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  1. I read that a foreigner cannot lease land of more than 1 rai or 1600 square metres. Yet I read of people talking about their having land of 2, 3 or more rai. How is this possible without it being in the name of a legal wife. As I am interested in acquiring land of a reasonable size to have a house and nice garden. Can anyone enlighten me as to how they have legally done this.
  2. Waste of time and money. The taxi drivers will just turn them off the same as they do with their meters.
  3. Europe was not just a problem for the UK, but also seen as a problem by electors in Holland, Germany, France and Italy. The UK had it's turn to take the European Chair for 6 months. It was an opportunity May capitulated on and gave it up. A chance to look at and tackle the problems that are not working Europe wide. This is a challenge lost by May's appeasement. Like Chamberlain running to shake hands with Hitler. She could not wait to run and hold hands with Trump. She is not as strong a leader as some people make out.
  4. These questions are irrelevant. Deal with today's problems such as the 80% of new homes going to foreign investors and left empty for no real good reason other than a future assumed profit.
  5. I entirely agree with you. That is why many young people cannot rent or buy a home. 80% of new apartment blocks are being bought up by foreign investors keeping them empty to sell at a later date. Thus only 20% of new homes are going to those who need them. Although in that 20% ownership there is probably some British property speculators, which makes the total new ownership even less. Politician will maintain power by the promotion of policies they do not always intend to keep.
  6. If May was going to do what was in the best interest of the country she would have stuck to her belief and principles to remain. On the basis the referendum was only advisory. Not become a Tory tart with no principles, with only a lust for power.
  7. He was not a giant, but he met 2 giant cannibals in Chiang Mai who by all accounts wanted to eat him. He was so nice to them that they could not do it and they became Buddhists.
  8. This at least gives us a chance to get rid of the rump and tail of Thatcher's Nasty Party. The creation of the European idea was first done by Britain's greatest Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in 1947 in speech at Zurich University when he proposed a United States of Europe. May's actions have been nothing but a betrayal of all that Sir Winston Churchill stood for. In the 1950's he built millions of decent council homes for the heroes of WW ll. Thatcher sold them off. What have UK servicemen now got a charity called "Help for Heroes". It was the Labour and Conservatives who mishandled the free movement of labour and they had the nerve to blame Europe for interfering with us. France Germany and Italy all put a 6 or 7 year delay on the movement of east European nationals. The UK's politicians did not, this is why a Brexit referendum should never have happened. It only covered up their mistakes and errors. The continuous argument about unelected commissioners making all Europe's decisions is false. They are the civil service of the European Parliament. UK's civil service likewise does the same job in the UK and no-one ever criticizes them of interfering of making the Laws they work on. After all if you cross a may flower with a may fly. What do you get? Something twice as nasty. Anyone who thinks Theresa May is a strong leader is wrong. Originally she is alleged to have been a remainers, but chose to appease and support the Brexiteers of her party. Appeasement number 2, when the UK had the chair of Europe to take she appeased Europe by giving it up. Appeasement number 3, like Chamberlain running to shake hands with Hitler, she could not wait to run and hold hands with Trump. Of course Davis in her party campaigned that trade with be able all to carry on as normal. Now when questioned about what happens if there is no agreement on trade he says "I haven't a clue". This is not the way to run a country. When there was $4 to £ in the late 1940's billions of dollars were borrowed to rebuild the UK. It was finally paid off in 2006. There should be no austerity and no huge debt. What are our politicians doing with our money? You can't blame Europe for it.
  9. There must have been a lot of DNA there as well to prove and enlighten the world of its existence.
  10. The road had a steep camber at the nearside edge.It is not always possible with sensible shoes to avoid slipping on a wet road. On dark unlit road it is better to be like a Christmas tree than hit by a motor vehicle in the dark. Or are you too shy to be sensible.
  11. Helmets. Compulsory Yes! Once I went to get off my bike to cross a road after it had been raining. The bike slipped, I slipped and hit my head on the kerb, badly cutting my head. I ended up in hospital for 24 Hours and a bill for 1900 Baht. Lesson learnt, always a bike helmet now. At night I wear a thin Hiviz jacket, flashing light ankle straps and flashing warning light on the helmet as well as the bike lights. Like this the police wave me on through there road blocks and never stop me.
  12. Maybe he's homesick for his homeland.
  13. Brits do not lose their State Pension coming to Thailand. What Brits don't get here is the annual pension increase. Brit pensioners in Europe, The British Commonwealth and in the USA do get the annual increase. I was contemplating getting the 20 year Elite at 800,000 Baht. If they are upping this to 2,500,000 Baht. They can forget it. It is like the rip off prices of cab drivers or the Government pricing increases for National Parks. It has been officially stated that Brits are the largest number of visitors of any country to Thailand. As a result of this they think we are gullible. Thai in high numbers get a good education, but there is a difference between education and intelligence. They seem to think education is intelligence. I have seriously looked at the Ukraine as an alternative to Thailand. WHY? I can buy land and build on it freehold as long as it is not farmland. The price of land and buildings are cheaper, with a high quality. Food is cheaper than Thailand. A single bus ride anywhere is less than 10 Baht and you can go anywhere on a single Metro train journey for about 12 Baht if you buy the entry tokens in bulk (50 at a time). A season pass can make this cheaper. Road safety and road discipline is better. The rural roads are not as bad as Thailand's mud-tracks. There is none of the stupid nonsense of signing on every 90 days and endless laws against foreigners. Good culture and amazing buildings. The only downsides is the weather in winter and an uncertain situation with Russia, but overall there is less stress and worry as to whether you are doing anything wrong or not with their petty laws. So Thailand's education is slowly pricing itself out of business and that is not intelligent. Finally I would consider Laos or Vietnam after a bit of investigation.
  14. Thanks again Ubonjoe understood now.
  15. If your a rich Thai you can follow your mentor Thaksin to avoid the consequences.