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  1. Just finished Why Buddhism is True (about five pounds for the Kindle version) by Robert Wright, brought to my attention by camerata - best fiver I've ever spent!
  2. Not a very well thought out response considering the wording of the topic - 'comprehension needs attention, must try harder'.
  3. Video: Why it's a dog's life being a cop in Thailand!

    Sadly, rather than a force or a service, the advent of the junta seems to have left them floundering as armed and uniformed professional witnesses and tea-money collectors, bereft of even their traditional role of official conciliatory body.
  4. While we're on the subject; the 'Thai' looks Chinese to me, and a gold-shop owner, gotta be!
  5. Sure, if that republic does, in fact allow the population, truly represented, as a whole to dictate their direction but according to the World Bank, in the Republic of Congo for example, nearly half the population lives in poverty despite the country being one of Africa's main oil producers. You can name a system anything; what really counts is whether or not that system truly represents the way in which the majority of the citizens wish to be governed; corruption being the main obstacle in delivering such a system including the corruption of indoctrination and preventing or discouraging children from obtaining a good education. There's also, I believe, something in the saying, 'the people get the government they deserve'; if, for example, the Thai people accept the money they're offered (vote buying) at election time, they are condoning a corrupt system. I suppose any system can work as in being satisfactory to the majority if, as a system, it satisfies the 'general will' of the majority of the people (as in Rousseau's theory) and is reasonable and not corrupt. One aspect of that theory as I remember it and to some a sticking point, was that everyone if they wished to live in that society was compelled to conform to its edicts as in one's rights under the system carried with them responsibilities.
  6. IMV your posts on this topic betray your inexperience but we all have to learn. I was wrong about one thing, I admit and I'm sorry for that; I called the chappie a shmuck, the correct spelling is schmuck. Nobody's perfect.