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  1. Google map: 18°48'14.9"N 98°58'44.6"E
  2. Thanks for the info, CMsojourner. I actually was looking for that DMED Hearing store, as I had done business with them several times before, and liked the service. When I asked at Panthip, I was told it was on the last block before the Wing 41 Road on Suthep, but never found it, seeing only the Siam Hearing Center so I went in there. I guess I needed to be one more block east to have seen it. Oh well... All's well that ends well. I've been wearing my new devices for the past couple of days now, and am amazed at the sound quality. Also, with the ones I bought, if I change volume or program on one device, it automatically changes the other one at the same time without my having to do it manually. Nice feature I didn't have in my old hearing aids. Next week I'm going to look into get the Bluetooth remote for it, so I can stream music from my phone directly into the hearing aids without wires! A nice new toy!
  3. Perhaps it's because in Thailand, ALL businesses must be majority-owned by Thais. 51% by law.
  4. Good timing on your part. I just bought new hearing aids yesterday! There 'were' two 'good' shops in Chiang Mai... One in Panthip Plaza and the other on Suthep Rd, south side, about 30m west of the entrance to the Wing 41 road. When Panthip Plaza reorganized, the hearing aid shop in there moved away. I tried to find it, but wasn't able... I tried another shop that I found along the Canal Road, but was not happy with either the sound quality of the single brand (sounded as if I was listening to Robbie the Robot!) that that carried, nor the 40,000 baht (each) price. ...So I last week I went to the shop on Suthep Rd. And I'm VERY glad that I did! Google Map: 18.790448, 98.962353 The young fellow in there speaks enough English to get the job done with poor Thai speakers like me. He carries several different well-known brands, with different models within each brand. What he doesn't have in his stock, he can get from Bangkok in just a few days. I hadn't had a hearing test in about 10 years, and my old hearing aids were malfunctioning, so I decided to get new ones. He started with a hearing test that took about 10 minutes... Usual thing inside the booth, press the button when you hear the beep, both in the ear and bone conduction. Then using the results, brought out 4-5 different models of hearing aids. He proceeded to plug in my fittings and let me listen and speak while wearing them, giving me a wide variety of sound qualities (and prices) to chose from. Of course I liked the most expensive ones, but couldn't afford them. There was a similar model available, with one less feature, but he had to have that sent up from Bangkok. I never felt as if he was 'pushing' one over another, nor did I feel that he was rushing me to make a decision. We went back and forth between models several times with him adjusting the sound fitting to my requests. Yesterday he called me to say that the devices arrived from Bangkok, so I went to the shop to check them out. We spent about two hours connected to the fitting software to get them set up. We set up four distinct programs (General, Noisy Restaurant, Music, Motorcycle - no sound, just ear plug!) that I wanted, but you can create any program that is wanted. Receiver in the ear, Bluetooth enabled, remote control available, TV remote available... It's the full package. Price... I looked up this brand and model on the Internet. I paid about HALF the US price! That surprised me. I bought two of 'em! I will recommend this shop without reservation. I was treated as a valued customer, given excellent service, a reliable product, and at a very good price.
  5. What I'm seeing written is mostly the adulteration by addition of lower quality oils. This seems to be the major player in the 'fake' extra virgin scam. But there are plenty of complete 'fake' olive oils being sold. The most common type of fake may not be olive oil at all, just a seed oil like sunflower made to look and smell like olive oil with a few drops of chlorophyll and beta-carotene. But I doubt we'd run into this when sticking to the major brands. There, all we have to contend with is the actual ratio of 'real' extra virgin oil to second or third pressings. The advice I've been reading says check the label carefully. Look for small print saying that the olives are from other countries, the company is located in Toledo, Ohio rather than Toledo, Spain, and that the cost isn't so low as to be too good to be true.
  6. A California federal judge has approved two class actions lawsuits against the makers of Filippo Berio brand olive oil, and against the importers of Bertolli and Carapelli olive oils. The suit also alleged Salov's extra virgin olive oil failed to meet state or federal standards for the term "extra virgin," claiming the company mixed the products with refined oil. To be fair, many of the law suits against various olive oil producers stem from mislabeling about the origin of the olives or the origin of the oil shipment, rather than the quality of the oils. Some "Made in Italy" oil may contain olives from Greece, Spain, and Tunisia as well as Italy, and is being called mislabeled.. To 'me,' as long as it is a first-pressing with no refinement, it's good enough to be called 'Extra Virgin.' How many among us can actually taste the difference between Italian or Greek extra virgin olive oil?
  7. Do a bit of web research on Olive Oil. The results will surprise you. It appears that the majority of brands are NOT pure olive oil! They are mixed with other vegetable oils to reduce costs. This is even true of many of the major brands! Frankly, my palate isn't sophisticated enough to notice, so I find sticking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottled by 'Sabroso' to be fine for my needs. That said, I have been keeping an eye out for slutty Olive Oil. I figure I owe it to myself to try.
  8. The exact cost is irrelevant to me. If it cost $50 it would still be worth the peace of mind that the personal handling brings to me.
  9. If you had told me that one out of the past 20 years didn't get through, I'd be inclined to agree. But one out of 3 went missing? Thanks, but for an extra dollar or two for postage, I prefer to improve the odds with some special handling.
  10. I just received my Social Security 'Are you alive' letter in the mail today. I'll send it back on Monday via EMS so that there will be a tracking number on it. It's one letter that I definitely do NOT want to get lost!
  11. Thanks.
  12. Can you please post a Google Map reference for his clinic? I screwed up my knee in a tournament in Bangkok yesterday. Feels as if I've torn either a tendon or a ligament.
  13. Does this mean people will no longer be able to make their own Driver's Licenses and Passports?
  14. Video after video, each attacking the other, trying to rally support for their side... "... a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. " Could Shakespeare have had these two in mind when he wrote these words?
  15. This is the one that all the tour operators, package tour buses, and tuk-tuk drivers take their clients to. I've seen half a dozen tour buses in their parking lot at a time. You can be pretty sure of their pricing schedule.