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  1. be aware that VietJet don't accept any ID other than a passport for domestic flights in Thailand. Myself and colleagues flying down to Phuket on Friday offered Thai Driving licences and Thai Pink ID card but neither were accepted at check in - the check in person saying company policy is only to accept passports for 'foreigners'.
  2. Chiang Rai airport just now - Thai Smile check in staff accepted the pink ID card, but going through security they wouldn't accept either my pink ID card or my Thai Driving licence - and I hadn't got my main passport with me as it is in Bangkok getting a visa - but fortunately I'd got a second (unused) passport which they did accept. With the pink card, they read the back, and quote that its not accepted outside it's province of issue.....
  3. Reading v Man U

    also live for free on bugaboo tv - part of Ch 7 http://live.bugaboo.tv/live-streaming/290697/ฟุตบอลเอฟเอคัพ_2016_17_แมนฯยูไนเต็ดเรดดิ้ง.html
  4. Just a note on the Pink ID card for ID when flying domestic - a couple of weeks ago I was flying back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on Thai Airways, and the TG check in lady would not accept my pink ID card as a form of ID - saying that it was only valid for travel if you got some kind of endorsement from the immigration dept! I had used it to fly Bangkok > Chiang Mai without any problem. However she did accept my Thai driving licence as ID! At the other check points at the airport - going into airside, and when going through the gate to the plane, they did accept the pink card ... just to warn people.
  5. I've finally managed to register for the e-gates - all as mentioned here - the office is at the entrance to the premium lanes between the 2 main immigration areas the public use. Registration took about 15 mins - you fill in a couple of forms and provide ID of a Thai guarantor (in my case, my wife). They take your photo and fingerprints, and then send you on your way (on your own) to the e-gates, telling you it might or might not work this time! In my case, it did, and there was a helpful guy there to help out - so quickly, that I hardly registered what he did, but I think it was, scan the passport, enter flight no. and deposit the immigration form. Once inside the gate, you have your pic taken, and then fingerprint read - and hey presto, the gate opens and you are through! (got some funny looks from other people in the regular queues) - but obviosuly minus any stamps in passport or PR book.
  6. I would suggest you call the number - it's a friend who I'm posting on behalf of. She will want to see evidence it is yours though - just to be sure....
  7. ++Lost Bird++ Looking for the owner of this African grey parrot. The poor bird was found wandering at the Thai Health office in Soi Ngam Du Plee on Oct 7 afternoon. If you are the owner or know anyone who lost his/her pet bird, please call Wannapa 085 364 0973 (posting on behalf of a friend)
  8. I've just tried at Don Mueang airport - I have PR and am leaving on a flight to China. Even though they have e-gates here, you can't register to use them here - only at Suvarnabhumi, according to the staff (I went to a senior officer as the one on the desk said only Thais could use the e-gates). Once you've registered at BKK, you can use them at DMK. The officer did think that maybe in the future you'd be able to register at DMK, but didn't know when. So this is the second time I've unsuccessfully tried to register - the first time at BKK I had less than 6 months remaining on my re-entry/exit so they wouldn't let me.....
  9. I'd got a Gold+ subscription - seemed to be everything in Platinum, except for BBC Lifestyle - + BBC Entertainment add on, which came to THB1888.12 BeIn on top of this would have been an extra THB299 (totalling THB2187.12) So cheaper to go to the Platinum package, which is THB2155 (as previously stated) including all of the BeIn channels (not sure about BBC entertainment).
  10. I've just added the 4 BeIn channels to my True (cable) Package - helpfully they told me it would be cheaper to switch to Platinum from Gold+ with the BeIn a-la-carte. (which would have been an extra Bt299) The channels start on 2 August - first month is free - but the prices/package are only guaranteed for the first year (until Aug 2017).
  11. I had no luck with SCB (Chitlom branch) when I got my pink ID card and wanted to change my account records. They wouldn't even open another account using the new ID - so I gave up and closed my accounts with them and moved to Bangkok Bank (they didn't care and made no attempt to keep my business). I must say after holding an account with SCB for over 15 years I found them very unhelpful and unfriendly and Bangkok Bank are a lot more proactive at suggesting suitable accounts and even giving the mobile number of the staff to assist. Plus their branch at EmQuartier is super swish and closer to home.
  12. with minimum 6 months and also who has completed 6 months from the date of issue of the blue book. this seems to be a bit of a catch 22 for anyone in their first year of PR - you need to have completed at least 6 months from the date of issue of your blue book, but they won't do it if there is less than 6 months validity on your re-entry permit! (as I found out a few days ago when I tried to get it done)
  13. The Autochannel has worked fine for me so far. The staff guiding incoming passengers to the appropriate queue can take some convincing but Immigration place a small sticker in your passport to show them. The TM6 departure/arrival card still needs to be filled out but seems a bit redundant now. There is supposed to be someone collecting them but they don't read what you have written and the last time I arrived no one was there to collect the arrival card so I passed through then just threw it away. I agree there isn't much advantage at Suvarnabhumi but there can be some nasty queues at Don Muang and then it is definitely worthwhile. You can also register for the service on arrival at Suvarnabhumi which is what I did. The Immigration office is next to the Premium arrival counters. That is the area with a separate entrance (gold/yellow archway) in between the 2 main arrival halls. Registration took 30-40 mins. Thanks for this info - I have PR and tried to do this (get access to the e-gates/autochannel) today on arrival at Suvarnabhumi. However the officials said that they couldn't do it as I have less than 6 months remaining on my re-exit/entry permit! (it is due for renewal in August). I'm not sure why this should cause a problem - but it does - so be aware if you're trying to do it. This would be a great thing to have as with all of the stamps I fill up a 48 page passport usually in about 18-24 months - but I'm a little worried how you confirm your entries/exits if they aren't stamped in your passport? Obviously immigration will know, but to other embassies when you apply for visas, it might look a bit odd.
  14. I would recommend St. Andrews on Sukhumvit 71. I know lots of parents with kids who go there and all have great things to say about it and we're also moving our kids there this year (from a Thai school). They are expanding in the coming years too with a new campus on Sukhumvit Road itself for the high school.