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  1. She is kind and generous. Giving a ‘deliquent’ son the equivalent of a years half-decent BKK salary in cash, to spend in areas such as boxing etc is sure to sort him out....pathetic.
  2. Thailand News forum link broken ?

    Many Thanks UJ, that takes me to the News landing page with options for Thai & World News, but still having the same problem when clicking the link https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/forum/18-thailand-news/ Same issue on 2 separate devices - phone & iPad.
  3. Hello - sorry if already posted but having problems since Monday to access the Thai News section, when I click the link from the main forum listing (list of forums from News, local, etc), I get a link mentioning a TUk TUk ride to go back to the main TV homepage. I have played around but unable to get my daily News fix ! Any ideas ?
  4. Anyone recommend good dentist in Bangkok

    On their homepage they have a video testimonial from the 'Slippery Eel' Banharn - high praise indeed
  5. Blimey, in that final picture on the right, I do believe the knee is really hitting 'home' ?
  6. Changes are going to have to be made, whether the powers-that-be like it or not. In the past few months I have started a new hobby and after struggling to find things related to this in Thailand, I created an e-bay account. Obviously this gives me more choice but more surprising was that I could buy the EXACT same product from overseas at up to 80% discount. These are not high value items, don't get stopped by customs and normally with free shipping. Quite an incentive to spend my money overseas. More and more locals will catch on to this sort of thing over time. I believe there is a big bubble and false 'value' in the Thai economy created by these monopolies & protectionism. I hope they choose to deflate it sensibly over time and not let it burst.
  7. Poor guy. I'd be thoroughly checking & testing this driver - how on earth could she not notice the pipe in in the wing mirror (can probably guess) - in fact it produtes almost level with the door frame/driver seat - driving on the wrong side of the road prior to the crash, moves back across to central/left side just before incident - note minimal, if any, reaction or breaking to what must have been a reasonable impact.
  8. The reply from the responsible persons in the Nation article is full of holes. An extra 4 planes on top of the expected 21 caused all this ? Don't believe it. 5,000 passengers arrived at the same time ? Equivalent to 10 fully loaded A380s. Don't believe it. The 5,000 is then used to explain the 5 hour wait based on 1,000 processed per hour. So not to worry, with the improved target of 1,800 per hour, the wait in a future similar scenario will be a rapid 2.75 hours. Glad they have honestly & throughly analysed the situation and prepared a comprehensive solution.
  9. About 5 years and longer ago Bang Saen used to be ok for a quick day or overnight trip from Bangkok. I noticed a gradual but obvious worsening in the water quality and amount of litter/pollution since then onwards, so I stopped going.
  10. That's good to know- thanks for sharing - will be useful for my folks next time they visit !
  11. Ah yes, of course. The favoured blame target.
  12. Aussie Man Falls To Death From Parasail On Phuket Beach

    Tragic event, quite harrowing to watch the video and must have been awful for his wife to watch things unfold. Be interesting to hear from a harness expert - which I am not - but the video does possibly suggest the groin straps were not fastened. I can see a strap underside his bum, but nothing around the legs or groin to provide a 'seat' to hold his weight. There appears to be two loose straps flapping around either side of his groin. The gentleman would then have had the parasail pulling up on his shoulders but no support underneath. Possibly manageable with arms tight at chest level but as soon as they were moved or raised above head height, gravity will take over. At 2.30 in the vid, I believe you can see him put his arms out sideways which is immediately followed by his slip from the harness.
  13. What are the lightest brand of Thai cigarettes?

    Mevius (formerly Mild Seven) Wind Blue are pretty light on the lungs. Confusingly they come in a sky/powder blue pack - not to be confused with the slightly stronger Mevius Sky Blue - which comes in the darker blue pack. The marketing team must have been drunk that day. ? From experience, Mevius are available in many mom & pops and all modern retailers.
  14. So, whilst not TAT Governor, as the Government Minister resposnsible for 'Tourism & Sports' do you see any chance of a 'direct link' with TAT, with this organisation being within her Ministerial portfolio and with her making public tourism related proclamations...?
  15. I guess they are judging by per capita. India 25 deaths per million Thailand 84 deaths per million A pretty damning comparison !