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  1. BigBadGeordie

    Dutchman reported missing found safe and well in Pattaya

    I know that you cant polish a turd, but can you tarnish one? Answers on a Postcard please.
  2. BigBadGeordie

    PM calls for review of cybersecurity bill

    But this is an even better one!
  3. BigBadGeordie

    Leaders of Thai armed forces declare stance on politics

    Negative, negative, negative, that is all you say about the Thai military. How about some positive comments about them. To start the ball rolling, "nice haircuts". I am bald by the way. So my opinion is worth Jack.
  4. It has been over 8 years since I have been back to the UK. But seriously, are there lots of men from the Indian sub-continent getting married to Thai women there? Shocked, I tell you I am shocked this is happening. Roll on Brexit I say.
  5. BigBadGeordie

    Heavy rains forecast until Monday

    Sounds about right!
  6. BigBadGeordie

    Police arrest man after 11 year hunt for police killer

    It appears that the RTP have been asleep for 11 years!
  7. BigBadGeordie

    PM Prayut: Change of welfare card's name not political

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid!!
  8. BigBadGeordie

    When an eyebrow tattoo goes wrong

    But alas not, it turns out to be an advert for Romrawin Clinic!
  9. This sounds like a biggie to me. Next Netizens outraged. Big Joke called in. Uncle Tuu already getting changed in the phone box. To the Bat Cave Robin!
  10. BigBadGeordie

    ThaiBev pushes food business growth

    Here's innovation for you Thai Bev, make a decent beer!
  11. BigBadGeordie

    Prayuth Now Officially On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

    Fake Facebook profiles and VPN subscriptions increase in Thailand!
  12. BigBadGeordie

    Three escaped inmates recaptured in Chumphon

    They were all in a bar on Soi 8 Pattaya at the time!
  13. BigBadGeordie

    Gov directs problem-solving for agriculturists’ debts

    And if they don't have a pick up, how about taking their tractor, no tractor, just take their first born child!! Pfffff.
  14. BigBadGeordie

    Syrian, Egyptian arrested in Patong for overstay

    I OH, to be in Thaland now that Prayuths there And whoever wakes in Thailand sees, some morning, unaware, That the lowest values and the greatest thieves Round the brown envelope the sycophants arrive While the bird of freedon sings on the orchard bough, goodbye 5 Thaland— this is now! Apologies to Robert Browning.
  15. BigBadGeordie

    Three escaped inmates recaptured in Chumphon

    Well done the RTP, Army, Marines, Navy, Delta Force and the villager who heard the dog barking. Feeling safer already.
  16. BigBadGeordie

    Political party fundraising still banned: EC

    Excellent news, I have advised all my family that there is no need to pay income tax this year.
  17. It's not just the main metro areas, immigration are doing the rounds in Buriram today. 8 senior officers from Bangkok, here for 4 days.
  18. BigBadGeordie

    Two Pakistanis held for trafficking

    No not at all. And shame on you for thinking that.
  19. BigBadGeordie

    Probe into Phoenix salvage death sinks

    Sometimes, not often Wikipedia gets it right. To whitewash is a metaphor meaning "to gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data".[1]
  20. BigBadGeordie

    97 foreigners held in visa crackdown

    I agree with you, but you should know that the spaceship arrives every 30th Feb and returns them 11 hours earlier. So no need for a 90 day report
  21. On the bus, later, give them it now, we will never get the effers on the bus later. Or it will be, 1 mile, need a piss now.
  22. "Future Forward Party raised 20 million baht on Saturday alone, the first day it allowed member registrations. The party did not specify as of press time what it would do with the money it had already received." However a "Pie and Pea" supper has been planned. Also at a later date"hot pies" will be avaiable at the bar.
  23. BigBadGeordie

    341 people in Yala come down with measles

    What is the problem here, they are all muslims. ....................... Said nobody except the government.