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  1. 13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    That's what I have in mind for the future but it will be a while before I can afford to do something like that ! What time of year are you back in the UK for six months ?
  2. The other motorbike rider at fault, clear as day. One of my pet peeves when driving is the all too regular motorbike turn left without looking. What I noticed in the picture of the scene is that the joining road has a stop line for cars but the slip/motorbike lane just continues unabated onto the main road. They should change the lane markings to make it clear motorbikes need to stop and check as well.
  3. What are my chances of getting Thai Credit Card

    I didn’t push it with Citi, so you could always ask. However, they gave an unrequested increase of my credit limit (to around 4x salary) after 1 year of my account being in good order. I started off at about 1 months’ salary limit. I have 2 other Thai CCs, but these only offer about 1/3 of salary. None of these CCs come with any ‘deposits’ required. In summary, my advice for expats with WPs - try Citi !
  4. Best shops in BKK for genuine second hand rolex?

    Oh dear, a genuine display of horological ignorance. Seiko are a widely respected brand, very often using in-house automatic movements. Grand Seiko, Presage & higher end Prospex pieces have genuine top quality finishing & movements. As for your attempted battery jibe, whilst personally I prefer automatics, you can consider that the following houses provide quartz movement models : Omega, AP, JLC, Sinn, Marathon, Breitling etc etc.
  5. That’s <deleted> scandalous. Take a video next time and post anonymously on TV/Youtube etc. Seems to be the way to get things done in Thailand.
  6. Watch Scandal Gets Bangkok Street Mural

    I have noticed more ‘quality’ street art in recent years, rather than just tags. A welcome development and this one certainly hits the spot !
  7. It looks like an improvement to me. Better/safer flow back into traffic after the turn, I assume this will also reduce or eliminate the highly dangerous fast-lane u-turn queues. Certainly more practical than the recent J-turn presented. Before even playing the video, I saw the cones protecting the turn in the screen-grab and thought that would be open to abuse, our motorbike riding friend didn’t disappoint !
  8. I saw they mentioned this yesterday, suppose it was too much to ask that the BiB waited a day or two to complete their investigation before announcing her as a suspect and sharing her financial status with the world !
  9. Surprised a couple of commentators on this thread can't even be arsed to watch 30 seconds into the 90 second video where it clearly shows (in magnified slo-motion) a member of the larger group punching the victim's friend, which leads to the mob fight....and it's shown again, clear as day, at 1.24. At least watch the whole bloody video before spouting off. Special mention to the little shit putting the boot in at 1.07 !
  10. Hard to watch that. Unfortunately, I have seen too many similar real-life incidents and videos over the years, that's why I gave up riding on major roads in Bangkok. It just takes one slip/wobble or (more worrying and likely) for someone else to momentarily lose concentration and you are history. I just ride on the relatively safety of back roads near my house these days.
  11. Prawit, govt cronies top ACT corruption watch list

    I’d forgetten about the jolly to Hawaii, surely with that and the watches Prawit has to go ?
  12. Well, it is pantomime season !
  13. Snake ID Please

    This website is helpful : www.thailandsnakes.com
  14. BK sky bars - wheres the best

    I had heard Cloud47 was closing or closed ? Can anyone confirm this ? EDIT : someone already confirmed earlier in the thread !
  15. The video in the link does not clearly show the reason for the accident but you can see the bus swerving, cross the divider into and across the oncoming lanes and go into the ditch. Lucky it didn’t hit traffic coming the other way. There isn’t any obvious traffic impeding the bus on its side of the road, although I thought I could possibly make out a vehicle attempting a u-turn upper middle-right, which may have edged out into the oncoming lane, causing the bus to swerve. Whether a factor in this case or not, these types of u-turns on major highways are extremely dangerous to both lanes of traffic with turners cutting across high-speed roads and also the occasional turning queues backing up into the fast lane on their own side. They should be phased out. They may have been ok 20-30 years ago with less and slower traffic but are no longer fit for purpose.