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  1. TheWalkingMan


    hahaha... yeah.. you, me and a fair percentage of the male population. :D TheWalkingMan
  2. TheWalkingMan

    Breast Augmentation Specialist Sought

    hahahaha Just kidding. Your post made me laugh! Thanks, TheWalkingMan
  3. TheWalkingMan

    Mail Order Rip Off

    I had a problem with a paypal vendor for non-delivery of software. Paypal just washed their hands of the affair as it was a non-tangible asset, but I complained to, and provided documentation to my VISA company and after 2~3 months I got a refund! I was happy. But I was pissed at the vendor. I even called the sheriff in his home town. They told me to try elsewhere. Maybe you can go thru your VISA company directly. TheWalkingMan
  4. TheWalkingMan

    Pattaya Dodo Bird Bad Business Behavior Awards

    :D :D Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today TheWalkingMan
  5. TheWalkingMan

    Israel To Kick Out Asian Restaurant Workers

    :D I never knew that white people were not able to cook and serve as well as asians. TheWalkingMan
  6. TheWalkingMan

    It Was Bloody Cold In Surin This Morning

    hahaha, The rose was a nice touch. TheWalkingMan
  7. TheWalkingMan

    Gem Scam

    No where in that article did anyone say that this problem would be taken care of. Just.... take care when buying gems and don't pay too much This is really a crime and the crime is that this is going on in front of the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun and the Erawan shrine. We all know that every country has scams going on, but you would think that these places would be off limits for the scammers. Oh well, as long as there is some money to be made... TheWalkingMan
  8. :D :D :bah: I thought good sportsmanship was to be taught in grammar school. TheWalkingMan
  9. TheWalkingMan

    Hong Kong Airport

    8 Hours? Ouch. It is a nice spacious airport, but 8 hours is a little long. Depending on the time of day, you could take a trip into the city for some sightseeing or shopping. When heading for luggage pick-up there are usually some information girls about. Tell them the amount of time you have before your next flight and they should be able make some suggestions. If you miss the girls there, then once you pass through customs, there is an information desk and you can ask there. Additionally, the airport has a luggage storage area so you will not need to lug things around. I have done things like landing at 10~11pm, going into town and getting back for an 8am flight. Piece of cake! TheWalkingMan
  10. TheWalkingMan

    Intermittent Laptop Freezing

    Thanks for the suggestions! TheWalkingMan
  11. TheWalkingMan

    Japan Town In Sri Racha

    I do not think anyone has problem with people sticking together. People have a problem with being denied goods or services solely on not being a certain race. TheWalkingMan
  12. TheWalkingMan

    Intermittent Laptop Freezing

    Hi, I have a laptop problem and I am hoping for some guidance. After using the laptop for about 2 hours the light showing activity on the hard drive stays on and everything slows to a crawl or freezes. After 2~5 minutes it returns to normal operation. Then every 10 minutes or so the freezing process starts again. Once I restart, the machine acts normal for the next hour or 2 then repeats. About 10 days or so ago, my anti-virus was about to expire when this started. I use BitDefender. Anyway, I renewed BitDefender and this problem has continued. Also, shutting down can take 3~5 minutes. I am using XP Professional Thanks, TheWalkingMan
  13. TheWalkingMan

    Japan Town In Sri Racha

    What I have found is that most Japanese people that I have met individually are just as friendly/nice as the next person. However, and here is where the problem starts, when they start moving into an area in significant numbers... apartments, hotels, clubs will begin to hang out the "Japanese Only" sign. And that is what pisses some people off and accusations of racism begin to fly. A little story... Previously, I worked with a Japanese lady married to a Canadian. She was making reservations for a hotel in Bangkok and when the hotel heard her husband's name they said no falang. I think this was in 2002 or so and I do not remember the name of the hotel. Now, I don't know if it is the perception of these establishments that Japanese only want to associate with Japanese or if a someone whispered that it would be best to keep non-Japanese out. Anyway you slice it, it is racism in that people are not allowed to do something because they are not Japanese. TheWalkingMan
  14. TheWalkingMan

    Wearing Thai Gold

    Gees ,must have had a very poor background to think like that , Gees, must have had a very poor background in imagination to make a post like that RayRay (sorry, couldn't resist) Not really a very poor background, just relating a tidbit from my past. We did have hot and cold running water , but no Cable TV All I am saying is that when I was a youth riding through the areas of lesser affluence (the ghetto, hood or whatever the terms are today) I saw a lot of gold chains, bracelets and necklaces. And when in the more middle class areas it was rare to see something similar. TheWalkingMan
  15. TheWalkingMan

    Monkhood - Costs

    Agreed. I know one family which had a shindig for, I was told, 40k. These people are part of the sharecropper crowd and basically, IMHO, wanted to show "face" in the community. TheWalkingMan