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  1. Your correct, politicians are banned from meeting together any gathering is illegal. But 40+ girls in a Go-Gò bar appears to be fine.......for now.
  2. Thats it, NO election needed, the people have spoken, all 87 of them. There are however two far more important numbers to consider 1(General) and 44 (Section). As I said the decision has been made.
  3. Go check the CCTV is working? Surely that is within the daily standing orders and part of the ongoing preventative maintenance program? OK sorry, I will leave now.....head down in shame.............
  4. Well that's me out of it then.
  5. Obviously these 50 sim card were for nefarious purposes, typical Cambodian. As for the other 346,950 these were clearly not involved in anything illegal (unless they were corrupted by the Chinese) as they will no doubt turn out to be of Thai origin.
  6. Shame, I only meet 1 out of the 3 criteria you identify. But re-reading your post, possibly 2. I have no money.
  7. Yeah, those extra 8 or 9 visits to immigration over a 10 year period to extend your stay are surely worth such a small amount of money :-)
  8. In comparason to my Non O, followed by 10 extensions of stay based on retirement, this does not seem particularly attractive. I fail to see which group it is aimed at?
  9. Mass arrests to follow?
  10. Excellent news, thanks for the info and thanks for all your hard work. Bloody well done!
  11. Actually there are. This is an extremely well managed reserve, at present there is small visitors centre next to the car park and toilets. A short walk away through well maintained ares (with all the trees labeled in Thai and English) there are several observation points to view the wetlands. The observation points have bird identification data (Thai/English) and vantage points with binoculars supplied by the park to get closer views. Rangers are on hand to assist at most points. Well worth a visit. Looking forward to further sypathetic development along the current lines.
  12. Think you may be correct, Tambon Nai Muang is around 33K+. But still sloppy reporting IMHO.