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  1. Dream comes true as man wins Bt264,000 lottery prize

    Cynic/realist up to you. I choose to believe it was divine intervention. Or, perhaps, the shape of the numbers (after applying powder) on the passing turtles shell. Or perhaps, none of the above.
  2. No <deleted>. Honest I am shocked
  3. BoT reports wide use of Prompt Pay

    Yes, I agree, that huge fee of 2Baht for transfers between 5,000 to 30,000 Baht must put a lot of people off using the service. As for the 10Baht fee for 100,000 to 300,000 Baht, pure extortion.
  4. Yeah dangerous lot that they are, probably deserve to be beaten to death! <deleted>!
  5. No actually it shows him, driving on the wrong side of the road, moving into the main carrageway, against the flow of traffic and driving straight into an oncoming car.
  6. Landowners Join Muralists To Keep Panther Art Alive

    I don't care, so deport me.
  7. Don Muang airport: Renovate and upgrade NOW!

    Well done Thai Rath for raising this issue, impartially at this time, surely just out of public interest. Just a few question, however; Don Muang is owned by whom? The 2 Billion Baht contract has been won by whom? The parking franchise is run by whom? The food/duty free franchise is run by whom? And at the time prior to Suvarnabhumi opening, who was in government? Please try harder Thai Rath.
  8. Now I actually do believe this crash, not an accident, was caused by brake failure. I travel this road on a regular basis, there are a multitude of signs "ENGAGE LOW GEAR NOW", but do they? Not often. As such they cook their brakes with this being the inevitable outcome.
  9. Khun Somchai Lotsaporn who recorded the event said, " It's all wrong, I have rooms for rent at only 100Baht an hour at my short time hotel". Adding "We also have hot/cold running ladyboys at good price." Finally, "These Farang spoil the image of Pattaya as a vorld crass (sic) family resort." Khum Lotsaporn was bot available for futher comment today as he was checking his JetSkis for damage.
  10. Thailand good. Myanmar bad. 4 legs good. 2 legs bad.
  11. Indian man and Thai woman arrested for multiple job scams

    I have nothing but pitty for this poor Thai lady who has obviously been led astray by the Indian gentleman. In fact I am pretty sure that the authorities will find that she knew nothing about his evil activities.
  12. Good idea, older people like a spot of camping, hunting and fishing. Not to mention speciality dining and collecting rare souvenirs.
  13. I susspect there are more than a few wanting to take a "head shot"!
  14. It appears these officials just cannot help themselves. Or, rather, cannot stop helping themselves.
  15. Mum said it's OK to go out to play, but have to be back when the street lights go on!
  16. And a lot of the women in Nana are not women. Warning. Some packages may contain nuts.
  17. Obviously not Thai nationals.
  18. 200 million baht worth of Ice seized in Hat Yai

    There is no way that there is 200M Baht of Ice in that PickUp. I pay 5 Baht a bag in my local shop. A full ice box is only 150Baht.
  19. Police general to be charged over lottery probe

    Has anyone watched the TV series "Counterpart", clearly the Pol Lt Gen lives on the other side.
  20. This is posted in the "News" section? The OED defines news as: "information not previously known to someone" "newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events." I suspect many, many people were aware of this a long long time ago.
  21. ‘Thai society needs dialogue between diverse groups’

    It's good to talk, but actions speak louder than words. Unfortunately, the pen is not always not mightier than the sword.
  22. Nong Nat latest: Has she come out as a lesbian?

    My aunt worked for British Gas, she is dead, she had 2 cats. I remember she used to smell like boiled cabbage. And in other news..........
  23. It is known in the business as the "Long Con" Only joking :-)
  24. Top of the vocal pops

    I take it General Happiness did not enter, shame, sure fire winner, writes all his own songs too.