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  1. F1, Tour de France and now Disney. So good to live in the centre of the universe.
  2. Excellent, I love a drop of sarcasm with my morning coffee.
  3. I was just planning to head out for lunch, but after reading this news, think I will stay in and monitor the news following his arrival at the police station. On the other hand, I'm hungry, anyone think I have time for a 5 course lunch, wine and a little nap before he turns up?
  4. Sorry to see you go, close the door on your way out, bye.
  5. I think (hope) this will run the due course Geordie. It appears that the family are not your "average" public. "The school management reportedly tried to talk the parents to keep the abused child at the school and agreed to refund them the 14,000 baht tuition fee, but did not mention the incident at the school. The parent said they rejected the deal offered by the management and vowed to press charges against those responsible for the alleged abuses of their daughter."
  6. "The four policemen later admitted that the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding as they thought the man, Mr Pamoke Rodtiang, was a foreigner and drunk." Which of course would have made the police officers actions acceptable? John 11:35
  7. The estimated population of Thailand is 68,289,759, looks like 8.28 million+ had a bit of a rough day! But in all seriousness, I take your point and despite my comment it remains valid.
  8. Unfair to idiots, I know a few, and on the whole, they are nice people.
  9. "Well I never saw that coming", said nobody.
  10. And of course: Option 6.
  11. Like attracts like. Or as they say in Thailand, "Same Same, but Different".
  12. "Songwit Sukprasert, 52, was arrested Saturday at his home in Hua Hin, a day after footage of him emerged challenging Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha and other top officials to duels in front of a police officer." Possibly the only sane one of the whole group!
  13. Pattaya taxis have meters? Never knew that, always thought box on the dash was a digital clock that needed re-setting!
  14. Also the following are prohibited: Sale of alcohol between 14:00 and17:00, also within 200 mtr of an educational establishment. Entertainment after XX hours ( dependent on location) Prostitution Not wearing a seat belt Not wearing a crash helmet Drving drunk Killing Policemen Human Trafficking Not....... Ad infinitum But it is all just bluff and bluster till it is enforced, without fear or favour. Which it will never be.
  15. Well it is damn good job he was not an African American, he would has been locked up in his home country years ago if we follow your logic!