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  1. tgeezer

    Meaning of "แต่เด็กเลย"

    I googled it and found videos of children, หัดอมแต่เด็กเลย หล่อแต่เด็กเลย พริ่วแด่เด็กเลย so it appears to say as a child. add นะ and perhaps it asks for agreement. The implication being that it forecasts future characteristics. If an adult กล่อแต่เด็กเลย do you think that "he has been handsome since childhood" would adequately translate it? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. tgeezer

    Walk around

    According to my book ช is weak vocal cord vibration and with a puff of air (เสียงหนัก ) whereas จ is the same but no puff of air (เสียงเบา) ฉ is in the same group as both ช and จ but has neither a puff or a non puff! But all three are said to be ระเบิด (ให้ลมพุงออกมารวดเร็ว) there are 8 more consonants in this group! I can read pretty well and it makes no sense whatsoever to me. How for example do you make a low tone with a consonant which is ไม่ก้อง eg. ต เต่า without going strong vibration of the vocal cords(ก้อง)? I think that the answer is that you don’t. I am sure that we have all been criticised for our production of consonants and vowels and been unable to see where we are going wrong. Do you think that it is because every word is unique and in spite of ต being ไม่ก้อง when it appears with a vowel which let’s face it is produced by the same vocal cords and the tone is low the damned consonant actually becomes ก้อง? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  3. tgeezer

    Thai L1 interference with removal of pronoun?

    What is L1? ขอให้คุณมี... would be my translation of ‘Have a good... ‘ I prefer ขออวยพรครับ which means I wish for you all you wish for yourself, I think. I hate change ‘Good day’ > ‘Have a good day’ ‘How are you’ >How are you today’ Thai is suffering in the same way. สวัสดีวันจันทร์ ! สวัสดีตอนเช้า ! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect Sorry I didn’t realise that this has been discussed at some length already, it didn’t show until after I posted.
  4. tgeezer

    Best dictionaries

    I think that you probably are ready for a Thai dictionary, it is never too early to use one if you intend to study Thai. However if not and most people don’t, there is never any need for a Thai dictionary, Thais learn the meaning of Thai as much from English as they do from everyday speech and so can you. If you find popular books they are often translations and the Thai syntax used has influenced Thai very greatly so a Thai dictionary will only confuse you as it has me. The other day I couldn’t work out what จนไม่มีในที่สุด meant until I realised that it was English “in the end”! That could never have been the meaning where I encountered if I relied on the RID because จน, จนถึง, จนกระทั่ง etc. says it all and ‘in the end’ is redundant. The presence of ‘in the end’ says translation to me but I could be wrong, it could now be ‘standard Thai’. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect