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  1. Parties called for poll talks

    How else can they learn how it's done w/o being taught/told by existing parties?
  2. Whether you care to believe it or not does not alter the fact that it occurs across the country on a daily basis; yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  3. The "thug" mentality runs rampant.
  4. "Misled" (in this case) being the Thai version of ... lied!
  5. I swear I read those same words last year, but I guess this year "they" are serious, eh?
  6. 2:22 pm Wednesday AQI (Lampang) ... 241
  7. Exactly! While there didn't seem to be any "humanRights" issues to take up with Thailand during their recent discussions either.
  8. Then he's got to be the ONLY one that doesn't know
  9. Certainly has a ring to it, but I'm thinking the Saudi jewels gotta' be first up
  10. The "schools" contract alone has got to be huge.