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  1. 8-year German expat with no passport deported

    Actually he seems to have made it into the news 20 years ago already: Pattaya Mail '98: " German entrepreneurs caught with stolen documents Using order forms and brochures from another company On December 15, Ms. Suchada Suthiphonporn complained to Pattaya Police that a company run by German nationals was using brochures and other business documents in the name of her company to sell furniture and wood products. They were also using her order forms, which she said they had stolen from her company. Pattaya Police, armed with a warrant from Chonburi Court, searched ‘The House of Rosewood’ in South Pattaya, Soi 6 where they found Christian Gerhard Engelmann, 34, and Harald Kramer, 35, running the establishment. Officers found bills, brochures and order forms from the ‘Rosewood Room’ company, which Ms. Suchada claimed belonged to her and were being used to make sales from the House of Rosewood. from here: http://www.pattayamail.com/282/news.htm ... He might be a skilled carpenter fallen out of luck. I hope he gets help back in Germany.
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  3. And most of the Alphabay users still think they fell victim to an exit scam, where the platform runners made a runner with their money. They might be in for an even bigger surprise ... Once the Thai Police will have analysed all that data on his machines. Oh wait ... I wonder what will happen to all that virtual monies.
  4. Darknet forum admin? https://themerkle.com/suspected-alphabay-admin-takes-his-life-in-thailand/
  5. And the cop was shot by the son of a village headman. This gives me a feeling he might not be missed too much on Koh Phangan anyway. He even might get caught and punished as an example.