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  1. Obviously just nipped out for a pint.
  2. Too little, too late.
  3. Musical Chairs for the Minions.
  4. I do not believe that the advertising budget was Baht 129M for June alone, I think it was at least 6 times higher than that. BBG acknowledges, however, that I do not know the exact advertising budget of the PM’s Office. There you go, my post is as valid as the OP.
  5. "The Revenue Department is working to prosecute companies filing fraudulent tax invoices (as in thinking about setting up a committee to look into it) reminding that the crime comes with a maximum jail sentence of 20 years (^-50% if you plead guilty and then file an appeal whilst on bail awaiting a final verdict in 20/25 years time )and resolving to launch stringent action starting September (stringent, wow, sounds scarey. Starting September of 2560 using the Gregorian calander) "
  6. And he is out on bail after serving in excess of 2.5 minutes. So we can now expect the appeal process to run and run and run.
  7. Inspiring confidence in the democratic process.........NOT. ten·ta·tive ˈten(t)ədiv/ adjective not certain or fixed; provisional. "a tentative conclusion" synonyms:provisional, unconfirmed, penciled in, iffy, preliminary, to be confirmed, subject to confirmation; More done without confidence; hesitant. "he eventually tried a few tentative steps round his hospital room" synonyms:hesitant, uncertain, cautious, timid, hesitating, faltering, shaky, unsteady, halting;
  8. 1 down, many many many more to go.
  9. "Set up a committee". Problem solved. Image shows the results of the previous work done by the "Horse Design" committee.
  10. Well that is why they have been pushing "PromptPay" and a cashless society.
  11. I have to agree, Bangkok Airways is the best airline in the world, that operates flight to Samui.
  12. So wander into an Army camp and make a complaint about the, for example, Mayor of Pattaya or the Govenor of Bangkok, both appointed by the Junta. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms and cell doors. Bet they will even "ask" you to stay for 4/7 days to discuss the matter further. After which all misunderstandings will no doubt be cleared up.
  13. Post copied and forwarded to, well you know who, Uncle .....
  14. Yeah, right, of course it was.