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  1. Greenside

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    I don't think you'll find I said that things would get better, just different. You have made 58 posts on TV in the last ten days. Let's say 10 minutes per post if you include the time to read what you're replying to - no, better make that 5 minutes (see (1) above). By my reckoning that's 4¾ hours which to some may no doubt be a more valuable way to spend one's time than sitting in line, reading a book and chatting to new acquaintances. I'd take going to immigration any day.
  2. Greenside

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    All this arguing is a total waste of time. The move of some or all of the immigration processing to the new office over by the airport will likely change everything in the next couple of months, so why not wait until you see how things work then. You could use the break to make some notes, take some pictures perhaps and maybe even devise a whole lot of boilerplate complaints and implied insults to effortlessly paste into your posts as the occasion merits (or not, as the case may be). Before anyone asks: Marriage extension two weeks ago: total time spent waiting/processing/having picture taken = 4½ hours. Went home for most of the morning, back after lunch and was finished by 3:45. Cost 1900 baht. No sitters, no agent, no problems.
  3. Greenside

    Lower Case English Keyboard or Keyboard Stickers

    I checked all the accessory shops in Computer Plaza yesterday and while most had stickers, none had English lower case which are the ones I am looking for. Will drop into Amorn next time I'm at Big C but have a feeling it will be the same story.
  4. Greenside

    Lower Case English Keyboard or Keyboard Stickers

    I've seen plenty of Thai character keyboard stickers in accessory shops but not any with English lower case. I'll make the rounds tomorrow and see if I can spot any.
  5. Anyone seen them in CM? I know Amazon have several but would like to buy this week if possible.
  6. Greenside

    90-Day reporting ... Moved to the Airport now?

    No. They are still at Prom. Go in the afternoon to avoid the queues.
  7. Greenside

    Electric Bottled Water Pump

    Maybe, but it's not a food grade product and the possibility of adding oil or some chemical leeching from the mechanism is not a risk I'd be comfortable with. Might create some pretty film patterns on top of a gin and tonic though
  8. Greenside

    Electric Bottled Water Pump

    Thank you. I see Freser is listed as a distributor in BKK, I was really hoping to find one up here but it's looking like it's them or Ali Express. Cheers for the help, everyone.
  9. Greenside

    Electric Bottled Water Pump

    Thanks for the quick responses. All of the ones on Lazada are for dispensing from a bottle directly into a glass or similar. The one I had (which was the previous model to the one I pictured) can deliver from a bottle under the kitchen counter to a tap or any device with a valve that will stop the flow. I was hoping not to have to deal with the supplier in China (actually, there are lots of them selling this item (or knock-offs?) under their own label and in the one instance where I needed support it was less than easy. I'm off to Hillkoff now to see if they understand what I'm talking about. It's a super useful device and I'm surprised they are not easily obtainable.
  10. Greenside

    Electric Bottled Water Pump

    I bought one from China a long time back and it's finally quit. I believe there may be a supplier in BKK but I thought someone here may have seen one closer to home. They are typically used for supplying drinking water to vending machines, coffee machines or, in our case the automatic ice maker in a fridge for which purpose it worked very well. Global House/HomePro etc don't seem to have ever seen anything like it. I will be trying Hillkoff today but if anyone can point me in a better direction I'd be grateful.
  11. Short Time places are absolutely not confined to illicit activities. Many young men and women live in the family home or compound and have virtually zero privacy and even if they can find a quiet room to have it away, it's ten to one that the grandparents live next door and the neighbours call "bye nye?" to everyone they see passing in a friendly way so as to have something to chat about at the noodle shop. Many working people live in just a 32 m² room with almost nothing in the way of facilities so even a local ST place is probably face saving which is a depressing thought. Anyway, you find the euphemistically named "Resorts" by the score in every city as well as in loads of small villages, and I think you'll find their use goes beyond the obvious clandestine encounters.
  12. Before you go inventing the wheel, check out Writers Without Borders. They have been running for 11 years now and meet weekly at a restaurant off Nimmenhaemin - see details below. I used to be a member when they started but found organising the CM Photographic Group took most of my available time. I snipped this picture from an email meeting announcement earlier this year. Hope it helps.
  13. I don't think any of the staff at Prom really have a moving date yet. This week I was told by a friendly IO that they expect it will be the end of next month.
  14. Greenside

    Wanted: Moth Trap

    Yes, I know they are pretty easy to make, but experience tells me that they are often used for a while and when the novelty wears off they end up stored in the back of a cupboard and forgotten about. Before I go out to get the bits and pieces to build one for my son this weekend, I thought I'd see if anyone here has one they no longer use. Happy to pay anything sensible and can collect from anywhere within about 30km of town.
  15. Greenside

    anyone have?

    Just a tip, almost no-one is going to read a thread with no clue as to what it's about at all. You'll stand a better chance of getting the info you want if you start a new one with a title along the lines of "Looking For JRD Bike Parts" and ask the moderators to delete this one. Good luck with your search.