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  1. In defense of the US National Park Service, they make the warning signs small so that the overall scenery is not spoiled. Having large, hideous warning signs would certainly detract from the natural beauty of the park. The park is extremely large and there is no way that there would or could be enough park rangers to monitor every area of the park. So, the fact that she didn't break any rules because she didn't receive a warning from a park ranger is ridiculous. The National Park Service expects all visitors to respect the beauty, fragility, and uniqueness of the area without being constantly policed. But, as so many others have already commented, this group of Thais just chose to ignore the rules and disrespect the area, solely because they wanted to. They deserve a strong punishment, but, unfortunately, that will never happen and they'll continue to believe that it's ok to disregard rules as long as you're not caught.
  2. The roads won’t get safer on their own

    If the police only enforced two things, driving while intoxicated and speeding, I guarantee that road fatalities would drop dramatically. But, that takes more police officers and more equipment on the job to do the enforcement. That would be a big step in the right direction. But, I'm not holding my breath!
  3. Let's remember that this is Thailand and the official language of the country is Thai. So anything that the Thai's do to help us farangs should be appreciated. I think anyone with a little intelligence can look at the sign in Thai and see that the Thai spelling of neua is the same. So whether it's nua or neua, what's the difference. Most will most likely already know what the sign means. We should be a little appreciative of the fact that the Thai's try to translate their road signs into English to help us. So why do we complain so much. I just don't understand.