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  1. streetlite

    Beach Road Hotel Suggestions

    The wife and I haven't been to Pattaya in about 5 years now and we're contemplating a 4 night reprieve from the Village life. The main purpose is to have our eyes checked at our usual Euro-Optics and most likely new eyeglasses. In the past we've stayed at R-Conn on Bukhao but I'm not much of a walker nowadays so we're looking for a nice hotel on Beach Road as a little splurge for ourselves. Something with a sea view patio between Soi 7 and Soi 13, but on Beach Road. We don't swim so a pool amenity is not important and we're not into weight rooms so gym facilities are not important. We just want to walk out the door, go in either direction and enjoy the cacophony of the streets. Price wise maybe between 2000 - 4000 per night. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. to the Visa issue Province or the 90 report Province?
  3. Can you have an extension of stay issued at one Province and do a 90 day report in another Province?
  4. How do Farangs who "buy" their Visa get away with it?
  5. ...and a high five after they have six.....
  6. streetlite

    Snake ID please

    what's the ketchup bottle trick?
  7. streetlite

    Snake ID please

    Thanks, Hummin
  8. streetlite

    Snake ID please

    OK, thank you everyone, and yes I carry some guilt over this. How do I recognize the good ones from the bad ones though? I appreciate your education.
  9. streetlite

    Snake ID please

    here's another picture......
  10. streetlite

    Snake ID please

    I'm one of those people not educated in snake ID. I try not to kill anything, really, but these things creep me out. The dog was freaking out as well. The wife actually wacked it to death with a long bamboo pole. Everytime she went to pick it up with the pole to move it the snake came alive, about 4 times. Still not sure if it's dead so she just flung it out into the field. Can you tell me if it's dangerous?
  11. streetlite

    Snake ID please

    This was found in the dog's pen today. Is it dangerous?