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  1. Did the city initially purchase disposable extinguishers, or are they unaware that there are rechargeable types? 10,000 units is one hellofa' "throwaway", as well as an equally lucrative contract
  2. "Police paid 19,000 baht in the sting as a half down payment for the cruise." At 38,000 a pop, this would seem to be a considerably lucrative venture.
  3. Dap

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    Wherever you are, it's as real as it's gonna' get
  4. You don't seem to be much of a History buff, as this type of "award" system has been around forever.
  5. Pretty sure the act of "tit for tat", has been around a lot longer than the U.S.A.
  6. So! The operation was a rousing success then, eh
  7. Nevertheless, it's still despicable to steal from the poor and I'm pretty sure that karma will not take into consideration the fact that "This is normal here".
  8. Dap

    Over-manning over here

    Really no different than a surprising number of civil servant operations across the U.S.. What the h*ll, when it's only tax money paying for it all
  9. C. Chope, 71 has taken leave of his senses, and lost all credibility. High time he was hounded into retirement.
  10. Military parade! They will have like, guns and tanks and sh*t. You don't stand and it could get ugly
  11. Dap

    US politician pepper sprays himself in call to end school shootings

    I wonder if anyone actually thought pepper-spray wasn't effective before seeing this idiot spray himself
  12. Dap

    Man dies using mortar shell as hammer

    "All of the high-IQ Cambodians were murdered back in the seventies." This is ignorance and you are a waste of my time. I'm done.