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  1. I have a serious white grub problem affecting the Malaysian turf on my lawn which is altogether around 1800m² and maybe around 25% is infested. I have sprayed three times with Sevin (Carbaryl) mixed as recommended but after almost four weeks see no significant improvement. It may be that I applied the chemical too late (mid June) so I was looking for Bayer Dylox 6.2 granules which I read should be used in this situation but I was told today that they don't have this in Thailand. Any suggestions as to a suitable quick acting product (preferably granules) that I can get here?
  2. Photobug has them too.
  3. There is a place on the on the covered walkway between Homepro and Big C at Hang Dong that sells gutters and what you are looking for. Inexepensive, but we had endless trouble: poor design and construction and a reluctance to come and fix any of the four windows (out of nine) that needed attention. They don't fix these kind of screens in situ - the whole frame needs removal and I believe they send them back to BKK. If the house is yours and you intend to stay for a long time, get the best available as the headache that comes with cheap ones isn't worth the saving.
  4. Every time I've bought wood from the branch in Trat Wong Rd I have found what I wanted (ie size and variety) in the shed, gone to the office, placed the order and paid and then gone back to the store to choose the actual pieces before they are cut and lastly check the final dimensions. I know at least one of their other branches makes this a difficult proposition and since others here mention "paying at the window" I'm guessing they were at that one.
  5. Did you actually do a report? It looked "up and running" when I last tried it (90 days ago) but having filled the whole thing in twice nothing happened so I did it in person. It's not a huge deal since my children are at school nearby but it would be nice if it really worked.
  6. For heaven's sake, the OP can figure out his own size requirements. As it happens, the guys at Suskawad (like the plumbers electricians here) use imperial and metric with no particular rhyme or reason as far as I can tell.
  7. The best branch of Suksawad (in my opinion) is here. I just added it to my map which is in the pinned topics on this forum. No problem choosing your own wood although you may have to wander about a bit and they'll plane to any thickness and cut to length.
  8. Is 90 reporting online working these days?
  9. A very good option if he can get in. The competition is ferocious - you'll have to work hard to coach your son and get him to take it as seriously as it deserves.
  10. Computer Plaza , 2nd shop in on the right. It's very small but they will make up exactly what you want and test it before letting you have it. Cat 5e or Cat 6 and the prices are just as good as buying those ready made cheapos from the accessory shops. I took all my cables in there to get them tested and about 30% were no good so they went in the bin. BTW, 20cm may work with string but if you force a sharp bend close to a plug you're asking for trouble.
  11. I'd call khun Ake at Tidtarin Insurance Consultant67/3 Sripoom Rd.,T.Sripoom, A.Muang, Chaing Mai 50200053 357949, 053 418181, 081 9605254, 081 8815480 Fax.053 357950 Map: They are a small family run insurance broker with an office near Chang Pueak Gate. Khun Ake speaks perfect English, answers emails promptly and returns phone calls reliably all of which are pretty uncommon features in Thailand. I would be confident of his support if it came to sorting out a serious claim and he took the trouble to come and visit our property before we took out our first policy. We have property and vehicles insured with him and they are always on time with reminders and will take care of your car tax without charge if you can't make it to the licensing office. Incidentally, he'll quote from a variety of companies or a specific one if you ask. I don't see any price benefits of going direct (tried it in the past) and in case of a claim disagreement I know I'd rather have someone who places significant amounts of business with my insurer on my side then fight the system on my own.
  12. Sorry, I have no idea if or how that can be done. The unit I have experience with is not connected to a land line which is required for faxing via the Brother. It works really well in all other respects though.
  13. The Brother unit I referred to above is a laser unit. Inkjets need to be used frequently in this climate or they clog up - unless you really need the colour then a laser is a much safer bet. Brother is better than Samsung in my experience.
  14. I agree with the OP. Way too much fluff on page one Advertorials??? Please........
  15. OP: Have you tried Vuescan? They have an OSX version and that may get round your problem with the LIDE. I've been using Vuescan on Windows (7 and later 10) to work with a Nikon ED4000 which had no recent driver releases and I have to say that I preferred it to the original Nikon software.