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  1. There is no proof this situation exists. Otherwise Pryut would have had the excuse to close it down long ago.
  2. Prayut eyes declaration of all state officials’ assets

    There is no International Laws I was talking about. International Standards are the core principals that each individual country follows like those I mentioned. Is there in any harm for Thailand to aspire to this? Certainly not!
  3. Prayut eyes declaration of all state officials’ assets

    That is why he is seeking the advice of others. Pity you lack the English comprehension to completely what I have written.
  4. Prayut eyes declaration of all state officials’ assets

    Yes, but he can't stay there forever. At least he is doing something sensable for a change in trying to get advice to change it and bring Thailand in line with International standards.
  5. Colorado DJ's suit against Taylor Swift dismissed in groping trial

    I saw the photo it looked like Swift was groping the DJs ass as well. Six of one and half a dozen of the other.
  6. Prayut eyes declaration of all state officials’ assets

    Public officials in the USA, the UK and other Western European countries have to declare their investments and assets. It is also illegal for corporate leaders to indulge in bribery to secure major contracts. What the government is proposing probably does not go far enough.
  7. I know what it is like to study with the OU in the UK and the shear hard work you need to do to succeed, so well done to the grand lady. She deserves her most highest Royal recognition.
  8. Not unless they are Apache, Navajo, Cherokee or Sioux ect.
  9. Best way to get a work permit

    Many people are giving you sound advice on various issues. Yes there are many digital Nomads operating in Thailand, but they don't declare it because of the restrictions. The Government Labour Department knows about it and the basic employment laws have been in existance since 1979, so they are considering reviewing and changing it. In the meantime if your business widely visable on the internet. Then you shouild consider having your main business address outside of Thailand. In Germany if it is your home country. You will need your main bank account outside of Thailand to remit your living expenses to a Thai bank account. Many people do have their funds sent from outside Thailand to Thailand. It is generally seen as foreign currency coming in and not taxable income. Internationally most people don't consider using the internet as work, even though you can benefit finacially from it, so far I don't think anyone has been prosecuted for being a digital nomad. Many Tourists use their laptops, tablets and smart phones here, both short and long term tourists. The question is where is the dividing line between between business, tourism and social use of the internet? The vast use of smart phones, tablets and laptops is now too vast for any goverment to deal with. As previously mentioned your safest option would be the education visa route for 2 to 3 years. I give you this as an analysis to think about. You have to decide what risk you want to take and what is right for you. LIVE IN FEAR ALL YOUR LIFE YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING.
  10. PM Prayut denies court interference

    Defence or prosecution is only as good as the argument presented in a court of law. She is going to surprise a lot of people and win , because she is one very smart woman. Prayut only exist with the barrel of a gun not brains. He pre-empts too much. If she did lose it is now only a couple of years before she can stand for Parliament again. She will return one way or another.
  11. The effort made to arrest them. Was it because they were doing Thais out of a job?
  12. PM plans to question Yingluck supporters

    What a contradiction. When did the police or army step in when Suthep was doing just that violating others rights. Including insurrection organised against peoples rights to vote in a General Election.
  13. PM Prayut denies court interference

    If the court does clear her. The ban will have to be lifted. Unless Prayut gets his coup gun out and says no with his section 44.
  14. Drones

    If its a nuisence over your property, get a fishing rod out and try practice fishing it out of the air?
  15. Any flooding in Chiang Mai?

    Its what they bought the Submarines for, to drive through the floods. Nothing to do with the nations defence.