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  1. Thats just what you are doing "defending", with the usual Thai apologist line "it happens all over the world".
  2. Is the registration only required for Bacs transfers, and not needed for Swift ?
  3. Nonsense, 3 lies on aca. "if you like your plan" "if you like your doctor", and aca will be on C span. He told more lies than Billy Bunter. They all lie. Wise up. BTW, do you get "a thrill up your leg ever time Obama speaks, like Chris ? (MSNBC hardball host)
  4. Why not. Look at the support for Obama.
  5. No replies on this thread have said it ONLY happens in Thailand. Why cant you Thai apologists never accept negative news about Thailand ? Would you ever think about defending anything about your home country ?
  6. How can an apologist see with thick rose tints bolted on your head 24 / 7
  7. Sure hit a raw nerve with some of our thin skinned lady members on the forum.
  8. Yes , I agree and I would never try to defend farangs, they should know better, but these are the same fools that go to Pattaya to buy a wife from a bar. They should know better.
  9. ("happens all over the world",) the favorite Thai apologist line, No replies on this thread said that it only happens in Thailand. Wise up.
  10. Apologist for Thailand as usual. You want to blame farangs for many of the accidents. If you were to ban farangs from driving in Thailand, do you think the traffic stats. would be any better ?. It was you that said on an other thread ("there are bad drivers in the UK") Yes there is but nothing like Thailand. What a pathetic attempt to justify for bad Thai driving.
  11. Pathetic as usual Mr. apologist.
  12. Attitude of Shop Owners in Pattaya

    Nonsense, most of those are your fellow Thai apologists, that always blame the farang.
  13. Roads, just how bad are they built

    You are on the wrong forum Mr. apologist. This is not a UK forum.
  14. Yes, really. Only last week you did not want to accept Thailand traffic death stats.
  15. World of stats. When do intend to visit Thailand for the first time ?