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  1. tgeezer

    Health Insurance

    I used to have BUPA but decided that since the cost just increased annually I didn’t feel that I was a ‘member’ because no consideration was given for the 30 years of paying without claiming. I discontinued it when I got to sixty, and the cost increased to about 1000GBP, but that did include repatriation which I don’t think that I need, that was thirteen years ago, it would have been money wasted I am pleased to report and ‘touch wood’. I have asked a Thai friend to research it because there was talk of health insurance being required of visitors so it is likely that someone has obtained it in Thailand. Thanks for the reply. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  2. tgeezer

    Health Insurance

    In answering a post it occurs to me that there is another thing worth considering when splitting the year between your home country and Thailand. I have been offered insurance for my stay costing about 400 GBP this year that includes repatriation and medical cover in the millions, a rise of over one hundred CBP over last year. Does anyone know of any better deals from a Thai based insurance company? Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. I had to do visa runs once when I was under fifty and took a year off work, I flew to Singapore once and took the train to Pedang Besa once, it had to be done but I would rather it was not necessary. If a chap has attained the magic age of fifty there is no need for it anymore but I understand why some people might not want to tie up cash in excess of requirements if they can avoid it. I haven’t got my bank books with me but it seemed that I make more interest in Thailand, the latest I was offered for a fixed deposit in UK was 0.55%! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  4. Black is bad white is good in the English language. Hard luck on black Americans if they can’t understand the concept of context. Saying “White as white” got a policeman suspended and under investigation in UK. The minorities have us all feeling as though we are walking on eggshells at the moment, racist is such a misapplied term that it has lost its meaning for me.
  5. tgeezer

    Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    Oh crickey, are they both ladyboys? So in that case I thnk that it is a perfect example of หุ่นไม่ให้แต่ใจรัก which I missed because I saw a woman. I was forced to 'ting to mut' as I often do when I don't have anybody to put me straight so thanks for that. This is why I value having a native speaker on hand as you have and I shall have when I get back to Bangkok for the winter. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  6. The poster did ask for the easiest way to stay for six months. I am recommending my way of doing that, it's ' horses for courses' and he needs all the information that he can get. He might need to know what your method entails because 90 days is not six months is it? Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. tgeezer

    Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    I retract what I said about substituting money income size etc. for หุ่น because the value of a saying like หุ่นไม่ให้แต่ใจรัก is that หุ่น and ใจ are aspects of the same subject. I think that in the case of the picture it is anybody's guess what the elder woman is keen on but which her หุ่น prevents. Is it agility in fighting or attractiveness, ability to wear sexy shorts or something deeper? I think that in 'Mutton dressed as lamb' she would need to be dressed inappropriately for her age, I don't see that. The ladyboy example is very good because หุ่น for her is deeper and cannot be determined from observation. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  8. I suppose that the basis for all the fiddling around with visa runs, multientry visas rtc. is to avoid the financial implications of getting extensions based on retirement. If you can afford or are prepared to show a balance in a bank acount of 800,000 Bt for three months before extending then the 'retirement route' was designd for you. 1. Non-Imm visa from home country. 2. Permission to stay for 90 days on landing. 3. Before 90 days has past, apply at Immigration for an extension of stay for one year. (counts as a 90 day report.) 4. Obtain a re-entry permit or multiple re-entry permits (same visit to Immigration) 5. Go and come as you please during the validity of your extension provided for by your re-entry permit/s. 6. Renew your extension annually and obtain re-entry permits as required in subsequent years with the addtional requirement of making a 90 day report which can be done by mail or coordinated with your visit to Immigration. I have been doing this in Bangkok since 2005. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Shouldn't be a problem. I don't think that airlines brief their staff to refuse boarding to passengers whose paperwork shows that they are unlikely to be denied landing. Interesting name Chaiyapoon. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  10. tgeezer

    Typhoon Mangkhut = Typhoon Mangosteen?

    Nice to see the Thai langauge getting some recognition. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  11. I stay from mid Oct to mid March using ‘retirement’ as the reason. I am ‘single’ so only 800,000 Bt needed as proof of funds. I have always assumed that if using ‘marriage’ as the reason one needed to be married to a Thai and wonder what the requirements are in the case of a retired couple. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  12. tgeezer

    Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    Hello bannork, I have found a useful tool in Google translate where as you enter the phrase it translates simultaneously. It is quite interesing because it seems to show how words have come to mean what they do. หุ่นไม่ gives : not a puppet>หุ่นไม่ให้ : do not give >หุ่นไม่ให้แต่ใจรัก: I do not love. So it appears to treat แต่ as a preposition because หุ่นไม่ให้ใจรัก : I do not mind. This is where I think context is important because if I were to ask a native speaker they are likely to shrug their shoulders and say "forget it" but we know that we have to try to understand what people mean so want to see if we can work something out. So as suggested, แต่ is treated as a conjunction. In this case you have provided a picture and explained the meaning which I take to be comparing the หุ่น of the elder lady with the หุ่น of the younger woman and what they each are able to wear. The older woman by fighting the younder puts herself in the same class as the younger woman but she clearly isn't. Mutton dressed as lamb works as far as dress only is concerned but the dominant feature here appears to me to be a 'cat fight' but, hey ho! Oh, Google asked if I meant หุ่นไม่ให่แต่ใจรัก from Amazon? I got nothing when I clicked it. Perhaps in that context it was a review of a dress which had to be returned. "I liked it but it doesn't fit my body shape." (too small). If that is the syntax beng used than I guess that other factors apart from อายุ might be understood; ขนาด ทรัพย์(ติดตัว) รายได้ ร่างกาย for example. I know that I "tink too mut" but it's this or dig the garden! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  13. tgeezer

    Can you translate this please

    It appears to be a certificate issued by the Department of Business Development recording the registration of a company which is a partnership called Thai Safe pack import-Export Co. Ltd. dated and sealed on 8th May 2550 (2007) , at the Registration of Partnerships Office, Chonburi. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  14. tgeezer


    The words are: Things which it is too much of 'with-the-result' will be annoying completely other than money. I think it means that too much money can never be a bad thing. The smiley/emoji # caption not serious or don't care. It appears to be a wink. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  15. Thanks for the correction but I don't think that it matters to many people. I came to the conclusion early on that phonetics was for linguists and would involve more study plus another keyboard so other than as a memory aid, I didn't bother with it. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect