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  1. I think your chances of getting a tourist visa to the USA without being married are, as previously reported, closed to zero. But, I think your chances would be greatly increased if you were married to your girlfriend. Generally a tourist visa for your spouse is possible when you demonstrate that you are working in Thailand, thus showing that you have reason to come back to Thailand, with your wife. As you said, obtaining a spouse visa (K-3 or whatever it's called now) is a lengthy process and is more designed for someone returning with his wife to the US to live permanently. Getting the K-3 visa would then lead to a Green Card for long term stay. So it doesn't seem appropriate for a simple visit to see your parents.
  2. Thanks to all that have replied. BTW, my wife already has a US Social Security number from when she lived in the USA with her Green Card. I agree with the interpretation of the Thai-US tax treaty, Article 20, as stated by partington. I'll try to get a response from the benefits services group at the company providing the pension now to try to make the tax withholding issue clearer now, before I'm not around to help my wife.
  3. Thanks Lopburi3 for your prompt response and the link to the US-Thailand Tax Treaty. I have read Article 20 of the US-Thailand Tax Treaty and understand it to state that a Thai citizen residing in Thailand would only have to pay Thai taxes, not US taxes, on any pension income received from a US-based company. Are you aware of any tax lawyers in Thailand who can advise the correct interpretation of the US-Thailand Tax Treaty? I'm very concerned that my interpretation may not be correct. When my wife must submit the W-8BEN form after my death, I want to make sure, now, that she has the correct information to include in the form. If my interpretation is correct, it should mean that there is no withholdings taken on the pension payments since no tax payments would be required.
  4. I'm looking for any info that can be provided on US taxes to be paid on a pension my Thai wife will receive after I die. A little background first. I am a US citizen married to a Thai and we are living in Thailand. I currently receive a pension from a US company. After I die, my wife will continue receiving that pension until she dies. This arrangement is referred to as a "100% Joint and Survivor Pension". My question is about what amount of US taxes my wife will have to pay to the US Federal government on the pension amount she receives. As I understand the US Tax Code, a non-resident alien (such as my wife) must pay 30% tax on income she receives from a US company, unless there is a Tax Treaty between the US and Thailand that reduces that amount. I have heard, but haven't seen it in writing, that there is a Treaty between these two countries that limits taxes to be paid to the US by Thai citizens to 15%. Is there a TV member that has experience with this type of situation or knows about the US-Thai Tax Treaty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I always thought Thai had five different tones. Yet in the video, Miss Ao (or is it Oo?) mentions six. So I'm really lost now!!! I tell my wife frequently that all these words sound about the same. And she swears that there is so much difference between all of them. The two words I hate most in Thai are the words for near and far. In English they are complete opposites. Yet in Thai, their sound is practically identical to my ears. So when I ask my wife in English if some place is near or far, and she answers me in Thai, I might as well not have asked the question. Don't ya love it?
  6. FWIT, I just got TOT fiber installed into my home. I now have 30Mbps/15Mbps and pay 750 per month. TOT had already run fiber cable to within 380 meters of my home. Their plan was that they would provide 300 meters of fiber optic cable free and I would pay for the remaining 80 meters at 20 baht/meter, a total of 1,600 baht. They provided everything else, including a new modem/router and installation of the new cable into my house. I am very satisfied with the results and now have wi-fi also in and around the house.
  7. Hi Ron19, What you've shown in the aerial view above is actually the weekly market in Sam Chuk. So it is not the Suphanburi Immigration Office. You need to go south about 30+ kms. until you come to the city of Suphanburi. Then, just south of the Tesco Lotus on the west side of Route 340, you'll see the bridge that goes over Route 340. That road is Route 33. Go east over the bridge and the immigration office will be between 1-2 kms. east of the bridge overpass on the south side of the road. I just went there a few days ago to do my 90 days report and there are some temporary signs at the entrance with large arrows that direct you to the Immigration Office. Unfortunately, the signs are in Thai.
  8. Pgrahmm, can you please quote a source for this information? I can't find anything similar in any news outlet that I've researched. Everything I read still says that Michigan is not yet decided and that the popular vote is still in favor of HRC.
  9. In my opinion the US did elect the right person as President. Mr. Trump is a successful businessman and an outsider to the political system. I think that is exactly what the USA needs now after suffering so many years with "big government." I've reviewed his Initial 100 Days Plan and it makes very good sense. I expect that some of his campaign promises will be altered some when they become reality. He may not repeal Obamacare completely. But I expect he will make numerous improvements to the Affordable Care Act that will help the American people. So who should, in the end, care whether he repeals and replaces it, versus simply improving on it. Likewise, I expect the same with many of his other ideas. It is time for the American people to unite behind their new leader and give him a chance. If, in four years, he proves to be the wrong person for the position, then the democratic process will elect a different person. I'm personally hoping he stays for eight years as that would mean that he has done good for the country, and hopefully for the world.
  10. In my opinion a taxi would be much more convenient than a commercial tour as you can do as you please. On the other hand, a commercial tour probably can tell you more about what you are visiting. Up to you. Your best route out of Bangkok is probably the Don Muang Tollway on to Route 1, on to Route 32. These are pretty large streets with lots of lanes. Saturday should not have much traffic. Friday could have traffic, but in the morning you'll be heading in the opposite direction of most others. Likewise, returning in the afternoon.
  11. For those who haven't been there yet, I found the new Suphanburi Immigration Office today. It is on the south side of the road from Suphanburi to Pa Mok, Route 33. If you are travelling from Suphanburi east, toward Pa Mok, you'll see on the right side of the road a large, new subdivision called Pi Pi 9 (พีพี 9) and also will see the new Sahavit School on the right side, about 1 km from the bridge that passes over Hwy 340. After you pass these two places, take the next U-turn and head back toward Suphanburi. As you approach the Pi Pi 9 housing complex, you'll see some temporary signs saying "Suphanburi Immigration". Turn into the housing complex and follow the temporary signs which have arrows directing you to the new Immigration Office. It is located in a new, one-storey square building with a flat roof. Over the front door is a large sign that says Suphanburi Immigration. There is also a small parking lot next to the building. The building is actually in the back of the housing development. I hope these directions help those that haven't found the new office yet.
  12. Why don't they emphasize ride sharing. When I drive in traffic, almost every car around me has only one person in it. If three or four people got together to share a ride into Bangkok, that would eliminate a lot of cars each day. They do this back in the USA and it has worked very well to reduce the number of cars entering big cities. I also agree with those calling for higher parking fees within the city. If the BMA makes it very expensive for people to bring their cars into the city, more people will try using the MRT or BTS. I find it very sad that they spent a fortune to build the new purple line from Bang Yai in Nontaburi and after it opened last month, hardly anybody uses it.
  13. Thanks Yieldman for the information. Do you have any more specific info, such as off of what main street, near what specific landmark, anything that might help locate the place. I believe there are numerous Soi 9s in the city. Of course, I guess I could call their phone number and ask them for directions. Except that my Thai is not that great!
  14. Tutsiwarrior... the only documentation I needed was the notorized income letter from the embassy and my passport. There is also a form that you fill out at the MFA before you submit your documents. It's not a difficult process. It's just a little time consuming.
  15. Tutsiwarrior, your statement is correct. The affidavit from the US embassy regarding your monthly income from the USA must now have the signature of the Consul signing the letter verified and certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). I arrived at the Immigration Office in Ayutthaya without the stamp from the MFA and was told I couldn't complete my request for an extension of stay. I then had to drive to the MFA Office on Chaeng Wattana Road the next day to have the paper certified. It cost 400 baht and can be done in a few hours if you submit the paper and form before 11:00 am. They'll tell you to come back after 1:00 pm to get the stamped form. I actually had enough time to drive from Chaeng Wattana Road to the Ayutthaya Immigration Office that same day and had me extension of stay based on retirement approved before they closed the Immigration Office down for the day. I'm told that all immigration offices are now requiring the income affidavit issued by the US Embassy to be certified by the MFA.