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  1. Siamese Fighter Flagged For National Fish

    Cynic (realist). I could not comment as to your reason for making this post, but perhaps my parenthesis will allude to my opinion.
  2. Wildlife tourism...Soi 6 Pattaya.
  3. Don't think that would be a soap, more like "Reality TV".
  4. Good idea.....for I am sure we need more of this .......
  5. Do not play this on your phone etc whilst on the BTS. It involves all of the above. https://www.google.co.th/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=%23&ved=0ahUKEwiXl8nZotDXAhWLs48KHcW8ASQQ8TUIMzAB&usg=AOvVaw0VTJzWxrN8ZFOD4xbU2nov
  6. That is the answer support the NCPO it will cure all ills. A placebo (/pləˈsiːboʊ/ plə-SEE-boh; Latin placēbō, "I shall please" from placeō, "I please") is a substance or treatment with no active therapeutic effect. A placebo may be given to a person in order to deceive the recipient into thinking that it is an active treatment.
  7. I read that 95% of statistics are made up, and the other 53.567% are outright lies.
  8. New Guinea Flatworms Found in Chiang Mai

    Wish I had read your post before my evening meal, but, they were OK. Not great. But OK. Better than McD.
  9. Because "they" can, and when or ever will the people have a chance to choose another option
  10. Minsitry probes official’s role in hit-run case

    Ahem, sub committes, investigation officers etc etc Bluespunk, you may say that, but I suspect you are correct. Although I will not express a view, due to posting restrictions.
  11. Mekong sand-mining claims probed

    This may be to many a small news story, but it is a large issue. The current "Government" reeks of corruption
  12. I do read the stories and regretably I find very little to be positive about. Just a realist I suppose.
  13. Tourists enjoy sea of mist from Chiang Rai cliff

    Sincerly hope that any Norwegians there were well wrapped up.
  14. 5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    "Somporn Thammaen, 35, the mini-bus driver, fled the scene." Surely not, shocked I am, I tell you shocked!
  15. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    It's not often I congratulate the Junta, but I feel I must, well done your policies are bringing the results you aimed for.