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  1. tgeezer

    Primary school level Thai

    You are right, I bought many school books and learnt all my grammar, how to form words, tone rules etc from them, the teacher's notes give some good practical lessons too. I wish now that I had made a better job of it but I enjoyed it. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  2. tgeezer

    Primary school level Thai

    Just google ภาษาไทย ป 1 Lots of stuff there, you can look at any year you want, I looked at ป5 and Google added เรียนอะไรบ้าง plenty there. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. tgeezer


    One needs to know about football which most youngsters can’t avoid knowing, also when they say ไดฟ์ for faking an injury, (if they do) they would have to be told that it was กระโดดนำ้ without the นำ้ which looked nothing like what the divers who rescued the team were doing. Yes too difficult unless they speak a lot of English.
  4. ยัง is not slang, your girlfriend is probably a normal person who accepts what people say but can't explain the grammar by 'slang' she probably means no more than 'short incomplete speech'. It would appear from what Chaam local says and your original quote that we need to find the circumstances in which 'yang yang' is applicable. A. Is it hot? B. very hot? A. yangyang Mum. Come here and do your homework. no response. Mum. yangyang I the case of the challenge would seem to be encouraging and in the case of the mother it would seem to be forcing a reponse unless we see it from the speakers point of view. คงอยู่ nothing has changed in what I want of you. I still want you to finish the challenge and I still want you to come indoors. It works for me better than my first try. What about some Thai opinions on this. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. There is a question there เผ็ดไหม is it hot? since the dishes will get hotter on a time line the questioner is asking “Are you finding it hot yet? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. tgeezer


    The football team who were rescued from ถ้ำหลวง are the only football team in the world who can’t ‘dive’. Would that make sense in Thai I wonder. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. tgeezer

    Giving directions, what is my error?

    Since you don’t appear to accept my answers perhaps you use taxis in a different way. Are you negotiating a price for example? If so then you just tell the driver the soi, he is interested only in how much you will pay not how far or how long it takes.
  8. tgeezer

    Giving directions, what is my error?

    As I said one needs to know the place. An intersection will have a name eg. แยกหวังหิน this looks as though แยกไท would do. When you get in a taxi you say the soi or which should be enough. If not, some landmark on the way will do eg. ไปแยกไท That reassures him that you know where you want to go and can say enough Thai. You never have to explain the whole journey before setting out, you point out turns and distances enroute. เลย place ไป distance. As I have already said. If you say จาก place ไป distance it will probably do. (ถึง)ซอยหน้าเลี้ยวซ้าย บ้านพัก บบ อยู่ด้านขวา ซ้ายมือ I think that the poster was interested in Thai
  9. tgeezer

    Giving directions, what is my error?

    Some things to say in this order. One needs to know the roads which I don’t. Bai Soi bua kaw Wom pak tee baan bob Jag wad= from wat ? Say go beyond;leoy py wat tai song roy mate. I can’t put up with the damn spell checker if you are still and interested in Thai I can do a proper job.
  10. tgeezer


    I am starting to learn that it isn’t necessary to understand everything posted on ‘Face’ . เต้นเช้า นอนดึก มาหลายวัน นางบอกว่าวันนี้จะนอนให้ตาหลุดเลย ‘Up early, sleep late’ is backwards to me. Is this a long day or a short night, is there a difference? This was written by the husband whose wife works for a tourism promotional company. Some comments: Comment: ขนาดนั่นเลย My guess; That’s how it is ? Answer: ครับ yes. Another comment: ตาหลุดเมียตบใช่ไหมครับ if you sleep wife slaps you, correct? Answer: หมายถึง พี่บุ้ง (the writer) เอ๊ะยังไงนี่ it means that I.... could it be “can’t criticise”? So, has เอ๊ะ translated as ‘eh! Become a verb? Maybe bannork can have a go, or anyone. I haven’t consulted my Thai speaker yet.
  11. tgeezer

    please translate this for me :)

    Well done bannork, we agree on that then, that is what I hoped I had written. I have just been on FaceTime discussing this. My interlocutor understood it too and he is Thai! He also explained that แม่ง comes from แม่มึง but I had already looked it up. อีหอก he explained was from a saying หอกข้างแคร่, being made uncomfortable by others, not fitting in, but here as a swearword. I need to look up the saying. Everybody wearing red and the one in another colour is อีหอก. He didn’t understand why นี่แอม but I think that it means ‘I am(for...)’ . I was wondering if it might be interesting to compare notes on such things, presuming that we each consult a native speaker, the various opininions might give a rounder learning experience.
  12. tgeezer

    please translate this for me :)

    What does this say? ผมอยู่ดูฟุดบอลทีมีฝรั่งนั่งลุ้น(ทีม)อังกฤษทั้งผับ Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. tgeezer

    please translate this for me :)

    Give us a bit of help then if you are interested in Thai. I never knew that ผับ meant ‘pub’ for example. Is ที่มีฝรั่งที้งผับ supposed to be read as : ‘a pub full of farang’ ? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  14. tgeezer

    please translate this for me :)

    It appears to be an account of the match between England and Colombia from a one Colombia supporter who is among English fans. It describes the reaction of the English fans when England scored a penalty. Hi fives, very happy, etc. No point in me saying more if you are not studying Thai because I haven’t looked into how it says what it does. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  15. tgeezer

    Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    I am just referring to the differences in perception. Of course you are correct, in a situation where nothing is at risk then say ลุ้นโชค but we cross our fingers even when there is something to lose so not exactly ลุ้นโชค . My point is that we know the situation and we know what to say, no translation is necessary, isn't that the point of this thread? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect