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  1. Fugitive ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra seeks asylum in UK

    Not necessarilly. Political persecution is also grounds for asylum. Under military rule Thailand is not recognised at present as a democratic country, by other democratic countries. It is a very obscure situation, so anything could happen.
  2. By then Prayut Chan-o-cha should still be in power after the event, with a military coup charging him with graft for the billions of lost bahts. For his deriliction of duty.
  3. Prawit tells Yingluck to come out

    A bit like David Davis on Brexit!
  4. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    Every year since 2014 he says it will be next year. Now it will be 2 years, then 3 years, then 4years... . Looks like he's now got a calender with inflation built into it.
  5. The current laws on International Asylum were written in 1950, not agreements of centuries ago. Besides there is no UK media reports of her being there.
  6. Still not relevant!!! No-one should listen to him until he starts listening!!!
  7. The relevance has nothing to do with NK. Its about why should anyone listen to Putin, when he himself refrains from listening and does not stop acting illegally.
  8. For someone like Trump who hides his business dealings and tax affairs from America. When other Americans are more open about these things. Then it is safe to assume that Trump is an expert at hiding his dirt under his business and political carpet.
  9. 70 000 Illegal foreigners targeted

    What no Brits or Americans involved? Sounds like a real Land of Smiles, but don't tell the Thais as they might lose all that tea money to Cambodian businesses.
  10. Why should anyone listen to Putin? Did he listen to anyone over Crimea (a part of Ukraine) or East Ukraine? At the end of 2016 Russia announced details of the most powerful and advanced sniper rifle in the world. Capable of killing at a distance of 3 kilometres. I was in the Ukraine in March/April 2016, when it was reported on English Language TV that many Ukrainian Soldiers were being killed by sniper fire. Quite apart from the fact that Russian tanks illegally crossed the border into Ukraine. The Azon sea is bordered by Ukraine and Russia, so it is is obvious that Russia wants it as a large Naval Base all to itself, opening into the Black Sea which is governed by an international treaty. Vladivostok it's eastern naval port along with its Baltic naval port freeze over in winter. He needs to get out of Ukraine and Crimea before he expects anyone to listen to him.
  11. Prawit still won’t pin down election date

    This was only for a captive audience whilst in the USA. The content of this means an Option to delay, for another Option to Delay, for another option to delay ECT.
  12. Rimping has turkey again!

    Does this mean the inport ban on Turkeys is over. Or is it old stock of a few remaining Turkeys at high prices. I use to pay 650 Baht for 3Kg. Big birds use to cost as much as 3000 Baht. Buy big chicken instead.
  13. TESCO LOTUS Chiang Mai Online Shopping- unimpressed

    I use to use Tesco Lotus, but they never ever sent me me points over a number of years. Even when I complained I still did not receive them. Other friends of mine who use Tesco say they don't always get their points. It does not surprise me from that what some of you are saying Tesco (a British company) has joined the Thai Premier League of Corruption.
  14. 100,000 Marigolds for HM the Late King

    Planting marigolds from seeds is easy. Put in soil 1 centimetre deep and 100 centimetres apart. Keep lightly watered. Not complicated and no need for a big agro-science study. I look forward to seeing them in bloom in Chiang Mai.
  15. Fugitive ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra seeks asylum in UK

    Not where asylum is concerned. Under some cercumstances extradition can even be blocked to the USA from the UK.