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  1. Agree with every word except "Sorry". Why are you sorry ?
  2. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    Laughable. remove your thick rose tints.
  3. Used car transfer / registration?

    Is a residence cert. required from the seller ?
  4. Wow, that headline hit a raw nerve, and as usual our resident Thai apologists cries racist, and shouts "happens in every country. Now compare the road traffic death stats. to every other country .
  5. Plywood / MDF,

    Yup, shop still there but no cutting. I asked today and they are not aware of any where in Pattaya that will cut. Hard to believe.
  6. Plywood / MDF,

    Yup, approx 10 years ago Homepro next to Big C (klang) had a excellent cutting service and made to measure furniture.
  7. Plywood / MDF,

    Is it possible in Pattaya to buy sheets of plywood, or MDF (8x4) and have it cut to size. Thanks in advance.
  8. So not he usual "unfamiliar" with the road, or brakes failed then, and nothing to do with Thai driving. Please dont stop defending / apologizing.
  9. Thats just what you are doing "defending", with the usual Thai apologist line "it happens all over the world".
  10. Is the registration only required for Bacs transfers, and not needed for Swift ?
  11. Nonsense, 3 lies on aca. "if you like your plan" "if you like your doctor", and aca will be on C span. He told more lies than Billy Bunter. They all lie. Wise up. BTW, do you get "a thrill up your leg ever time Obama speaks, like Chris ? (MSNBC hardball host)
  12. Why not. Look at the support for Obama.
  13. No replies on this thread have said it ONLY happens in Thailand. Why cant you Thai apologists never accept negative news about Thailand ? Would you ever think about defending anything about your home country ?
  14. How can an apologist see with thick rose tints bolted on your head 24 / 7