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  1. The powers that be will ignore the humble citizen until they are perceived to be a threat of one form or another.
  2. Really! All they need to do is read TVF to see how much they are truly loved and admired by all the foreigners
  3. Nice to see an adequate action taken against the offender. Of course he will no doubt find someone to put him back on the road but it is certainly an improvement over the normal slap on the wrist
  4. Aspent-M 81 mg but do speak with your doctor and/or research the latest information.
  5. Well, I sincerely hope that twenty years in the making translates into worthwhile entertainment. The Trailer doesn't look to shabby at all.
  6. Could'a swore I read this a few months back
  7. Whew! Talk about shifting the blame. Ain't no slackers here. The catholic church proves it can keep right up there with the pro's
  8. How many other types of year are there?
  9. Certainly does sound like the intelligent thing to do.
  10. I only do the 90 day because (if I don't) the fine is atrocious
  11. I seriously question "Buddhist" as the motive
  12. This may completely elude Pence, but one would think that China would be doing all that they can to keep this buffoon and his clowns right where they are.
  13. Dap

    car paint scratch advise

    See if this helps, Google - "Car Paint Scratch, Advise" :