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  1. Thai sex industry now worth 260 billion baht, say Thai media

    No you deduct it from the 260 billion.
  2. You have shown in detail that Thaland does not have an immigration policy. Its a probation policy where all foreigners are treated like criminals.
  3. If the Tsunami wipes out the Siam South. QUESTION: Would it mean Thaksin & Yinluck return in triumph to rule a New Lanna Kingdom in the North?
  4. Airport VAT refund "new rule".

    Some stores in shopping malls advertise no vat for tourist who show their passports, but having said that, I personally can't be bothered. Its not like the extortionate 20% VAT in the UK, which may have to be increased to pay for the Brexit.
  5. PM denies using Mae Hong Son trip for campaigning

    He's definately not campainging. He's just making good will visits to every major city inThailand before the General Election.
  6. Where do you get 30 quid from I only pay 5 quid each time for mine at Heathrow Airport Post office.
  7. Woman believed to be ex-PM Yingluck seen shopping in UK

    I agree, it's too early for an April Fools Joke.
  8. In many western countries political protests have to take place under the law with permission from the police. In western countries you would not be allowed to indulge in 6 months of insurrection. You would also get prosecuted for interferring in a general election. A General Election is the ultimate protest of a whole nation. The Junta has not secured peace, because they have failed to deal with this and legislate for better democracy, with their new constitution. They have failed to prevent undemocratic insurrection in the future. As a country Thailand has had more military coups than any other nation. True democracy will only come once Thailand has had it's own civil war.
  9. TM30's still causing issues ?

  10. Applying for multiple non-o in uk

    Try emailing the Hull consulate and their website seems to have more information than the Main Embassey in London. The Consul there is English and not Thai, which is probably why the information is a lot clearer to understand from there.
  11. (......which cannot be longer than 30-years.). If you have a Usufruct then your lease is for life, so their is no time limit on it other than your lifetime. The downside of this is you cannot sell if you need to. There is no reason why a new house owner would get a lease if he or she is a Foreigner, but a new Thai owner would automatically gain ownership of the land with the sale. The 50 year lease I believe was covered by a previous news item on ThaiVisa which I believe included both housing and business, but a further proposal made for a 99 year lease to make it more attractive for long term business inward investment. Read as many Real Estate sites as possible about ownership. Many have information regarding the land laws covering the different types of land ownership. Above all use a reliable lawyer the same as you would in your own country
  12. I need to print 100 pages!

    Reading all the above answers it seems like the average market rate for copying is 1 to 2 Baht. If buying a printer as a photocopyer means you don't need to use it with a printer, but may need to connect to one to set it up. If printing a lot over time then an EcoTank model is the cheapest option, which will give you over 4000 pages before refilling the ink tanks.
  13. best place to exchange british pounds for baht

    It depends where you are in Thailand. If your in Chiang Mai then the SK money shop on the corner of Charoen Prathet Road and Loi Krow Road always gives Half a Baht more than any Bank or booth. There it makes a big difference when changing small amounts of UK Pounds.
  14. I was making a comparative note. At the same time, this shows how little you know about Thai lease laws. At the end of 30 years you still have up to 1 year to sell your property. This does not happen in western countries. At the end of the lease you lose it if you don't renew it. So I do understand the differences between the 2. I doubt if you are aware of recent changes to a proposed 50 year lease. I have repeatedly read about Thai land laws over the last 12 years.
  15. He did not flee. He was away on political business and has as yet not returned. Though he now holds no political office. Learn some English comprehension. Learn what the act of fleeing means.