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  1. How Prawit has succeeded where Prayut has failed

    "The UK ENglish is hard graft" "A grafter is someone who works hard" "Originally grafting was digging massive defensive earthworks" which takes it well back into English History. The earliest dates being mid 19Th Century. a grafter | WordReference Forum
  2. How Prawit has succeeded where Prayut has failed

    Wrong the origins of the word graft goes back beyond the medical use. Its use proceeds this in its use in farming as with grafting trees. Hence the meaning deriving to work hard. Quoting it as American English to mean corruption is in itself a corruption of the English Language.
  3. If found guilty the law also allows for him to be exacuted.
  4. Number 2 happened in 2011 and its been and gone. Your left with number one, so a civil war and a Thai republic is it not that far off?
  5. How Prawit has succeeded where Prayut has failed

    A very good comment from "The Nation" & "Thai Visa", but it would be better if they both understood English. The word GRAFT is an English word that means to WORK HARD. Does the ANTI-GRAFT of Thailand really mean ANTI-WORKING HARD? Therefore is it any wonder that the country is always in a mess, because they never understand what or know what they are talking about. They do talk about their level of education, but there is a big difference between education and intelligence.
  6. Thai police finally get their claws into trouble-making Brit Damon Wait

    Lets hope he gets busted for drugs in the UK before he gets the chance to come back. Lets hope Thailand bans him permanently.
  7. Its cheaper to pay the hospital bill for some people than for overpriced insurance because of your age. Even without any medical preconditions. Insurance companies want ALL PREMIUMS as profit never having to pay anything out. Insurance is probably cheaper in Thailand if you live here permanently.
  8. Welfare plan targets underground debts

    A good effort, with good intensions. Every country has its poor and ways to try and deal with it. Some better than others, so no-one on here should knock it.
  9. Many left before the Chinese arrived.
  10. That's only because they have run out of stories from Magaluf & Ibeza to write about. Still there is nothing like lying in The SUN where there is a hot climate. One party in Cambodia doesn't make all Brits everywhere a scurge in Thailand.
  11. It's official - Thai real estate bubble pops.

    Regardless of where you are in the world. The sensible equation is if you pay cash for the property: Purchase price = Yield % x number of total years to cover your initial costs. Whether you keep or sell after this depends on your business ambitions.
  12. Many of us have said the delay will go on & on & on....... Our hindsight being proven correct. Besides what do you expect from an encyclopaedia constitution that no-one can understand. If it needs re-writing, it needs doing in plain Thai that all people can understand. Not Lawyers contradictory legal jargon causing confusion.
  13. U.S. senator says FBI lost crucial texts tied to Clinton probe

    A point most are missing, is not Hilary Clinton associated texts, but the Trump Russian interference connection texts that have gone missing. Question: does it help get him off the hook from being impeached.
  14. moving to thailand

    Still you mean you can't get splinters from it. Besides it may be of the grass family, but it can turn into wood. Not straw. People the world over talk about Bamboo wood. They don't talk about it like as if it is Marijuana.
  15. elect charges go up and up

    To start with you need to check the number of units you use per unit cost over a couple of months. If you are able to use them. If the figures are not correct then you need to go the Electricity company's office and get it sorted out. If the figures are correct maybe it's time to think about buying solar power, taylored to the amount of electricity you use. You could think about changing your light bulbs to LEDs, if possible. that saves a lot of electrical energy.