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  1. I saw they mentioned this yesterday, suppose it was too much to ask that the BiB waited a day or two to complete their investigation before announcing her as a suspect and sharing her financial status with the world !
  2. Surprised a couple of commentators on this thread can't even be arsed to watch 30 seconds into the 90 second video where it clearly shows (in magnified slo-motion) a member of the larger group punching the victim's friend, which leads to the mob fight....and it's shown again, clear as day, at 1.24. At least watch the whole bloody video before spouting off. Special mention to the little shit putting the boot in at 1.07 !
  3. Hard to watch that. Unfortunately, I have seen too many similar real-life incidents and videos over the years, that's why I gave up riding on major roads in Bangkok. It just takes one slip/wobble or (more worrying and likely) for someone else to momentarily lose concentration and you are history. I just ride on the relatively safety of back roads near my house these days.
  4. Prawit, govt cronies top ACT corruption watch list

    I’d forgetten about the jolly to Hawaii, surely with that and the watches Prawit has to go ?
  5. Well, it is pantomime season !
  6. Snake ID Please

    This website is helpful : www.thailandsnakes.com
  7. BK sky bars - wheres the best

    I had heard Cloud47 was closing or closed ? Can anyone confirm this ? EDIT : someone already confirmed earlier in the thread !
  8. The video in the link does not clearly show the reason for the accident but you can see the bus swerving, cross the divider into and across the oncoming lanes and go into the ditch. Lucky it didn’t hit traffic coming the other way. There isn’t any obvious traffic impeding the bus on its side of the road, although I thought I could possibly make out a vehicle attempting a u-turn upper middle-right, which may have edged out into the oncoming lane, causing the bus to swerve. Whether a factor in this case or not, these types of u-turns on major highways are extremely dangerous to both lanes of traffic with turners cutting across high-speed roads and also the occasional turning queues backing up into the fast lane on their own side. They should be phased out. They may have been ok 20-30 years ago with less and slower traffic but are no longer fit for purpose.
  9. Thailand hopes to become new stop for luxury cruises

    Perhaps they should revisit past headlines, such as : ‘Phuket Taxis Blockade Luxury Cruise Ship Passengers from Disembarking’ . Those kind of issues likely need addressing first...🤔
  10. Missing post need advice

    Keep in mind last week was quite disrupted due to public holidays and the big event, so I wouldn't be surprised with some delays. I had a letter arrive from Europe this Monday that took longer than normal. I have found the Thai post tracking on their website to be pretty reliable, I buy a lot of stuff on e-bay and receive packages from all over the world via registered air mail (cheaper for the seller than a specialist courier). I have only ever had one very long delay, where it was recorded as received at Laksi and was not dispatched for several days, a quick e-mail inquiry via their website and it was happily on its way. If it's showing as having already left Laksi, it should be with you very shortly, assuming you are in Bangkok.
  11. She is kind and generous. Giving a ‘deliquent’ son the equivalent of a years half-decent BKK salary in cash, to spend in areas such as boxing etc is sure to sort him out....pathetic.
  12. Thailand News forum link broken ?

    Many Thanks UJ, that takes me to the News landing page with options for Thai & World News, but still having the same problem when clicking the link https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/forum/18-thailand-news/ Same issue on 2 separate devices - phone & iPad.
  13. Hello - sorry if already posted but having problems since Monday to access the Thai News section, when I click the link from the main forum listing (list of forums from News, local, etc), I get a link mentioning a TUk TUk ride to go back to the main TV homepage. I have played around but unable to get my daily News fix ! Any ideas ?
  14. Anyone recommend good dentist in Bangkok

    On their homepage they have a video testimonial from the 'Slippery Eel' Banharn - high praise indeed
  15. Blimey, in that final picture on the right, I do believe the knee is really hitting 'home' ?