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  1. Nonsense Mr. apologist. In most countries the driver would not run away from a fatal accident. Wise up and think before you try to defend coward Thai drivers.
  2. Alien invasion in Pattaya!

    Yup, it hit a nerve with the usual thin skins, ie. Mr angry 6, and S. 69. They just had to reach for their keyboards and cry and whinge
  3. So do you think Thailand has got it right ie "the worlds worst for traffic deaths" ? It is a fact. Why is it arrogant ? Please wise up, and try to thicken your skin, and finally this is NOT a Thai bashing thread.
  4. You liberals should try to thicken your skin, and not be so sensitive.
  5. Wise up to the facts, ie Thais are the second fattest in Asia. If the thread is too negative for your thin skin then avoid it, dont live in denial.
  6. The article did not say you never see a thin Thai. and no this is not a Thai bashing thread. Wise up.
  7. More like somebody with thin skin and does not like the facts. If the thread is too negative for you, then avoid it. Read the replies on this thread, and there is only you and one other apologist who have made the wrong observation.
  8. Are you a registered blind person ?
  9. How many more replies is our resident Thai apologist going to post on this thread ? Look at the traffic deaths stats. for Thailand, ie the second worst in the world. Why are you defending stupid drivers ?
  10. My wife is with me for the money.

    What a uneducated reply from a sensitive thin skinned whimp. Thai people call dark skin / uneducated Thais low class
  11. What are you smoking ?( "a small minority"), and as for the usual pathetic Thai apologists favourite line " same in every country" Sad.
  12. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Howard Miller went back to the UK to live in Southend on sea, Essex.
  13. Agree with every word except "Sorry". Why are you sorry ?
  14. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    Laughable. remove your thick rose tints.