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  1. realfunster

    Grounds for concern over school initiation ceremony

    Classic bit of Thai communication/culture here. It simply wouldn’t do to directly criticize the authorities concerned or the ceremonial aspect, so they come up with this ground dwelling ‘mega-death’ bacteria angle instead.
  2. Remember Paul the Octopus at Germany 2010 ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_the_Octopus
  3. Reminds me of my favourite all time T-shirt, seen on a nice young lady in a Big C shopping mall in a ordinary Bangkok suburb : ‘Blow Job Queen’
  4. Ironic then that the news story two items up on daily news 31/5 is this piece also related to Lang Suan district...
  5. I am not buying that. These lengths didn’t include simply going to the local hospital or clinic but rather robbing at gunpoint, threatening stabbing and driving into the next province, where they were so concerned with the child’s welfare they then hid out in the jungle for 4 hours....
  6. realfunster

    Probe absolves top education official

    So, she lied on acting alone according to the findings in rest of the article. No surprise from a fraudster. Hampering the investigation should be grounds for additional punishment, and I hope everything else she said was fully verified. It is really is time the threat of some truly inconvenient punishment was made in these cases, I imagine those caught would turn pretty quick and sing like canaries on their partners in crime. Not sure the higher ups are going to like that though...would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. Enough bird similes for one day
  7. realfunster

    13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    That's what I have in mind for the future but it will be a while before I can afford to do something like that ! What time of year are you back in the UK for six months ?
  8. The other motorbike rider at fault, clear as day. One of my pet peeves when driving is the all too regular motorbike turn left without looking. What I noticed in the picture of the scene is that the joining road has a stop line for cars but the slip/motorbike lane just continues unabated onto the main road. They should change the lane markings to make it clear motorbikes need to stop and check as well.
  9. realfunster

    What are my chances of getting Thai Credit Card

    I didn’t push it with Citi, so you could always ask. However, they gave an unrequested increase of my credit limit (to around 4x salary) after 1 year of my account being in good order. I started off at about 1 months’ salary limit. I have 2 other Thai CCs, but these only offer about 1/3 of salary. None of these CCs come with any ‘deposits’ required. In summary, my advice for expats with WPs - try Citi !
  10. realfunster

    Best shops in BKK for genuine second hand rolex?

    Oh dear, a genuine display of horological ignorance. Seiko are a widely respected brand, very often using in-house automatic movements. Grand Seiko, Presage & higher end Prospex pieces have genuine top quality finishing & movements. As for your attempted battery jibe, whilst personally I prefer automatics, you can consider that the following houses provide quartz movement models : Omega, AP, JLC, Sinn, Marathon, Breitling etc etc.
  11. That’s <deleted> scandalous. Take a video next time and post anonymously on TV/Youtube etc. Seems to be the way to get things done in Thailand.
  12. realfunster

    Watch Scandal Gets Bangkok Street Mural

    I have noticed more ‘quality’ street art in recent years, rather than just tags. A welcome development and this one certainly hits the spot !
  13. It looks like an improvement to me. Better/safer flow back into traffic after the turn, I assume this will also reduce or eliminate the highly dangerous fast-lane u-turn queues. Certainly more practical than the recent J-turn presented. Before even playing the video, I saw the cones protecting the turn in the screen-grab and thought that would be open to abuse, our motorbike riding friend didn’t disappoint !
  14. I saw they mentioned this yesterday, suppose it was too much to ask that the BiB waited a day or two to complete their investigation before announcing her as a suspect and sharing her financial status with the world !