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    Test 1 2 I'm here! :)
  2. And most of the Alphabay users still think they fell victim to an exit scam, where the platform runners made a runner with their money. They might be in for an even bigger surprise ... Once the Thai Police will have analysed all that data on his machines. Oh wait ... I wonder what will happen to all that virtual monies.
  3. Darknet forum admin? https://themerkle.com/suspected-alphabay-admin-takes-his-life-in-thailand/
  4. And the cop was shot by the son of a village headman. This gives me a feeling he might not be missed too much on Koh Phangan anyway. He even might get caught and punished as an example.
  5. Thai Visa on Firefox

    Thailand has gone black and white for the time of mourning. Thaivisa has too. :)
  6. 3 dead, 4 injured in Massachusetts stabbing spree

    http://heavy.com/news/2016/05/arthur-derosa-taunton-massachusetts-galleria-mall-bertuccis-stabbing-victims-name-home-suspect-dead-cop-records/ Looks like a psychosis or schizophrenia according to the added link. So 'just' an angry black guy?
  7. 3 dead, 4 injured in Massachusetts stabbing spree

    ... or the hipster from next door ...
  8. I stand corrected! Thank you, Mike324, I actually thought Lipovitan was a Thai invention too as I first noticed it in Thailand some 25 years ago.
  9. Did the Thais actually invent SOMETHING? I can't name anything that was invented by Thais. Are food, massage and dance inventions? All I can think are some rediculous, false sounding music instruments that didn't make it anywhere outside the country. 'Krating Daeng', which reached worldwide distribution via it's famous copy 'Red Bull'.
  10. I do believe in the right of choice. You are free now. R.I.P. Nathan! I wish you would have found more love and compassion and were able to accept it. But this is because of my own beliefs.
  11. Niece drinking 'tabs' with coca-cola

    So sad to hear about this new development, Simon43! I actually spoke with a pharmacist in Bang Saphan just two weeks ago about the widespread abuse of Tramadol w. softdrinks by school kids in Thailand. So the problem is known about, but they still are selling it over the counter! I fear you will have to confront her with the naked truth, that at this time of her young live _she_ will have to choose if she wants to live a good live with your help or lose this chance by proceeding the way she started to behave right now. Maybe really take her to a rehab facility to show her, where this can and will lead to? Maybe, as mentioned above, this really is a cry for help. And it might be a cry for borders to be set too. Is there a chance to take her out of this peer group, maybe by changing schools? Best wishes for you and the girl!
  12. "He remained in police custody until Tuesday before being released after meeting the 200,000 Baht bail." 200.000 THB bail brought the guy out of custody. Wow. This should not be possible. Get well soon, Mr. Rossbach!
  13. Foreign beggars(?) in Chiang Mai - Nimmen area

    You must be fun at parties. Nice to hear Dante99's openminded story after yours. Well done, Dante!
  14. Koh Tao: Suspects found guilty of murdering British backpackers

    I didn't scroll back to see if someone has posted it already but there seems to a new video released by Anonymous on the case. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=567635633385675 I could not find it on a page outside of Farcebook though.