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  1. What in the world did he have done for THB 300,000. Obviously a very expensive hospital. I had triple bypass surgery 2 years ago for less than 300,000. Of course, that was performed in a Thai government hospital. From the pictures, he looks like he's not the least bit worried about paying his bill.
  2. rickb

    Road accidents much higher than in 2017

    Why do they even keep reporting these figures each year? Obviously, the Thai people don't care and the government is doing nothing to improve the situation. As said so many times before, enforcement of speeding laws and drink driving laws with stiff penalties is the only way to improve these statistics. I personally think the problem is not just during the 7 deadly days of big holidays but is a problem all year long. It's a pity the government just doesn't want to do anything meaningful to fix this major problem.
  3. How can the teacher complain about THB 500,000 as a settlement. That's a lot less than what the compensation should be, IMO, for such a horrific accident, especially when the blame is 100% on the teacher. The poor young lady was doing everything correctly. It will be interesting to read how this incident resolves itself in the future. It will be a commentary on Thai police and Thailand's treatment of drivers who commit horrific crimes.
  4. Most civilized countries have stop signs where minor roads intersect with major roads forcing the drivers to stop and look before proceeding. I can't think of many places where I did see a stop sign at such intersections here in Thailand. And when there was a stop sign, I don't recall seeing anybody actually stop. Once again, nobody wants to obey sensible driving rules here in Thailand and the deaths associated with poor driving attests to that.
  5. rickb

    Chicken thread - Chesters v KFC v ha dow

    Chesters is good, IMO, because it serves grilled chicken, not deep fried like KFC. 5 Dao rotisserie chicken is pretty good also. But I don't like thier fried chicken I'd much rather eat grilled than the greasy fried chicken. And, KFC wins the cheapskate prize for giving the smallest amount of french fries with each order. No one compares favorably to McD's for french fries quantity.
  6. rickb

    Heading out of town? Take care out there.

    I just spent a few hours on some major roads in our province and was surprised to no police on the roads trying to enforce laws in order to keep people safe. No radar guns seen. No stops for breathalyzers. Nothing. On a secondary road, I did run across about 20 policemen all standing around checking if you've paid your car registration taxes and have the proper sticker on the window. Now that kind of checking should really keep down the death toll on these 7 days of the New Year holidays.
  7. I think this entire issue boils down to one thing, respect for Thai people. Where I come from (USA) you can park in front of any store without causing any problems. But, this is Thailand and Thai customs need to be understood and respected by visiting foreigners. Many times I've wanted to park in front of a Thai shop because there was space to park. But my wife has informed me that that is not respectful of the shop owner. As much as I didn't want to have to find a different place to park, I agreed to respect Thai customs. As many have already said, I think the OP would have had a better result if he smiled and asked politely if he could park a little in front of the lady's shop. I think he would have been surprised at the favorable response. If she denied his request, so what ... move on and forget about it. He should remember that we farangs are all guests in this country and what is normal back home isn't always normal here.
  8. Thailand already has pretty good laws in effect. What is urgently needed is increased and improved law enforcement and a raising of the penalties for offenders. I've already seen many accidents where someone speeds through a light that just changed to red and hits another vehicle or person going on the opposite green light. The fine for this is 400 baht. But if you smoke on Pattaya beach, it could be a 100,000 baht fine. Doesn't make any sense.
  9. rickb

    Driver’s licence health rules to become stricter

    According to The Nation newspaper, the government has been trying to develop a law forbidding epileptics from getting a driver's license since 2007 when there was a fatal road accident in Bangkok caused by an epileptic. So why would we expect something within a few more months to address this issue after the government has had a decade to develop something? My guess is that we'll see no changes and not hear anything more about epileptic drivers until there is another fatal accident caused by an epileptic driver. Pity!!!
  10. This type of behavior wouldn't be acceptable in the US. So why would they think they could get away with it in Thailand, or any other country. Total disrespect for their host country and its people.
  11. Miss Thailand certainly is pretty enough to have won. But, responding well in the Q & A period is also important. And her answer was not well thought out. Also, she called the Master of Ceremonies (MC) by his last name, Harvey, without a Mr. before. This sounded a little disrespectful to the MC, whose name is Steve Harvey. I think if she had called him Steve, she would have gotten away without it. Better yet, no need to call him anything. Just answer the question well. Too bad because I think this was Thailand's best chance to win in a long time.
  12. I believe the government explained the tax increase as a way of getting people to drink and smoke less. My son runs a local minimart and he is finding that all of his regular customers are drinking and smoking the same amount, but they are now buying the cheaper brands. That's why the makers of Krong Thip cigarettes, as well as other brands, have now introduced a smaller cigarette (7.1 mm) and are selling it for a lot less than the original cigarettes. And people are buying the cheaper ones. So the government's original intention, other than collecting more tax, didn't work.
  13. rickb

    5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    Once again, this carnage can be blamed on speed and careless drivers. Both of these causes can be significantly reduced if the government truly cared.
  14. I agree with 4MyEgo, especially with rigor mortis already setting in. It says the gf left for a few hours of selling at the market, just about enough time for rigor to begin setting in. So I think its quite possible the gf saw her boyfriend die, perhaps of a heart attack, and she was afraid to stay around. So off to the market! Sad story.
  15. While I understand the need to keep the sand and air at beaches clean by banning smoking, I think there is too much emphasis on this problem while unsafe driving everywhere in the country runs rampant without much care by the authorities. I think someone's priorities are backward.