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  1. BigBadGeordie

    405 taxi drivers violated the law in October

    Correction......405 out of 10,058 taxis were caught!!! There thats better.
  2. BigBadGeordie

    Bangkok CyberTech District heralded as “game-changer”

    If you click the "Full story" link, there is lots more info. However, to save you time, here is a synopsis. New office space available in Punnawithi.
  3. All the negative comments about this initiative. I for one am pleased they are taking serious action in respect of this issue. Hmmm I could post much more, but the nurse has arrived with my medication.
  4. BigBadGeordie

    Urgent : Senate selection deadline decreed

    Goal Posts, what goal posts, we have not moved them, we just no longer have them in "our" version of the game. If in doubt, see Rule 44.
  5. Rose tinted glasses. Yeah OK, but it must have some bad points as well.
  6. BigBadGeordie

    Praram 2 hospital to sue press for defamation

    Are you sure about that?
  7. BigBadGeordie

    RTP website hacked - police scurry to rectify

    RTP first became aware of the problem when they noticed no new pictures of Big Joke had been uploaded to the site for 23 minutes.
  8. I understand that proposal is already under-consideration. Expect an announcement on 1 April 2019.
  9. BigBadGeordie

    Thailand 'seeks delay' in Asean Summit next year

    Uncle Tuu said, and we all know that is worth Jack shit.
  10. “Phoenix to be raised in five days” – says Surachate Hakparn. Maybe it was just a "Big Joke" when he said that on the 7th November.
  11. A company that can make a good ham & cheese toasted sandwich clearly has the skills and experience to build a high speed train network. Go CP, today a humble sandwich, tomorrow the world!