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  1. Pathetic comparison. The Thai apologists had to chime in on this thread and try to justify the usual "driver fled the scene. Sad.
  2. "I dont know what it is with you", or the other thin skinned apologists, as YOU seem to think one bad thing means "hate everything about Thailand. Who said they hate everything about Thailand, and who said they live here ? Only YOU. Wise up
  3. Not many house robberies in Thailand. btw what are all the bars for over the windows in most houses in Thailand ? Same as London, not.
  4. Wow, so dont even think of blaming the stupid Thai drivers.
  5. 5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    Even if it was 12-1, the apologists would still chime in and defend the cowards.
  6. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Yes please explain. You said "Remember it is not the Thais that are doing this" So who the ---- is it then ?" space aliens ?
  7. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    So who is it then, "The Americans" ? yep, I forgot "no Thai would do that"
  8. Nobody has used the word "whore" on the whole thread. My reply was to the thin skinned sensitive PC fool that said the word Prostitute is derogatory. It is not. Wise up and work on your skin.
  9. Only a sad loser would call a Thai prostitute a "beach girl" . The word prostitute is not derogatory. Wise up and try to thicken your skin. Enough of this PC nonsense.
  10. Nonsense, if a prostitute was called a prostitute in your home country, would you get all sensitive and thin skinned, and cry "derogatory". ?
  11. Altercation with old thai lady, now what?

    @ "manic", like I said the apologists will have a field day, just read the first page on this thread
  12. Laughable. and it did not take long before the Thai apologists chimed in and tried to defend the worst drivers in the world.
  13. You can see most of them obese, or soon will be. Wise up.
  14. But "MaeJoMTB", and the other Thai apologists DO doubt it. If they read your reply they will cry and shout Thai basher.
  15. Wise up, and grow some skin. This is not a Thai bashing thread. The OBEC is a Thai agency.