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  1. Dash Cam--Moderately Priced Recommendations

    Just bought an OPIA from Lazada. 3000 Baht. Came with a 32G card. It is fantastic.
  2. Scams or legitimate? Where does the money really go?
  3. Philly Cheese Steak

    and us Philly guys know it's all about the bread......and the rib eye....and the onions.....and the whiz
  4. 2017 Scoopy i question

    I just recently purchased a new 2017 Scoopy i, not the club edition with magnesium 14" wheels, but rather the wire 12" wheels. I asked if I could convert to the magnesiums and they said yes but it would cost 7000 ThB for each wheel. I'm sure there are other wheel sellers around other than using the Honda dealership, but I can't find anything online. The reason I want to switch is because the wire wheels are tubed and constantly lose air (same thing with previous Scoopy). I would rather have the tubeless tire and magnesium wheels. Any suggestions? I'm also looking for a topbox but cannot find a bracket to fit the new 2017 version of this bike. Again, any suggestions. Thanks.
  5. where do you buy ammonia in Thailand?
  6. Jomtien 90 day report experience

    I claim second place with 2 minutes in Nakhon Sawan......the best Immigration office by far.......30 minute Visa renewal today
  7. The bank gave me a form to fill out and send to the main office. The written response was we only allow Thai citizens access to online banking privileges.
  8. What exactly did I get "tooken" on Grubster? Your name says it all. This site has gone to hell.
  9. A friend who arrived on June 27, 2016 with a one year O Visa had his 90 report due on September 25, 2016. Under the assumption that he had 7 days before or after to complete the report he went on the 28th and was told he must leave the country and reenter because the first 90 day report had to be completed on time. He had proof of address since he and his Thai wife were new to the Village. Is this a fact concerning the first 90 day report?
  10. NFL football

    Thanks Tall Guy. So a high speed internet connection is a necessity or is this available direct to TV?
  11. NFL football

    What channel is the NFL network?
  12. I used to get this "Best of...." everyday in my inbox but since the changes it has disappeared and the "subscribe to newsletter" link at the to of this post does not connect. Also when trying to connect with Facebook app it takes me to Thai Visa in French. Should I just wait until all the upgrades are complete?
  13. ID Card for farangs

    I've had the same issues with my Amphur Phaisali in Nakhon Sawan. They issued my yellow book a few years back but they said it doesn't prove my residency and that only Thai citizens can get an ID. There was confusion with the number 8 and 6. I told them that my yellow book beginning with #6 qualifies for the pink ID starting with the #6. They said no.Back and forth, back and forth until they finally wore me down. I smiled and thanked them. Maybe I'll try again. If you have more luck let me know.