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  1. She had a big bet on Red and left with all the winnings.
  2. Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

    This is the thin end of the wedge once the important jobs of "hand rolling cigarettes and Thai doll making" are opened up to foreigners the country is doomed. Lets hope they keep Paper Parasol making Thai only otherwise there could be another collapse of the Tiger Economies.
  3. Extradition documents ready to return Vorayuth to Thailand

    Errr right. Look at me right now, holding my breath, err not.
  4. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    I agree, all so called protests against, well anything, should be blocked, how else are the military to ensure they retain power.
  5. Model of Bangkok available for viewing

    Soon to be known as "Underwater World". Even though it is on the third floor.
  6. Sorrayuth makes bail pending appeal

    I know on TV it is fashionable to knock the Thai justice system, but just look at the onerous conditions attached to their release. They have to do 90 day reports! And cannot leave the country, I assume unless they have a re-entry permit already.
  7. So a Burmese man was electrocuted in Siam.
  8. Quest continues for details of Yingluck’s escape

    Well that would be refreshing!
  9. But actually doing nothing at all.
  10. Video: What amulet was she wearing?! Thai woman in miraculous escape 

    And underwear by St Michael.
  11. The ability to organise a P Up in a brewery appears to evade these people.
  12. 900 arrested in eastern crime sweep

    It is a well known form of typo, caused by fat fingers and small telephone keypads.
  13. Pattaya puts kibosh on ‘Bali Hai Market’ chatter

    Call for investors for "off plan" retail and real estate developments in Pattaya.........now there's a novelty.
  14. 900 arrested in eastern crime sweep

    Imagine if they worked 365! You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one. Aplogies to J Lennon
  15. NLA endorses new version of Entertainment Place Act

    Wel as today ends with a 'Y" I shall be partaking of several brews myself.