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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'll see if the hotel responds to email or Facebook messages.
  2. Hi, I'm taking a Nok Air flight from Bangkok to Lampang in early October. Can anyone tell me what transport options there are from the airport to downtown and how much they cost? I'm staying in the Pin Hotel that I gather is quite central. Thanks in advance
  3. Update to original post. With GBK's help - AIS have now refunded the 213 baht that was taken from my balance when the data plan 'auto' renewed itself. It took only 3 business days so I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Thanks again to GBK and to all those who have replied to the original post with some very helpful and constructive comments and suggestions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all :-)
  4. It was just that the data plan (1 Gb for 30 days) automatically renewed itself. It looks like it pays to turn data off, if you have subscribed to a data plan - tries to renew itself when you turn the phone back on. On / Off codes for data are given earlier in the thread.
  5. Thanks mtls205, That worked a treat :-) I entered my phone number > received sms within 30 seconds (in Australia) > entered OTP code > changed to EN and could see all my account details. I wasn't asked for passport details or to enter anything else. It had my full name (inc middle name) displayed so I assume it had correctly retained all my details from when I registered the sim in the AIS shop back in early February 2016. Oddly (and thankfully) enough - when I go back to the http://www.ais.co.th/eservice.html page it now has an EN button that seems to work (couldn't see it when I first used the page). Might try the AIS app next. Thanks again :-)
  6. In addition to the help from GBK, the AIS email ([email protected]) and Facebook Messenger replies have been really quite good. The data is now turned off (no more auto renewal) and I've also just found the automatically created ' .Dataonoff' codes in my AIS contacts - as mentioned by tutsiwarrior above. Still waiting for the promised refund of the 213 bht. A useful learning curve. Try as I might - I cant find a way to register on the AIS website, other than for the newsletter and promotion updates - some pages only display in Thai (despite having an EN button option that doesn't seem to work). I wonder if this is only possible from within Thailand?
  7. Problem solved. It seems that the 199 baht. 1 Gb data, 30 day plan was set to automatically renew.(I was told it would just expire) GBK has very kindly helped to get the 213 bht charge reversed. Thank you to everyone - and to GBK in particular. My faith in Forums has been restored. A Merry Christmas to everyone who has responded and offered options and suggestions :-)
  8. I was told to use it every 90 days or it would become inactive, even if the expiry date was much longer.
  9. It was valid to 15/7/17 with 251 baht credit but I was told to send an sms every 90 days to keep it active. Hence I turn it on to send an sms ..... an expensive excercise to send a 9 baht sms back to Thailand :-(
  10. Ahh - a possibility. I wonder if the 1 Gb data for 30 days at 199 (+GST), that I set up in October tried to renew itself. The 220 baht drop would be just about the right amount.
  11. When I left Thailand it had 251 bht credit with July 2017 expiry. I was told that the sim would be cancelled if I did not at least send an sms every 90 days.
  12. I'm in Australia for the next 6 weeks and assume that the 1175 number is only a free call from within Thailand.
  13. Thanks, the EN button (top right) doesn't work (in Chrome or Firefox) so I've sent a message via the AIS Call Center Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/aiscallcenter1175/) I should have thought of this before
  14. Thanks for the reply and for moving the thread to the correct section. The AIS sim I had previously had no additional roaming charges (other than increased costs of calls in and out). I asked about roaming at the time of buying this sim, no charges were mentioned. So I've assumed (possibly wrongly) that the new sim would operate the same as the old one, as far as roaming surcharges went. Optus is the local carrier. I have a sim from Indonesia that has roaming but no charges from the Optus side on that particular sim - or for the old AIS sim.