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  1. Notice how all this is coming fast and furious after the latest election.
  2. TheWalkingMan

    Too many in prison for far too long: US attorney

    The very first reply to the topic and you have to play the race card. How quaint. I do not agree with mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders, but just where do you come off saying that the laws are racially biased? The law is the law and if you are caught selling crack on the corner, then you are charged with the crime. The law is color blind. Or is you problem with the fact that most drug offenders in jail today in the US are black? If that's the case, then your assertion is baseless. One of the issues with some drug laws, which appeared to be aimed at the African-American community, was the disparity in sentencing for those caught with cocaine vs those caught with crack. In the 80's the ratio was like 1 gram of crack was equal to 100 grams of cocaine with regards to allocated jail time. This was changed in 2011(?) to a ratio of 1 to 18. That 1 to 100 ratio made people sit back and say... this is essentially cocaine so why the huge difference. Some felt that because crack was used mainly in black areas and cocaine was not, it was confirmation of a racially biased law with 1 gram of something being given the same rate of something 100 times bigger.
  3. TheWalkingMan

    Too many in prison for far too long: US attorney

    I read that some municipalities have opened the prisons to private companies with a guaranteed occupancy rate of 90%. Any short fall is to be made up by the municipality. Horrible.