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  1. When you've seen both clips, the one where the farang threatens the Thai man with a machete and then tries to run the Thai man over with his car, followed by the one above where the Thai man punches the farang, you can begin to understand the Thai man's rage. I don't understand why we farangs can't just accept that we are guests in this country and they do not always do things exactly like we do back home. I have lost count as to how many times some Thai person has cut me off while driving, or entered the main road from a side road without caring that I was already coming close on the main road and had to slow down to avoid hitting him. But, that is not reason enough to get totally mad and attack someone with either a machete or my car. Just yield and stay cool. This is their country and we farangs need to learn how to co-exist with the Thais. After watching both clips, I'm really not sure who was most at fault. But, I'm leaning toward believing the farang got what he deserved.
  2. No Guarantee Of 2018 Elections, Prawit Says

    I think that if you believe most/all Thai people do not like the current government, you would be wrong. From my observations, most Thais are happy to have peace and security. I don't think they really care who is governing, as long as they have enough money for their daily amount of rice and some gaeng or other food to go with it. They are not very demanding people, and are easily pleased. It seems like only the farangs living here are upset by not having elections soon. That's really none of our business!
  3. I want/need to stop smoking.

    I'm another person who successfully quit smoking with the help of Chantix. This medicine helps you to not think about smoking, more so than just loosing the urge. I had smoked for many years and was able to stop cold turkey with taking Chantix for two weeks. I have now stopped more than 10 years, feel great and never have the urge for a cigaret. I would swear by Chantix and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stop smoking.
  4. As has been already said above, this accident and sad death are mainly because Thais don't give a damn about the rules of driving. He didn't care that he was driving down the road on the wrong side. Everyone does it so what the heck? Also, the parents in the other vehicle didn't care about the safety of the child and didn't care to purchase a car seat to protect the infant. Sad on both accounts!
  5. What do you really like/ enjoy, living in Thailand?

    My favorite things about living in Thailand include: 1. The food. I love Thai food and all of it's flavors and varieties. 2. The weather. It may sometimes be very hot, but 9-10 months out of the year the weather is very enjoyable. I never need to worry about digging out my car from a bad snow storm, or clearing my driveway of ice and snow. Oh, how I don't miss that. 3. The cost of living here is low compared to home (USA). I feel like I can live like a king on my pensions and Social Security, much more so than I could if I still lived back in the USA. 4. Overall, Thai people are very nice and friendly. 5. Fantastic travel destinations within driving distances and at very reasonable prices. I can choose between mountains or beaches; it's all available in Thailand. 6. I live with my wife's family who are all very loving and caring of me. Makes me feel like a king! I love them all. They are so nice to me and very much appreciate everything I give and do for them. I feel like they are as close to me as my blood relatives.
  6. In defense of the US National Park Service, they make the warning signs small so that the overall scenery is not spoiled. Having large, hideous warning signs would certainly detract from the natural beauty of the park. The park is extremely large and there is no way that there would or could be enough park rangers to monitor every area of the park. So, the fact that she didn't break any rules because she didn't receive a warning from a park ranger is ridiculous. The National Park Service expects all visitors to respect the beauty, fragility, and uniqueness of the area without being constantly policed. But, as so many others have already commented, this group of Thais just chose to ignore the rules and disrespect the area, solely because they wanted to. They deserve a strong punishment, but, unfortunately, that will never happen and they'll continue to believe that it's ok to disregard rules as long as you're not caught.
  7. The roads won’t get safer on their own

    If the police only enforced two things, driving while intoxicated and speeding, I guarantee that road fatalities would drop dramatically. But, that takes more police officers and more equipment on the job to do the enforcement. That would be a big step in the right direction. But, I'm not holding my breath!
  8. Let's remember that this is Thailand and the official language of the country is Thai. So anything that the Thai's do to help us farangs should be appreciated. I think anyone with a little intelligence can look at the sign in Thai and see that the Thai spelling of neua is the same. So whether it's nua or neua, what's the difference. Most will most likely already know what the sign means. We should be a little appreciative of the fact that the Thai's try to translate their road signs into English to help us. So why do we complain so much. I just don't understand.
  9. Local food suggestions

    I agree with the suggestion to look at migrationology.com. Mark Wiens has many suggestions on his website. One great place to start is in Chinatown in the evening where many street vendors open up their stalls after 5:00pm right on the sidewalks offering anything and everything related to Thai food.
  10. I use white vinegar and dish washing soap (half and half) with a sponge and it takes the calcium/magnesium scum off very easily. I use it in my shower and bathroom sinks frequently without any problems. I don't see why it wouldn't work on a car.
  11. I think the Thai police should refrain from chasing cars with a small motor bike as shown in the picture. If they are going to chase vehicles, they should be given a properly equipped vehicle with blinking lights, siren and, best yet, four wheels.
  12. NLA has no plan to postpone election

    I don't understand why so many farangs are so concerned about when the election will be. Whenever the election is doesn't affect any of us. And, it appears that many Thais are happy with the status quo wrt the current government.
  13. Why does it take a special announcement by the DLT? This is something that should be done every day as standard operating procedure.
  14. Thailand's Roads

    I think it's also the fact that no one checks the work of a contractor when he's completed. If the specs for an asphalt road call for 3 inches of asphalt, nothing precludes the contractor from laying only 1 inch only but getting paid for 3 inches. Nobody checks the final work upon completion. They just simply say ok, thanks. I've watched many resurface jobs on local roads and it's sad to see the contractor do no proper preparation of the sub-surface and then to lay just one layer of asphalt. Wam, bam, thank you M'am!
  15. Here in Thailand, when someone gets married or becomes a monk, they usually have a dinner party with music and dancing girls. And every time I've seen dancing like this, with the same kind of pulsating music. It all seems very Thai to me and, I'm told, has been done for many, many years. It's not something that has just recently been copied from some farangs. It's a Thai version of a "tease." Let the girls flaunt their beauty and sexiness.