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  1. Unkind to bowling balls.
  2. Gun-making prisoners to be given army jobs

    It is, IMHO, mportant to rehabilitate offenders. However, in this case, I fear the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
  3. Guide arrested for stepping on Temple of Dawn stupa

    This is indeed a perfect illustration of the policing priorities within the Kingdom.
  4. Pick-up sitting ban resurrected for New Year travel

    This is indicative of selective law enforcement in Thailand. If it is on the statute, enforce it 24/7/365. But oh no, lets enforce it (or not) at selective times of the year, in some areas, excluding rural areas. DPM Prawit and other government ministers want to know what has happened about the "ban" since last Songkran. Easy, absolutely nothing. Someone must be guilty of deriliction of duty, or is that regulation not being enforced, unless it involves "the other side?
  5. Post Timepiece Suspicion Discovery? Unless of course, you, or indeed anyone has a better offer?
  6. PM ‘open to all suggestions’ on political path

    Perhaps due to a previous back injury or old age resulting in a loss of flexability
  7. Well that's that sorted then, moving on swftly.
  8. I see no statement from the US Special Representative "thanking Thailand" within the OP. I do however see the old chestnut "according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s statement."
  9. This issue clearly effects national security and it would be no suprise to me at all if these pesky Lao foreigners are not linked to the "Red Shirts" and were planning to use the money to but WMD from Iraq. The election plans must be halted!
  10. And in next weeks news "Srisuwan Janya arrested and to be held for 7 days at an undisclosed location."
  11. Fears of election delay amid law amendment proposals

    Hidden agenda, I believe the intention and agenda is clearly visible.
  12. Another degree to add to many others including a Doctorate in Horology, no doubt.
  13. Not the first, and I doubt the last, fight over a Thai pussy.
  14. Well I don't think they will serve much time as Laota is 78 and his wife is 68. However, given that their son, Wicharn is 452, I could be wrong! As for Baramee, 39, well he could be in jail for a long long time.
  15. I hope you are correct, but time will tell. History should be our guide "Phuket Govenor transferred" or even more regrattably "Government Official falls from balcony/has car crash etc". I hope I am wrong, but it appears there are too many people milking the cash cow that is Phuket.
  16. Lao nationals arrested crossing border with Bt98m

    Along with many other crimes, dependent on your connections of course.
  17. Surin Beach seawall will go ahead, vows MaAnn

    Never let facts get in the way of a big brown envelope.
  18. You are correct. Here in the small village I live in, Buriram Province, all the younger generation are off travelling the length and breadth of the country, many also abroad, sunning themselves and having a jolly good time. They return, maybe, once or twice a year, songkran or new year. They leave their children in the village, in the care of grandparents who spend their days doing nothing, except growing rice, sugar, rubber, taking care of vegetable plots, fishing, herding cattle, making silk, collecting wood to make charcoal, doing household chores and generally having a jolly good time also. I am sure many of them are related to the British royal family as they also appear not to carry cash other than small change. They have shunned the material things in life, many refuse to have a TV or a car. Many only eat fresh food, choosing not to have a refrigerator. They appear to dislike air conditioners and hot showers. I am so pleased poverty has been erradicated here.
  19. Commerce clarifies Thai exports blocked by US

    " the blocking of 11 Thai goods which they say contain pollutants exceeding the specified level, was a regular occurrence." Oh well that's OK then, not a one off, happens regularly. Makes me feel much better about Thai food safety standards.
  20. Monks got wood! Only to be expected I suppose.
  21. Walk into any government office and just have a look at what they are running! Physician heal thyself.
  22. NACC chief urged to recuse himself in Prawit probe

  23. Thailand experiences jobless recovery

    This story was brought to you by the Thai Department of Stealth and Total Obscurity. They also produce tourist arrival and expediture stats. Or it could just be total bo**ocks. I opt for the later option.
  24. "the pair's insurance claim had been rejected as Mr William's Australian motorcycle licence had lapsed." No further comment needed.