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  1. US IRS wants more tax paid for 2016.

    I hope agreement with accountant says he pays any interest and penalties for errors. The fact this has happened before means you should start being more proactive with your taxes. Get yourself one of the major software packages and start doing tax returns yourself.
  2. Where to buy good glassware?

    Sampheng Plaza Market has lots of glassware. Its located on Soi behind Central Marina.
  3. Ford Ecosport

    The following note is in Ecosport manual. Central High Mounted Brake Lamp Note: On some vehicles the lamps are LED. They are not serviceable items, please consult a Ford Dealer if they fail. They seem to be selling LED assembly on Ebay. You might get lucky and be able to apply link to your model Ford. Take a look at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jefrNR2bhw
  4. Any increase in the maintenance fee (baht per sqm) must be approved by the owners at AGM. It cannot be raised by management company or condo committee without vote of owners.
  5. LAN Switch Help

    Just repaired power supply and LAN switch seems to be working. The switch is a Maginet SW2240M manufactured by SAMWOO Telecommunications Co., LTD. Label on back also states it is 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet QoS Switch. The switch has a console port in the form of a RJ45 jack on the front and I would like to connect old PC running WinXp using HyperTerminal. I've tried searching the web but have been unable to find any info on the switch. I identified the IC (as RS232 type)on switch main board that feeds the console RJ45 jack and traced IC connections to RJ45 jack and made up cable with following connections. DB9 RJ45 2----------3 3----------6 5----------4&5 Connect cable to switch console jack and Com 1 on PC. Configured HyperTerminal to Com 1, data bits 8, parity none, stop bit 1 and flow control to none. No luck getting switch to respond. Being new at networking what do I type to make switch respond?
  6. What do ya'll think of the new CX-5?

    Wait for Bangkok auto show in early December before you decide.
  7. The usufruct is obtained at the land office and entry will be made on back of chanote. Do make sure both you and wife have wills because it makes everything go smoothly in court should someone die.
  8. Condo billing software

    Any of the desktop versions would have no problem dealing with 1000 condo units and all the necessary accounting requirements. The practical limit Intuit gives is 14.5k units so it maintains speedy report generation. We currently issue monthly consolidated utility bill that includes electric, water, telephone, cable TV and internet. Condo maintenance fee is billed twice yearly. It also handles all vendor bills and payments and of course bank deposits and checks. We don't deal with parking stickers but I can think of one easy way it can be done. KittenKong I sent you a PM.
  9. Condo billing software

    It is an accounting package designed to be used on many types of businesses out of the box so it must be setup for your particular application. In the case of condo's it takes very little time to configure for all condo needs (billing, bill payments, bank accounts, petty cash, etc). You have to use Quickbooks to fully appreciate its capabilities and how easy it is to use. Our condo has been using it since 2008.
  10. I looked at expat tax services but found I could download tax software and complete the return at a much lower cost. They even have past year software you can download which is much cheaper than tax service would charge.
  11. HELP!!!!!! Cost to transfer grades at Thai UNI.

    GF believes only credits from schools attended after HS can be transferred not HS credits. She says check Uni website for all the details.
  12. U.S. Tax Penalty for No Health Insurance

    If you are 65 or over you automatically have Medicare which is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Don't need any other coverage or pay penalty. https://www.medicare.gov/about-us/affordable-care-act/medicare-and-the-marketplace.html
  13. As Delight has stated there is nothing in Condo Act concerning bank accounts Since the building has been registered and you have JPM the developer should have transferred the sinking fund to a XXX Juristic Person account. Any condo's the developer still has and then sells should deposit the sinking fund collected from buyer to XXX JP account. My condo building has three accounts which require two committee member signatures to withdraw funds: 1. Current account (Checking account having zero balance with overdraft protection used to pay monthly bills that cover service contracts and minor maintenance and repair cost) 2. Standard Savings account (Maintenance fees are direct deposited by owners into this account and is source of funds to clear checks drawn on Current account) 3. Fixed Savings account (Sinking fund used for major maintenance or repair only) The sinking fund intent was to provide funds for major maintenance or repair requirement. Repainting the building is one such item. You definitely don't want to be using these funds to cover monthly service or maintenance work.
  14. Survivors benefit taxes question (US)

    This is not your income it is considered children's income. The $25,000 amount is for one child. You have 2 children so you could receive $50,000 and not need to file tax return provided each child received same benefit. If one child received $20,000 and other child received $30,000 the child that received $30k might need to file tax return. Sent from my SM-J500G using Thaivisa Connect mobile app