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  1. Why does it take a special announcement by the DLT? This is something that should be done every day as standard operating procedure.
  2. I think it's also the fact that no one checks the work of a contractor when he's completed. If the specs for an asphalt road call for 3 inches of asphalt, nothing precludes the contractor from laying only 1 inch only but getting paid for 3 inches. Nobody checks the final work upon completion. They just simply say ok, thanks. I've watched many resurface jobs on local roads and it's sad to see the contractor do no proper preparation of the sub-surface and then to lay just one layer of asphalt. Wam, bam, thank you M'am!
  3. Here in Thailand, when someone gets married or becomes a monk, they usually have a dinner party with music and dancing girls. And every time I've seen dancing like this, with the same kind of pulsating music. It all seems very Thai to me and, I'm told, has been done for many, many years. It's not something that has just recently been copied from some farangs. It's a Thai version of a "tease." Let the girls flaunt their beauty and sexiness.
  4. Well done Pro May! With her very positive attitude and always wanting to smile (she says smiling relaxes her) she is a good role model for young Thai girls. And she's a darn good golfer.
  5. Yet another example of the total disregard for safety on construction sites in Thailand. Until the authorities strictly enforce safety, we'll continue to read about these types of accidents. Does someone have to die (again) before this problem is taken seriously?
  6. I used EMS the first time I received this questionnaire many years ago. Then it cost 600 baht. Now I send it regular registered mail for about 90 baht and have never had a problem.
  7. I agree with Usernames about Comey's notes. They were produced while on the job, not after he was fired. Therefore, they are federal property and Comey could(?) be guilty of leaking federal property.
  8. Jingthing, I don't disagree with you and I wasn't saying this was not a democratic vote. My only point was that the vote results may not represent the true feelings of all Puerto Ricans.
  9. While the majority of those that voted said they wanted statehood, with only 23% voter turnout, it's hard to believe this is truly the desire of the Puerto Rican people. Seems to me the boycott of the vote spoke louder than the actual vote results. So who really knows what the Puerto Rican people want?
  10. The OP doesn't make sense to me. The target to reduce emissions by 2020 must be referenced against something. Are they targeting to reduce the emissions by 7-10% of the 2015 emissions level? If so, then their reduction of 11% in 2015 is irrelevant. Also, the COP21 was signed in 2015, so how can Thailand take credit for reducing emissions in the year of the agreement, again unless the agreement references some other time as the reference point. Any improvement is good for the environment. Too bad the agreement didn't get significant reductions from major polluters like China and India.
  11. cns355, I agree with you if you're referring to the large bottles of drinking water that are used with water coolers. I was only thinking about the smaller bottles, such as 600 ml or 1,500 ml. But I would think that if they can make auto-seal caps for small bottles, they should be able to do the same with the larger caps also.
  12. 2.6 million cap seals out of 7 billion bottles of water just doesn't seem correct. Almost every bottle of water I've ever seen in Thailand has a cap seal. So I would expect the number of cap seals to be something much closer to 7 billion.
  13. Sure they have much bigger environmental issues. But every little bit helps! Every marathon run starts with the first step.
  14. The video by JF says it all. I never had any idea it was this bad every day. Thanks for sharing.
  15. This is a smart move and good for the environment. The bottles are already sealed with the cap. If someone breaks the cap seal, it would be obvious to the buyer and that bottle should not be purchased. As the article says, many water bottles already don't use the additional plastic seal.