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  1. Thanks for all the advice....I got Lamina 80 on sides and back which has a mirror effect also...not that dark and driving at night is fine...high uv protection means no more getting into an oven
  2. I would like to buy a few mats to put around my punchbag and also skip on them..does anyone know where to buy them ??
  3. I wanted the tints on the side windows because my kids sit there...when we go to the beach...i spend half my time trying to stick an inadequate sun shade on the window..which always falls off....we travel a lot and i thought the tinted film might reduce the sunlight in tje car and make it more comfortable
  4. Thank you very much
  5. Did i ask for your opinion or ask for the law ?
  6. I am considering changing the film on my car to 80% from 40%...Some friends have advised me to do it whilst others have tild me that i will have problems with the police if they pull me over....Does anyone know the law on this ??
  7. Thanks Jo
  8. I have a 1 year multi entry O visa issued from the UK and i am required to exit Thailand on 26th February and come back in. Am i required to visit the immigration office also to otify my address or can i simply just jump across the border and come back ?
  9. Thank you both..i really appreciate it..
  10. I got a.multiple.o visa from London in July to son in Thailand. I went from my 90 day report at.Immigration and i noticed that on my blue departure was stamped 28th i was a day on overstay. The Immigration Officer told me that I had to go into Laos and come back again and that i could not sign in at immigration. Was he correct ?
  11. Does anyone know if a Thai court can set up visitation times between a divorced couple. My ex has custody of our daughter and I have custody of my son but she refuses to let me visit my daughter on a regular basis. Since the court advised that we should make sure that the kids know each other and see each other...can this be enforced..or a set of appropriate guidelines drawn up ?
  12. My wife and i are divorced and she called me today to tell me that she has received a solicitor's letter asking her to pay an outstanding True Vision bill which dates back to when we were married. The bill is in her name (4500 bht) and she expects me to pay it. I did use the service but when she absconded to the USA, unbeknown to me....i called them , cancelled it and moved out. By law, do bills inccured during a marriage are the responsibility of the husband and wife once they are divorced...? There was no mention of this bill in court but I think she is panicking now and claims it is my responsibility.. Does anyone know the law on this ?
  13. Thanks to all.....i went to the Consul with a copy of my passport..a copy of my son's birth certificate..and a copy of the court order..and all the originals.They specifically asked for the original court order and a copy which i gave. I was offered a multiple entry visa which I surprisingly accepted and collected it the next day. Thanks to you all..especially Joe and Richy...I nearly didn't bring the court order !
  14. So a copy.of.passport..birth certificate and court order..that should be it ?
  15. So what is needed...a copy of passport..copy of birth certificate and copy of court order ???