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  1. Would an equivalent to THB 20M in another currency for example in EURO be accepted in your point of view?
  2. Thai baht set to weaken

    Looking forward to seeing 40 to the Euro !!:)
  3. AIS prepaid can I receive SMS in Europe?

    Thanks so much for all this helpful advice! I have now also downloaded the AIS EService mobile app. Looking great!! You would not by any chance happen to know the appx. roaming costs for me when I receive an sms once I'm back home in Europe?! Thanks so much again and have a good day!!
  4. How painful is cataract surgery?

    Me too I've had the cataracts done on both eyes with an interval of 4 weeks. No pain at all and all done with eye drops only. Done in Italy. As I was very scared before I asked for some tranquilizer which worked fine. Courage ! :))
  5. As I am a snorkeller I would be interested in knowing where to pay particular attention (more than I usually do already, always carry a safety buoy).
  6. Italy/Germany : about 99% of the doors are opening inward.
  7. I'm in Ko Tao right now and wondering at which of the many bays the incident happened.
  8. The Worst Day.

    Being out in the sea freediving off coast of Ko Raya when the tsunami came in. Luckily survived so I can write this post :)))
  9. AIS prepaid can I receive SMS in Europe?

    Thank you mtls2005 for the information. I went to the nearby AIS shop but the lad there hardly spoke any English. So I will try and see what happpens when I'm back home after having topped up with AIS and long enough date. Yes I have LINE too but as it is connected to the Thai number wondering, if it will work.
  10. AIS prepaid can I receive SMS in Europe?

    Thanks Langsuan Man. Just to be sure I will pay a visit to the nearby AIS shop too.
  11. Meaning of Suksamran

    Don't understand what the website is all about but I'm sure it's fun :) Thanks again !!
  12. Meaning of Suksamran

    Actually have seen the sign from the bus once. Not much going on there I suppose
  13. AIS prepaid can I receive SMS in Europe?

    Thanks so much Rhodie. Hope so much for more posts coming in.
  14. Hope someone can help and please excuse my ignorance :) I have read many posts on this subject but I still don't understand. Well I have a prepaid AIS 12 call Sim card valid until mid November 2017. I am now in Thailand but will be away in Europe for 8 months and return to Thailand beginning of November. My questions are: will my Thai Sim card and mobile number still be valid when I return to Thailand (it has been registered properly)? ... I heard it becomes invalid after 3 months not using it... and Will I be able to RECEIVE SMS in Europe on the Thai Sim (I am interested in receiving SMS from friends)? Dear friends I appreciate so much your precious replies.