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  1. They were the only one I got a sensible reply from and details for shipping a car. This cost includes all the paper work and delivery to Chiang Mai.
  2. There is a well known saying "Mutton dressed as lamb". Enjoy your mutton.
  3. Exactly! Just like the people in the UK say <deleted>/You to terorists and carry on.
  4. Thais don't know what a life guard is, they're only soldiers.
  5. More likely ashamed if the whole village knows about her. Did 5000 men find out how ugly she was without all that makeup?
  6. Your English comprehension is seriously lacking in not understang what I wrote. The last time i visited Thailand for a couple of months I spent over 150,000 Baht. bought a new fridge freezer, a large new TV and Kitchen equipment. None of it was bought at Tesco. That is what they lost and their profit loss was more than what they owe d me. Try learning some maths as well!
  7. I have been quoted by ExessBaggage about £4500 from the UK on the bases of a shared container.
  8. If your using Numbers, symbols, Upper and lower case in a password it should be difficult yo crack. Having said that there are programs called "Grabbers" that can intercept and identify passwords and save them. If this is the case you need to trace them and have them prosecuted as an internet crime under Thai law. Alternatively (though inconvenient; a short holiday somewhere?) move your system somewhere out of its current range before resetting and changing the password. Finally it might mean changing to a different router.
  9. As someone from the UK I used to shop regularly at Tesco Lotus. I stop using them as they never ever paid me the discount coupons I was entitled to. Friends who also use them never always get the discounts. By not using them they lose more than what they owe me. Trying to find someone at customer service at Tesco who speaks English is impossible. At Big C there is usually at least 2 staff on duty who can. I now use Big C, Topps and Rimping. Eventually I will even get round to using Makro. If a business is crooked, don't use it!
  10. Do you live in a 1 house village in the middle of nowhere?
  11. Some high interest accounts at banks do and some higher than 6%. Savings rates can be higher than in Western countries. You have to do your own research. High interest preference share would be another viable option if it was allowed, so I would not say this was.
  12. Might be wise and cheaper to move back to UK for a short while and then ship to claim your 6 month window if it is possible in your circumstances. Or if you know some one that is coming to Thailand that is willing to ship your stuff in their name, whilst sharing the shipping cost. This would be another option, but they would need to know the details of your items in case customs wants answer on your items.
  13. Great post and topic. Next year I will likewise be bringing my engineering tools of a lifetime, garden tools, kitchen equipment and a kit car that has a doner car originally registered in 1972. I will be using the Shipper called Excess Baggage to ship to Chiang Mai as they double deck over a car with a frame and floor to maximise the use of the space. The varied advice given here has been very enlightening and useful. Cheers guys!
  14. The word I used was "IF" to make a philosophical point. Some people when they sell up in Western Countries do have this amount. Some even have half this amount that could do it over 2 years, which is what I expect to have to move to Thailand when I sell my apartment. Many people have houses of higher value, when sold that would allow them to do this. The biggest majority of those that move to Thailand do have assets as opposed to a minority who don't.
  15. If you have 25 million Baht or more you are able to tie up for a year in a high interest account. Then you will have at the end of a year 1.5 million Baht interest at 6%. Therefore making Thailand pay for your Visa, leaving you to do what ever you want with your own money. If you don't touch this interest it will eventually grow with compound interest to 3,000,000 Baht paid for by Thailand.