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  1. OK, I know it is late, and, yes I am old, but I have no idea what this means?
  2. Further reports can be found on the "LadBible".
  3. BigBadGeordie

    Phuket employees join call for PM to sack TOT President

    Turkeys object to Christmas .
  4. BigBadGeordie

    Suphan Buri suspect cuts through police bars

    I don't think he actually disappeared, perhaps he simply escaped. But then again...
  5. Thailand 4.0. Try to keep up with events.
  6. Synopsis of the OP. Lots of people with loads of money/power/self importance, met in a nice location. Talked the good talk, about things they know nothing about. Had a nice lunch. Went home. Nothing changed. But hey, they feel good.
  7. "This fourth edition will specifically focus on harnessing the power of technology as a driver for sustainable growth." The fifth edition will specifically focus on harnessing the power of soap, water, disinfectant and hand washing as a driver for sustainable growth.
  8. BigBadGeordie

    NCPO finalises aid package for digital TV broadcasters

    Well it looks like the Junta has just ensured total support from the TV operators during their ongoing "campaign".
  9. BigBadGeordie

    EC to open for election inspectors applications in June

    I somehow suspect they will not be snowed under with eligible applicants.
  10. BigBadGeordie

    PM Office: Reforms To Show Results In 8 Months

    Free beer tomorrow.
  11. Police State? Take a look at these sections of the law:- Section 11 - Advance notice of public processions requires at least 6 clear days' written notice to be given to the police before most public processions, including details of the intended time and route, and giving the name and address of at least one person proposing to organise it; creates offences for the organisers of a procession if they do not give sufficient notice, or if the procession diverges from the notified time or route. Section 13 - Prohibiting public processions Chief Police Officer has the power to ban public processions up to three months by applying to local authority for a banning order which needs subsequent confirmation from the Home Secretary. Section 14 - Imposing conditions on public assemblies provides police the power to impose conditions on assemblies "to prevent serious public disorder, serious criminal damage or serious disruption to the life of the community". The conditions are limited to the specifying of: the number of people who may take part, the location of the assembly, and its maximum duration. Whilst I am no supporter of the draconian laws of the Junta, I feel the use of the phrase "Police State" in this instance is pure hyperbole. The above sections of law are from The Public Order Act 1986 of the United Kingdom.