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  1. I looked at expat tax services but found I could download tax software and complete the return at a much lower cost. They even have past year software you can download which is much cheaper than tax service would charge.
  2. GF believes only credits from schools attended after HS can be transferred not HS credits. She says check Uni website for all the details.
  3. If you are 65 or over you automatically have Medicare which is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Don't need any other coverage or pay penalty.
  4. As Delight has stated there is nothing in Condo Act concerning bank accounts Since the building has been registered and you have JPM the developer should have transferred the sinking fund to a XXX Juristic Person account. Any condo's the developer still has and then sells should deposit the sinking fund collected from buyer to XXX JP account. My condo building has three accounts which require two committee member signatures to withdraw funds: 1. Current account (Checking account having zero balance with overdraft protection used to pay monthly bills that cover service contracts and minor maintenance and repair cost) 2. Standard Savings account (Maintenance fees are direct deposited by owners into this account and is source of funds to clear checks drawn on Current account) 3. Fixed Savings account (Sinking fund used for major maintenance or repair only) The sinking fund intent was to provide funds for major maintenance or repair requirement. Repainting the building is one such item. You definitely don't want to be using these funds to cover monthly service or maintenance work.
  5. This is not your income it is considered children's income. The $25,000 amount is for one child. You have 2 children so you could receive $50,000 and not need to file tax return provided each child received same benefit. If one child received $20,000 and other child received $30,000 the child that received $30k might need to file tax return. Sent from my SM-J500G using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  6. First let me say in the eyes of the IRS this income is the child's and if taxes are due the return must be filed with the name of the child even if payment was made in the name of parent or guardian. In your case it would require two returns if returns are due, one for each child. If child has no other income then no tax return is required. The child's income is not included on any parent or guardian tax return. Social Security survivor benefits for children are considered taxable income only if half of the annual survivor's benefits plus the child's other income exceeds the base amount set by the IRS ($25,000), then a portion of the benefit is taxable. Other income would be from such things as interest, dividends or from working. Normally children do not have other income. Example: If one child received $18,000 in benefits during one year take half (18000/2) = 9000 then subtract from (25000-9000) = 16,000 In example it would require other income of $16,000 before he would owe taxes but it would be necessary to file a return even if less than $16,000 other income.
  7. Google that works on verizon and gsm networks Sent from my SM-G750F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  8. It will be where the motorcycle parking area was located. Sent from my SM-G750F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  9. Purchased 2017 Nmax this month but taking it easy during engine break-in. Currently have put only 300 km on the scooter in two weeks. I also have a PCX 150 that I purchased new three years ago. The Nmax is effortless and fun to ride and more comfortable in parking lots and running between cars at slower speeds. On road at higher speeds feel no difference between the two with handling. On the performance side the NMAX feels pretty lively from a stop when compared to the PCX. Combined with the responsive throttle the NMAX is a good for stop-and-go traffic just like the PCX. Nmax suspension feels a little stiff compared to the PCX but handles two up better than PCX with stock suspension. Nmax braking power comes from front and rear disk brakes including ABS and is far better than brakes on the PCX. I always thought brakes on PCX were okay but Nmax has big edge here. The Nmax seat is comfortable but I have not taken on long ride to test. Although the seat is wide it is shorter than the PCX but passenger did not say it was uncomfortable. Passenger liked overall ride feel of PCX better. I feel a slight vibration in handlebars and see in mirrors at different rpm's on Nmax while the PCX is vibration free. Only time will tell if this goes away after engine break-in. Overall, I think the PCX provides a smoother ride on the roads we have in and around Pattaya but something about the Nmax makes it a joy to ride. I will be keeping both.
  10. I agree with skatewash that Thailand interest should have been reported. The 200k you mentioned is for FATCA threshold to file Form 8938. Sent from my SM-G750F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  11. I think he can continue making monthly payments to stay in the system. Sent from my SM-G750F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  12. I've been using Bitdefender free version for a couple years with no problems. Sent from my SM-G750F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  13. Lived in Thailand since 2003 at which time bank, brokerage and credit cards accounts were given my Thailand address. Since 2003 I have never had US address and never any problems. After a few years I cancelled all but 2 credit cards because they were never used. Sent from my SM-G750F using Thaivisa Connect mobile app
  14. Not owing taxes and filing requirements are two different issues. If you had been filing you would have run across Form 8965 which is the health coverage exemption form. Here's some reading you need to do. It you have foreign bank account or accounts that total more than $10,000 in total you are also required to file FBAR. Here is more reading you need to do. If you haven't already you need to download one of the tax software programs from TaxAct or TurboTax just to name a couple. They will walk you through the IRS minefield so you don't miss any forms. You can also download software package for previous years if you want to sort everything out before they come calling. Keep in mind the US Treasury/IRS have access to bank account information in Thailand through an agreement so make sure you also report any interest earned.