman took both our passports and documents, quickly went through both stacks, stamped everything for both of us, and we left the desk 10 minutes later. Ten minutes to process two of us, where as the other fellow was taking 20-30 minutes for one. We thanked the Gods for his weak kidneys.
  7. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    We went to Immigration today to get re-entry visas. Got there at 9:15, home by 10:30 I can live with that kind of service. Very quick today. And speaking of service, we were handed "Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys" to fill out and hand in. 1. Was the area neat and tidy? 2. Was the Officer polite and courteous? 3. Was the service convenient and quick? And one last one; Did the Officer ask for a bribe or any personal favor? My hat is off to these folks... Taking no chances, we had to fill out and HAND IN these forms BEFORE we had submitted our paperwork.
  8. Meeting decent ladies in CM??

    Just wondering... Has anyone ever MET a volunteer who has been dinged by Immigration for working? Met... not heard from a friend of a friend's brother-in-law, but actually first hand knowledge. In fifteen years here, I've never met one, but know many who volunteer.
  9. Where to buy veggie burger patties?

    She probably meant the Chinese religious store behind Khantiem Market. It sold Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu religious items as well as a well stocked pantry of vegetarian foods and condiments. Lots of soy protein products in all sizes and shapes. This shop has recently relocated near Wat Ched Yot. The shop, now a supermarket of goods, is on the right side (North) of the street as you approach the East gates to the temple complex. 18.809209, 98.973343
  10. October Holiday

    The Holiday Inn is lovely... just like Holiday Inns in every other city. In fact, unless you go to the souvenir shop and look at a postcard, you might not even realize that you are in Thailand... if that is the sort of vacation you like. Or... you can stay in a nice boutique hotel inside the Old City, a place that 'feels and looks' like Chiang Mai. That will also put you within walking distance of most of Chiang Mai's attractions. Holiday Inn is a bit away from things, although still just a taxi ride away.
  11. Why has the bread at Rimping gotten so bad

    The last two loaves that I bought at Rimping Nim City were horrid... dry, falling apart, rock-hard crust. Time to find a new bakery.
  12. Recommended Yeast infection doctor in CM?

    Just curious... Why did you go for tests without seeing a doctor? You may have saved yourself a lot of time, money, and effort if you let someone qualified analyze the problem first. Now you're suggesting trying various medications to see if that resolves the situation? There are plenty you can buy. But meanwhile, what ever is attacking your body is gaining a stronger and stronger foothold while you experiment.
  13. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Pomegranate, there is one more shop to try... When we went for our photos, we were required to have a light, neutral background. Unfortunately, I was wearing a white T-shirt at the time, so even with the correct crop, you couldn't see my shoulders! They blended in with the background. So the photographer simply adjusted the 'white point' level in Photoshop, turning the background slightly gray so that my shoulders could be seen, as required by the consulate for my visa. I'm sure he could do the same for you. This shop is a Kodak shop directly across from the 'Dara Academy' school just past the McCormick Hospital on Kaew Nawarat Rd in Chiang Mai.
  14. Passeport Photo - Where to get in Chiang Mai ?

    Also check 'shoulder size...' We had to redo our photo three times because there wasn't enough shoulder showing in the photos to satisfy the India visa requirements. I guess they use the new 'shoulder recognition software' that is so popular these days.
  15. Help finding a shop

    The shop you are looking for, that had been on the road into the back of the Khamtiem Market has moved. It is now a larger, more modern building, the interior looking more like a supermarket. You will find this shop easily. Just head to Wat Ched Yot. The shop is to the right of the rear gates into the temple grounds, 50 meters before the entry-way. Lots of parking space in front, and the building itself sit up about 2-3 steps. Big glass-fronted place. You can't miss it. Best shop in Chiang Mai for Feng Shui equipment.