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  1. Post I never thought I'd Write

    I totally agree with that. As far as I am concerned, social media is a dangerous, mind rotting timesink that's affecting millions in unforeseen* and detrimental ways! I wasn't trying to call you out on this. It's just that way back in #28, in response to mounting speculative posts Gonzo gave us some background to his reasons and concludes with "Enough of that...". which makes me suspect that it's all he wants to say about the issue, in this forum at least. That's all. *Excepting Black Mirror season 3 episode 1, perhaps
  2. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Trujillo, John (who has been a regular poster here for twice as long as you) announced that he was leaving town after many years and by doing so let us all know that Pun Pun was looking for a new owner and it seems obvious to me (and sensible of him, given the way every other thread on here goes south after page 2) that he doesn't want to go into further details of his private reasons for moving beyond health issues. Your reply above seems kind of confrontational to be honest. It may be that you didn't mean it to come across that way but pressing for more details could perhaps be considered a bit indelicate.
  3. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Pun Pun is a long established restaurant/guesthouse by the river. The place and its owner will be missed by many long term residents. Best of luck to you Gonzo, wherever you are heading.
  4. Nice renovation job
  5. Falafel's in CM?

    The parking round there is difficult but there are loads of backpacky tourists walking the area. I always thought it was a good location in that it's right in front of you while you wait to turn right towards the moat.
  6. Falafel's in CM?

    I see the falafel place near Chiang Mai Gate threw in the towel after only a few months.
  7. Varee - International school

    Actually, don't.
  8. Varee - International school

    I wouldn't hold your breath, unsurprisingly I didn't get the copy I requested yet.
  9. Varee - International school

    Fantastic! I'll bet there are a lot of law enforcement agencies who'd jump at the chance to have you on board. Sadly, your definition of shady (or even Shady) may not be in line with other people's ideas and however (you think) they look has no bearing at all on who they are, how they behave or their competence as teachers . Mischievous, even without the capital letter, is really easy - just look out for big red noses, green hair and huge floppy shoes..... Most people? Totally meaningless unless you qualify it with numbers and even then "shadowed in secrecy among each other" hints at how seriously we should take your post(s) not to mention your level of literacy. I think your post is nonsense (and I happen have a knack for these things). Yes please, PM me a copy. I have had a child at VCS for ten years plus two others who have just joined, and while I'd be the first to admit it's not perfect, it's served us as well as I could expect from any school in the area and, I suspect, better than most. I can tell you with some certainty that virtually all the schools in Chiang Mai have faced problems associated with the huge increase in demand from foreigners, along with the growth of a seemingly well off Thai middle class and some have handled it better than others. By and large, I'd say Varee has done okay and I'm hoping that we will now see a period of consolidation which will allow things to settle down. The depressing truth is that if you want to give your children a decent start in life with an affordable education that will give them a fighting chance to achieve their full potential, you'd better be thinking about moving to a different country.
  10. The exhibit closed on Sunday after a very well attended 15 day run, so thanks to all who managed to make it along to Airport Plaza and to the many who left kind comments in our visitors' book. The pictures are now available to view online - just click on the poster to follow the link. If you are a keen photographer and would like to find out more about the Chiang Mai Photographic Group please visit our website: cmphotogroup.com
  11. For those that didn't make it to the real thing, our 10th Anniversary Exhibition is now online - just click on the poster to follow the link. Just a reminder that if you live in Chiang Mai you're very welcome to join us at one of our regular meetings. Details at cmphotogroup.com
  12. Nissan Juke

    Owner leaving the country soon. Late 2014 Nissan Juke in absolutely perfect condition done only 38,000 km. Top spec model in red. Going rate is about 550,000 baht, would accept 500,000 for quick sale. Car is in Chiang Mai.
  13. Varee - International school

    Don't understand this part of your post. The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education is (or was, last time I looked) the most widely used and recognised international curriculum in the world. So two of VCIS's programmes (Thai and EP) follow the Thai National Curriculum and as you'd expect the International Programme uses IGCSE.
  14. Solar power kits

    Global House was carrying a range of "ready to go" kits that appeared well presented. Haven't noticed them recently but worth a try.
  15. Nana Bakery New Shop Now Open

    You're welcome. It doesn't get so many hits since it's been buried in the new pinned items layout on this forum and I have neglected it a bit. Someone suggested I should give it a serious overhaul, spread the word around and get a little income from it with some ads. What do you think?