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  1. When the last straw falls

    Aha, a short term "Crackdown", what a novel idea.
  2. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    Have a break, have Durian KitKat.
  3. ITD denies rumours Premchai is absconding

    I doubt very much that he is on the run. Run have you seen the size of him? Perhaps, on the waddle. Or may'be he has the runs, I understand that too much panther penis can cause that problem.
  4. Investigators seek more time to crack lottery case

    The rest of the world (well almost). Evidence...........Conclusion. Thailand. Conclusion..........Evidence.
  5. Does the same apply to the annual floods, sorry, I mean the wet season?
  6. Would have thought that most bureacrats or senior military officers brains would be perfect as donors. After all they are almost virtually unused, sort of "fresh out of the box"!
  7. I am not sure who, but these 2 remind of someone else.
  8. There must be a market here for specialist amulets? Of the "I will not get caught" or the "I have immunity" or the "Do you know who I am" variety. Aha, just checked Google, apparently there is such a market, cornered by one company, the major shareholders are "BIB", "Red Bull Boss" and someone going by the name of "Mr Toad of Toad Hall". Looks like I have missed out here, yet again!
  9. Strange thing for the Commander to say. An army chief saying "don't join the army". TIT I suppose.
  10. Oh how the mighty fall from grace, a saviour of the people to a puppet figurehead of the miltary. Sad. So many hopes. So few results.
  11. As with many stats produced, I think here will be full of crap tomorrow.
  12. My God this Govenor means business, he has given the bus operators a good "urge". What more enforcement could be needed?
  13. According to Aslef, the UK train drivers union, there are a total of 19,000 train drivers in the UK. The UK is the 17th largest rail network in the world with 17,732Km of track. Thailand is the 44th largest rail network in the world with 4.507Km of track. However according to the OP the SRT is in need of an additional 19,000 drivers!
  14. Well thanks to Uncle Tuu, Thailand has gone to 4.0. For without him, it would have been a drum message or a carrier pigeon...now they have letters. And we all know how good ThaiPost is.
  15. It is kept in a Rolex box, along with a copy of the GoogleRoadMap, a half eaten sandwich and a signed first edition of Animal Farm.