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  1. Tax changes for expats

    I don't think this is correct. If you return to Aus and would be classified as a tax resident again then you are taxed as such and have the tax free threshold applied pro rata depending on how far through the tax year you arrive back.
  2. Tax changes for expats

    I don't think so. You will remain non resident until you would meet the requirements for being a resident again.
  3. Tax changes for expats

    You can retain your property for up to 6 years as your principal place of residence even if you are not living in it and are non resident. After 6 years of income generation you will then pay CGT on the pro rata of time over six years based on the gain in value from when the property first started earning income.
  4. Tax changes for expats

    I understood that part of the assessment of whether you remain a tax resident in Australia once you 'leave' is how permanent a move you make i.e. if you take family with you and purchase property in your new home country. I could see a scenario where you are transient in a number of countries, having left Australia, to the extent that you're still considered tax resident in Australia. This is just my thoughts not fact.
  5. Any recommendations for Thai Language schools in Bangkok that are aimed at/suitable for expat kids? Children around 6-7 years of age already with a basic understanding of some Thai but want to do an intensive crash course during school holidays.
  6. Tax changes for expats

    Good article Tony, and good website - I'll read your blogs with interest. While not retired yet I'm already aware of the unfavourable implications of being a non resident when drawing an income in Aus (I'm currently non res). However, as a resident the implications in my case are also unfavourable as "worldwide income" is included as taxable income which means getting stung for tax on UK income (which isn't taxed in the UK as it's below my personal allowance level). Can't win either way!
  7. Tax changes for expats

    Nothing new here. If you're non res then the blanket rate applies to all income that is generated in Aus, for example rental income on a property in Aus that you kept after leaving the country for 2+ years thus becoming 'non res' for tax purposes.
  8. How about RC International School in Bangkok? This seems to be half the price of other international schools in BKK. Looking at it on Google maps it seems like it's almost an apartment block squeezed in amongst other condos so they may lack some of the facilities of the bigger schools but the price is much more compelling if the quality of the education is good.
  9. international / bi-lingual

    So really this is best for Thai speakers to improve English rather than English speakers to improve Thai. It seems like kings would struggle without the foundation in Thai
  10. international / bi-lingual

    Looking for the same suggestion. Kids are half Thai, early primary age, English is their main language but they speak and understand some Thai. This sounds silly but how Thai is the Thai portion of a bilingual school? Their current Thai ability is by no means equivalent to if they had been raised solely in Thai so while I'm keen to immerse them in some Thai when we move to BKK I'm concerned the bilingual school will be too much. Any thoughts or experiences. The Amnuay Silpa school looks ok.
  11. None of the check points I drove through in the last few days had any activity on the road by those tasked with manning the check points. All the action was under the roadside tent where I saw eating, tv watching, selfie taking, sleeping etc. What's their purpose and what are they enforcing?
  12. How to get the money in the Thai account to get the visa when you first need the visa to open the Thai bank account? Chicken and egg? Sent from my [device_name] using http://Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. As non resident do the progressive tax rates still apply, but without the allowances and deductions, or is a 15% rate applied to all income? I've seen both mentioned on different websites.
  14. So maybe my local allowances can be the local income and my overseas salary stays off the radar.
  15. Thanks. I'd be on a spouse visa, which will allow my company to get a work permit. All above board and legal. It's just with my salary still being off shore and being less than 180 days in country in 2017 I wasn't sure whether or would be liable for tax if it stays off shore.