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  1. It did not take long before the apologists had to chime in and justify this road carnage madness. Why dont the parents drive the kids to school on motorbikes.
  2. "dexjnr555", is a Aussie, but would love to be a Thai.
  3. You must be the main Thai apologist on this forum. Please try to thicken your skin, and get a life. 60 posts in 2 days, most of them defending / apologising for Thais. You would not try to defend your own country, would you ?
  4. Surely it is you and your thin skin that "take things personal" . You always cry Thai bash, hatred of Thais, racist when ever you read one negative word. If a thread is too negative for you, avoid it. Even the Thais dont try to defend the road death toll, so why should a Thai apologist from the USA ?
  5. Gun death rate in Thailand= 7.48 per 100,000 people, twice the rate of the USA @ 3.55. "source" Coconuts. Wise up, Mr apologist. It was only yesterday when you was trying to defend a moron mini bus driver that had killed a bunch of people.
  6. "Blame the farangs",,, "they should go home",,, the usual apologist replies. and what is "dating their NICE ladies". Most of them are paying THEIR prostitutes. Wise up.
  7. No, only the "good", as the bad is too negative.
  8. Cry me a river, Mr. apologist. Why did the driver not think of his family. Who is going to feed them now. Wise up
  9. Many positive and negative replies on this thread, so why do you Thai apologists only read the negatives ?
  10. Recipe , please Col.
  11. Thats Obama, surely ?
  12. That was the apologist that also said he never saw a traffic accident in Thailand, and driving here is the same as the UK.
  13. Only 20 % ?, Wow, I estimate more like 80 % + . Any more bids on this, please chime in.
  14. It is YOU that has forgot this is a Thai forum, and not even 1 reply on this thread has said it only happens it Thailand.
  15. Correct, there was a thread, and our "resident shopping mall / condo apologist", would chime in and defend any negative reply.