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  1. Blame the victim as usual "balo" Not even "Berkshire" wants to defend the Thai on this topic.
  2. " My building", Please say the name of this wonderful building where you doubled your money.
  3. So if you reply to this thread, and say one bad word about these cowards, you are Thai bashing. Pathetic.
  4. Broken Record gets the brown medal on this thread for the most posts trying to defend Thai driving skills.
  5. It did not take long for the Thai apologist to chime and cry Thai bashing.
  6. Did the RC specialist advice you to wait for up to a year before the crown, or is that only if there is pain after RCT.
  7. A "positive balance", from a Thai apologist, that thinks this is a Thai bashing thread.
  8. I guess you think this is a Thai bashing thread, and because it has not happened to you, then it NEVER happens. "No Thai would do that"
  9. The usual Thai apologist reply.
  10. They are very busy defending the "double pricing" thread, but dont worry I expect the apologists to chime in soon.
  11. Who, the Thai driver, or the Thai apologist A D. ?
  12. Sad, and the other guests would know you are a total loser. Do you also defend prostitutes from your own country ?
  13. I think "Suradit69" is a Thai or surely would LOVE to be Thai.