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  1. Point is to get it on the downhill after TDC and then let the flywheel enough momentum that it has got enough speed to get over the next TDC and get an a start!
  2. I have been kick starting big singles for 40 years and frankly you do need to treat it seriously and have some weight to do it! This is not something you should attempt in a half hearted manner! In any big single bike, it is necessary to turn the motor over by the kick starter till you feel it is coming up onto compression stroke TDC(Top Dead Center). Then very slowly force the engine to go just over this! When you are ready to kickstart don't play around with it get up on it and give it hell! Don't pussy foot with it! It always works for me.
  3. Please be aware there are a lot (In the hundreds) of very competent English teachers of African origin working very successfully in Thailand. Most, if not all of them are better educated and vastly more competent than I will ever be! Sadly the small number of West Africans that are involved in illicit activities, have had a tendency to tar the whole race. This is something these teachers have to deal with everyday! This is something that is straight out racism and yes it is racial profiling! Sadly, as we all know it is has become more difficult to obtain a visa to come to Thailand and it is because of this agents in neighboring countries offer a quick fix which comes back and bites you!
  4. After living here in Thailand for half of my life and owned 5 different motorcycles I think I am in a position to comment. When I buy a motorcycle, the day I buy it I put a high quality fuel filter on it! Strangely, after that, fuel and carburetor/injector problems disappear! One of my Thai motorcycle mechanic friends says he makes huge amounts of money because of bad fuel and that fact that he has to clean fuel systems so often. Many Thai motorcycle mechanics say you shouldn't put a fuel filter on a motorcycle because it wasn't designed for it the design is faulty! I think thats wrong! I have had a Tiger for 10 years and it runs like a song!
  5. By chance was at the site this morning and it is an 8 story building being demolished! The 7th and 8th floors have already gone and their is still a small hydraulic excavator on the front of the top existing 6th floor . The middle section collapsed and caught some of the workers inside. I believe they are trying to retrieve these workers till now! The rear section is still up to at least the 5th or 6th floor! Sad situation really!
  6. It is very illegal for any person or agency, other than law enforcement to retain your passport and then only on the imposition of a criminal case against you. Not paying a car rental, hotel or hospital bills is a civil matter and the damaged party must retain a lawyer to file a civil suit against the person that they have a bill with. Yes, I know as in this case, hospitals and hotels try to retain your passport as surety, but an embassy can and does very regularly cancel an existing passport being held hostage, and issue you with a new one in a day. The embassy will then call to the entity that is wrongfully in possession of the passport and ask for it to be returned to the embassy asap as it is the property of the issuing government. Of course the person wrongfully retaining the passport who was short changed, is shocked but this is the law in Thailand! Been there done that!!!!!
  7. Illegally claiming royal title and then using it to get special privilege and financial benefit, with regard to an event that is a matter of national sorrow is going over the line a bit!
  8. Remember it is at the SOLE discretion of the immigration official who stamps you in to Thailand if you are given the right to enter and stay or if you are refused entry! The lesson is, ALWAYS be polite and helpful to Immigration officers when entering the country.
  9. The relatively recent imposition of black list penalties for overstay are a whole new animal. I agree with Joe you can appeal but it is not going to be easy or cheap and there must be a genuine basis to appeal or it will get thrown out!
  10. My sincerest condolences to Thailand and its people, on the passing of His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej our beloved longest serving monarch. Truly his life and work has been an example for us all to follow and emanate. May He rest in peace, as he will be remembered for ever!
  11. Blacklisting of a foreigner is only available to a police or immigration officer who has prosecuted you for a criminal offense. So it is not available to your typical boy in brown on the street. Remember the only police officer that can institute a criminal case is a commissioned officer. That means someone with 1 star or more on the shoulders of his uniform. When you are arrested it is standard required procedure to seize your passport. It is also common in Bangkok for the court to issue an order to the arresting officer, to send to your passport to the court to be held there for safe keeping. Within 24 hours of your arrest the police officer will inform immigration that you are under judgment and you will be blacklisted from leaving Thailand! If your trial is projected to go beyond the length of your visa, a court order at your request, will be issued to extend your visa beyond the projected court trial period. Normally this extension of stay goes for 1-3 months. This blacklisting can only be removed by a court order on the completion of your criminal case. It is common and normal to get a court order from the court saying the criminal case is now complete and you are free to leave and return at will. Then you have to go back to the case officer and continue to be friendly to him to ensure there are no further repercussions. In the case of Phil he was re-arrested by the case officer at the completion of his court case and removed to immigration, thence to Bangkok for deportation. When you leave Thailand on the completion of the case I have seen many people present the court order to Immigration and there was smiles all round, and they say come back again. I have also seen people go to the airport and be turned back as they didn't have a court order and when they pressured the immigration officer, they will call to court and find out the case is complete, but as the case officer is not on side, immigration may black list you and deport you. I am cutting in on this issue as it is not clearly understood and wish to dispel false information. BB
  12. Competent Immigration Officials are the only ones by convention allowed to may entries in your passport. philtrue does have a big red stamp in his passport in which it says clearly the crime he has been convicted of and fined 3,000 and is blacklisted from entering Thailand. Yes it is ludicrous but true that any police or immigration officer has the discretionary power to black list you almost on a whim, if he thinks you are bad for the country! A 3,000 baht fine is not a good reason to blacklist anyone, but it is at the discretion of your case officer. He has the discretionary power, once you have been convicted of any offense and any jail sentence has been imposed by a court, be it suspended or served. This is why you should always stay very close and very good friends with your case officer even if you detest him! Every time someone is arrested and goes to court, they are fingerprinted and copies of this information is given into a central criminal database. In the near future there will be fingerprint entry into Thailand, so people who have a criminal record will show up and be denied entry, even if they have new names!
  13. The normal charges I am seeing from several lawyers are for removal of the black list is 50k baht up front to submit the brief and then 150k baht after the removal is complete and your representative is given a court order clearing the immigration order! I think you may have spent this much already?
  14. Tilleke do not handle criminal matters! They are only into big corporate business and are Thailand's biggest IP law firm. They charge USD 800 an hour! The Swiss Embassy has a list of recommended lawyers so Swiss nationals may choose.
  15. The OP has been clear about his situation and it is in my opinion genuine. A small mistake has got him black banned for life and this is causing a lot of hardship for him and his family. His interest is to try and solve it! (lawyer and appeal black listing case at Administrative Court in Bangkok) My desire is to show people that this situation has and does happen more than I like. There are ways in which to anticipate it (work permit) and then cope with it, if it happens to you (staying close to the arresting officer!). A reasonable understanding of Thai laws that effect us, will ensure that we live here as I have for almost 30 years and never got arrested. BB