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  1. William C F Pierce

    What's your cheapest ever flight from UK to Thailand?

    The cheapest last year was just under £300 LHR to BKK. If You want the cheapest flights then you need to look and book exactly 7 weeks before you go flying out on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The Cheapest Airlines tend to be the Chinese airlines, because of the long stopovers (the total journey time can be 36 Hours if you really want it that cheap). Best Search Site tends to be SkyScanner as they don't jack the prices up if you go back to a previous search.
  2. William C F Pierce

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

  3. William C F Pierce

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    True, but every country has some real ugly ones including Thailand.
  4. William C F Pierce

    Don’t Blame Boys’ Coach: Thainet, Families, Officials

    it is not about saving face. You just cannot blame anyone for the weather. In life, accidental situation will always happen. If you answer me will you try to save your own face?
  5. William C F Pierce

    Billionaire Elon Musk Offers Help For Cave 13

    Yes, many Philanthropic offers coming in because it is a big news story that's worth its weight in cheap advertising. Everyone from Musk to FIFA with offers of free tickets to the World Cup Final. All these do good acts are offered without any real knowledge of Thailands weather. This is one situation where Thai Miltary expertise is best consulted. Yes, a double skin air tube could work, but if it got punctured anywhere over the long distance on a sharp rock edge, it could mean disaster.
  6. William C F Pierce

    Security guard blows loud whistle non stop, what can I do?

    They can still the job without a whistle. When I want to cross a road I put my hand up for the vehicles to stop or slow down and it works. I do give them enough time to do so. At a Diplomatic level, it would be wise to make an appointment to see the Bank Manager and raise the issue that the bank could be responsible for causing accidents like the one you saw the result of. Explain Hand Signals are just as effective as a whistle and offer to give him a demonstration.
  7. Seems like if an office is very busy they will give you 5 years. If they are not too busy they will make it 2 years to keep themselves in work and a job. This can happen with anything in any country, not just Thai Government Departments.
  8. Why should it be any different? Because the Government greed could turn into a tragedy at some future date.
  9. William C F Pierce

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    Of course there was one confirmed for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019..........etc.
  10. William C F Pierce

    AOT approves building second airports for Chiang Mai, Phuket

    The Taxi Style Mafia has been brought down to earth in CM because of Uber. Now there are signs at various points in the City stating the price for various distances. Most Song Taews have 30 Baht listed on the roof sides. What the taxies used to quote for a 2 kilometres journey was 200 Baht. ( I used to walk it). Now they only charge 60 Baht. Correct the RTAF will never move as it is near the King's Palace on top of the near Doi Suthep Mountain with a Helipad a few hundred metres from the palace. Their Royal Protection roll is guaranteed.
  11. Wrong, you clearly do not understand much about science and center of gravities to make it work with your nervous hands.
  12. We don't all live in Pattaya. Yet with all the same Supermarket chains all over Thailand I would think it would be at least possible to acquire the relevant breakfast items. Of course, I am not that lazy in the need to find a restaurant to do it for me every day.
  13. William C F Pierce

    More coral reefs in Thailand damaged by mass bleaching

    Maybe they should contact Thailand's great physisist and scientist Prayut Chan-o-cha who seems to know the answer to everything.
  14. Yes it would. Put a spirit level on the top centre of a football and it would still work.
  15. The Brit Breaky in Thailand is myth. I have never found any decent sausages for a start. They always have a thick plastic skin, which is liable to choke you if you try to swallow it. As for Heinz bake beans I gave up on those years ago, with its limp weak sauce. HP or Cross & Blackwell have a much stronger sauce and flavour. Your bacon is most likely to be German anyway, but stay away from the green & Pink shell eggs as the whites are grey and the yolks are black. The Brit Breaky here is a lookalike substitute nothing more.