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  1. From experience with friends who have gained Thai nationality, they give you back your passport or send it to your embassy! There is no requirement for someone acquiring Thai nationality to give up any other nationality, as there is no requirement for a Thai person having acquired another nationality to give up their Thai nationality. Yeah the big one for my son and for every Thai man is, if your son will be drafted at the age of 20. There are options to avoid this and they are well known to most people. I believe the army doesn't want you to be drafted if you are more than 30 years old?
  2. I have 3 nationalities and will acquire another shortly! Having more than one nationality is normal and not illegal, even in Thailand. In this world of regular world travel and people living in multiple countries, it is inevitable that people are going to qualify for multiple nationalities. Unless it is specifically against the law in one country, that you are a national of this country and cannot be a national of another, as in Myanmar and The Philippines, it is normal. Having more than one nationality allows ease of visa free travel and the ability to move at will and work and reside in any country that you wish!
  3. From real experience this is how it works! Your Thai parent should go to the Thai Embassy or consulate in your country of birth with you, to show their Thai ID and to confirm that you are Thai by descent. You should bring your original birth certificate clearly showing your Thai parent's name as in their Thai ID card of Passport as this is required. Copies of your Thai parent's Thai ID card, Thai house registration and Thai passport will be required! From experience, being in London is going to complicate your application process. Its never easy and its never quick to acquire the nationality of any country by descent, as the issuing government will wish to confirm that the info you give is true and that you do indeed qualify.