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  1. Dash cam evidence is a strange thing for a poiceman to question, perhaps in this case the truck was untouchable. Friends believe that trucks are able to drive on Bangkok streets during the day time because the companies pay off the police, so it is possible that the policeman needs some pretext not to prosecute in this case. The truck appeared to swerve into the correct lane in front of the white car for a short period in order to show the white car that he was wrong to have impeded the trucks progress, normal behaviour of some drivers all over the world.
  2. So taking the whole exchange, อยากไปนั่งรับลมทะเลกะใครสักคน he makes a plea for someone to go with him. This girl offers ไปด้วยยยยยย He says he has some one to go with him. น้องสาวพี่ขอมาก้อนะ She doesn't like it เอ้าาาาาใจร้าย So why did he say ใครสักคน if he already had someone ? Even allowing for Facebook it doesn't make sense to me. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Tell me straight, what you want for us. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  4. ค่อยไป but ไม่พา How doyou see 'but' ? go (in some way) but not take(someone) is what I think. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. I don't think there is any point in 'pinning down' in English the meaning of any words because you can often find a word in a context where the English doesn't make sense. There need not be any difference between ใจ จิตใจ . You probably know heart and mind but better than that, where you find them, interpret them. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  6. You are asking to come, ค่อยไป means to go after doing something else. so maybe it means, I will go in my own time, not take you. Could that mean that since she is pleading she can make her own way there? She is not the special person for whom he would go out of his way to take. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. How would anybody here know any better than the Thai Embassy ? I have never been asked to show any cash and I have been visiting Thailand legitimately for over thirty years. if you think that there is no reason that an officer at the airport would want to find a reason to make things difficult for you then take 10000 Bt. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  8. I thought so. Thai put the adjective after the noun but Sandscrit seems to do the opposite so what to call this 'new invention? ยานอากาศ conveyance air, but both words are Sandscrit so 'air conveyance' อากาศยาน is correct. สุวรรณถูมิ is Sandscrit too but a 'proper noun' so the official name is as on the sign 'Port aircraft Suwanapum'. Thai for aeroplane เครื่องบิน device fly, and for airfield สนามบิน field fly. That would appear to make the generic name for devices which fly is อากาศยาน . I don't know how balloons and airships were handled linguistically but from the definition of เครื่อง I see that a glider is เครื่องร่อน . Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Good stories, I learned some new uses for a few words from yours bannork. I feeel that Swampy is of farang origin and always assumed that it was adopted because the land was a ​swamp and Suwannaphum was too long a word. More etymology than that I wouldn't venture. I am not quite so cynical toward Thai culture as you two. Has anyone looked up the name on the actual airport building I thought think the sign reads ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูทิ port aeroplane Suwannapum. When the topic was reactivated and I read what I wrote I thought that I had it wrong but since reference to Google I see both itterations for airport. Also other airports even squeeze สนามบิน in as well, which seems completely redundant. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  10. I ask friends because they are native Thai and there is a chance that they may understand or be able to guess, in the same way that I have guessed a little. Actually there are people here who know Isaan Thai and I was hoping to encourage them to have a go. Incidentally don't you agree that it is odd that your girlfriend writes to you in Thai? Does she not know that you can't understand Thai. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  11. I generally annoy friends when I ask about posts like this which they consider is in language which I shouldn't bother with. The non standard and the fact that it is written by a 'girlfriend' means that it is probably in Northern dialect. So going against their advise; The first word บ่อ is a noun in Thai, it could be the subject or a misspelling of บ่ = ไม่ ขอโทษ excuse, "no need to apologise" . Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  12. Maybe not ได้เลย ได้ is not a 'doing' verb. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Exactly in accordance with the RID กินเลย > ไปเลย don't delay, go. Taking off your boots would delay you in what you need. I thought of เข้าเลย but I feel that the answer usually takes the verb from the question. How is wearing shoes said? การใส่รองเท้า เข้าได้ไหม is a mouthful so ใส่รองเท้า would work wouldn't it? I feel that the reply might be ได้ or ได้เลย in that case. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. เฟส was an aside, being an English noun it is asking a lot of Google but เคลื่อนไหว is a different story. The point is that when I read that I know that it means: "I am about to unfriend people who don't interact with me, hit like, if you don't want to be deleted. Thank you. Now backtranslating I start out : เดี๋ยวจะ unfriend คนที่ไม่ now I am stuck if I don't know มีการเคลื่อนไหวกัน I would probably say เต็นรำคับผม . Do people who, like Google, have thousands of equivalent words in their heads have the same problem?
  15. Exactly, this topic refers to context and the difficulty of making a translation without it, 'phase' was the Google suggestion made without context. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app