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  1. Paid Visa Queue

    Now, I'm not 100% sure about this, but when I went along for my annual renewal a few weeks back it looked to me as if the guy that runs the food stall opposite Immigration Rooms 2 & 3 was saving spaces in the line for people who showed up fairly close to 8:00 when the numbers were awarded. I thought at the time it was a smart thing for him to be doing given he's setting up early anyway. First point here is that if you are going anytime soon and avoid a Monday, Friday or any day after a public holiday then showing up at the crack of dawn isn't necessary. I arrived after 7:00 and was number 8 in line but actually number 2 in the queue for a marriage visa. If you don't trust this approach, try taking a Thai speaker along and see if the food stall guy is prepared to put a bag on a seat for you. I'd start at a couple of hundred baht... Let us know if this works.
  2. Where To Buy: 3 inch HDD Protective Case

    I did see that, but given that it's just a plastic box I thought the price was a bit steep (although I've seen the ones like in my picture for as much as 189 baht which is just plain stupid)! When I bought them locally they were about 60 or 70 baht if I recall. Thanks for the post.
  3. HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    By the way, I found that the standard browser that comes with Android 4.4 (just called Browser) doesn't work with Teatime and for the most part only gives sound. Using Firefox makes it run OK although switching from one programme to another or changing channels seems to require a restart of the application. Good streaming with no buffering in HQ setting (looks like 720p) on a 30/10 connection.
  4. I used to be able to buy these from OK Computer Accessories in Computer Plaza but now "mi mee". I've tried many of the obvious places without luck - has anyone seen them actually in stock around town before I bother to get some sent from China? Cost about 85 baht.
  5. Here's the new form. Download this and draw your map on it. If you want to get fancy you can insert your address details using the "Fill & Sign" feature in Adobe Acrobat DC. CM Immigration Map For Marriage Visa.pdf
  6. HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    A worthy replacement for TEPTV despite the interface being not quite so good in terms of skipping forward etc. Anyone found a way to make it work on an Android Box (other than via a browser)?
  7. Probably the farm gate pre-slaughtered/processed price, given that these are farmers.
  8. Dash Cam recommendations?

    Incidentally, the clip of the pickup dropping furniture on the Ring Road was from my G1W. Rather a dull day and my windscreen could use a clean but the picture quality is OK as far as I am concerned. Link
  9. Compatible Nespresso pods/capsules

    Visit the new and wonderful Hilkoff location next to the big Amway building on the left as you head out of town on Mahidol Road. It's the nearest thing to coffee heaven outside of Bangkok (maybe even in SEA) and they have everything from very simple percolators to giant industrial roasters.
  10. This could have been a pretty serious mess in heavy traffic. YouTube Link That Failed To Appear.......
  11. Where to Get Oversized Cardboard Boxes in Chiang Mai?

    Very helpful feedback, thanks!
  12. new shopping mall mae ping

    Whatever is going on, they are not demolishing the old house. There is a lot of work going on at the site with new buildings that could well be for yet more retail units.
  13. Dash Cam recommendations?

    Thanks Dave. One car is insured with Axa and I'll follow your lead.
  14. Dash Cam recommendations?

    Did you manage to get that in Thailand? I know it's becoming standard practice in the UK but, given that the insurers here are anything but proactive as far as road safety goes, I didn't even ask.
  15. Dash Cam recommendations?

    Here's where you can get the info to make a decent decision about what features you want and what's available. I have two G1W cameras that I bought from OK Computers at the rear of Icon Square and they have been trouble free for almost two years. Cost was 1600 baht each including an 8Gb card and the output quality is as good as I need. Many fakes of all brands around here.