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  1. What a load of rubbish. BWT covers a huge area and although it's close to the landing approach, only the western end is subject to anything like the kind of noise you describe. You want serious aircraft noise - pity the folk that live on Nimmenhamen... BTW the airport doesn't run 24/7. Yet.
  2. Greenside

    Agent to get Motorbike Tax Decal

    Tidtarin Insurance Brokers. If you insure through them (and they're very good) they'll care care of all the paperwork and you can just pick up the tax sticker from the office at no extra cost. English spoken by most of the staff. Khun Ake delivered our house insurance policies to me this morning and took the trouble to check that our outbuildings are properly covered. One of the few Thai companies I know that actually answer emails! Highly recommended.
  3. Greenside

    Agent to get Motorbike Tax Decal

    I think you were just unlucky. I've re-taxed cars and bikes there and never waited more than about 10 or 15 minutes.
  4. OK, this may be truly over the top but I can't help but feel that this guy is potentially dangerous. He gets populist things done in the media spotlight seemingly without regard for anyone's opinion and that approach appeals to an unfortunate number of people. Thank heavens he's not Tweeting yet.
  5. Greenside

    Power Lawn Mowers

    Apologies. I put it at the top of the index for you now but the GPS is 18.79825, 99.00301 if you want to find it on another map.
  6. Greenside

    Power Lawn Mowers

    I went through several lawn mowers before biting the bullet and spending out on a a genuine Honda which has turned out to best I've ever had. This agricultural dealer doesn't have a huge range but I've bought several things from them and they are good to deal with. You can find them here. The Honda is about 25,000 baht but worth every penny if you've got a lot of grass to keep under control at this time of year.
  7. Greenside

    Builder recommendations/House construction cost

    To the OP : Now you know why people send you private messages with advice about builders on this forum....
  8. Greenside


    Nice shot. The people on the right look like they're having a good time! I've now done Songkran for seven years - the 2018 and past galleries are here if anyone would like to explore more.
  9. Greenside

    Spend The Night At Don Muang?

    Well, he survived the night OK although I don't think sleeping figured high on the agenda. For security I lent him my retractable wire lock, which at least prevents opportunistic bag grabbing. It usually lives in my camera bag and provides some reassurance at least. Main complaint: It was cold and although he'd expected that, his jacket wasn't heavy enough to stay comfortable.
  10. Strike "appear". They do exactly what they were intended to do.
  11. Greenside

    Hottest day of the year so far...

    ...you mean like fixing the thermostat.
  12. Greenside

    Spend The Night At Don Muang?

    Many thanks everyone. It sounds like he'll cope OK
  13. About the most stupidly transparent ploy I can possibly imagine.
  14. My stepson's flight would have him arrive at about 00:30 and he has to leave at 06:00. Are the main airport facilities open all night and is there a reasonable chance of being able to grab some sleep or does security treat you like a vagrant? I know there are hotels close by but he sees this as being part of the adventure. Guess I might have done that at his age, come to think of it I spent the night on Euston station with my girlfriend about 50 years ago...
  15. Greenside

    All in the translation!

    I have some other good ones here