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    Yingluck posts reviews of Moscow during visit with Thaksin

    Maybe a subtle message to Big Joke that she's not at home in Ol London town, so no need to come looking. She'll feel more relaxed knowing neither herself nor Thaksin will be getting a tap on the shoulder whilst touring the great cities of Europe. CANDA.
  2. Hi GreasyFingers, I think you will find that being 'non resident' for tax purposes denotes you do not qualify for the tax free threshold that applies to residency, a 35 % tax rate is applicable! CANDA.
  3. Interestingly, all those arrested are Thai (noted in the actual article.) Obviously had they been of foreign extraction it would probably have made the weekly 'farang bashing' headline news. CANDA.
  4. Why would I need a work permit to own properties here ? I pay an agent & accountants do any work, they keep me informed on what 's required.
  5. Think you will find that rather than being taxed on income directly, at the time one sells a property a higher percentage of tax is applied if rental income has been earned, also more so if the property is less than 5 years old. CANDA.