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  1. Tokyo Optics are the same as most places: the exam is free if you buy from them but if you just want the prescription they make a charge. Needed that for ordering contact lenses online from the US some years ago and I seem to remember that it was 350 baht, but as I said, a competent and thorough exam (at the Airport Plaza branch).
  2. Marriage extensions are at Prom until the new building opens at the airport. Friend did his yesterday: arrived at 8.20 and was #3 in the line. 90 day reports busy, though. Even in the afternoon about a 90 min wait, probably due to the disruption last week.
  3. The Tokyo Optics store at Airport Plaza has impressed me. The most thorough examination for both glasses and contact lenses I've had outside the UK.
  4. Build a temperature Controller

    Central Electronics always very helpful and will sometimes spend 5 or 10 minutes sorting through their hundreds of boxes of parts to find some small item that they triumphantly hand you with a bill for 7 baht or thereabouts. Amorn used to aspire to that level of service but sadly pre-packs rule these days.
  5. Tax Specialist in Chiang Mai

    Taxed on investment (or any) money coming into Thailand? Really? First I've heard of it. Just as a side note, honest and knowledgeable lawyers, accountants and professional people in general are few and far between in this country. Get as many references as you can from experienced expats before having dealings with one.
  6. Where to buy polystyrene blocks

    This Shop has some although the pieces I saw looked to be about 6 - 8 ins thick. Check it out on my map under Excellent Art Supplies Store.
  7. Panyaden School interview -advice

    As I said, hearsay, but it was from someone who appeared to have visited the site and the cost of getting back up and functioning is likely more than just renewing the buildings.
  8. Panyaden School interview -advice

    On the other hand, a funding appeal for almost $1m directed towards a relatively small group of parents seems an almost impossible goal and so maybe they found some support elsewhere so as not to put people off at the start. I hear that the site was almost wiped out (yes, that's hearsay) so $350k isn't going to go that far. Your comment about greed is a bit harsh, Dante.
  9. PEA Auto-Debit......

    Out of interest, did you ask her about letting you know if a DD didn't go through? My impression is that recent applications are automatically registered and that we were the victim of an old account system.
  10. PEA Auto-Debit......

    Thanks, that's worth knowing.
  11. PEA Auto-Debit......

    I have some recent (not so fun) experience with this and your post reminded me... In Nong Hoi our meter is read on the 27th or 28th and I thought the direct debit was taken a week later on the 5th or 6th since a neighbour said that is when his is paid. Last month, we let the household account get very thin for a couple of days on the 11th/12th due to a delayed transfer, but thought nothing of it since we weren't expecting to make any payments. On the 22nd we're cut off with no warning or explanation. A neighbour tells us that a guy came the house when we were out, rang the bell (I'm guessing here), called out "Anyone home?" (in Thai, of course) which, given you can't even see the house from the front gate, is pretty dumb and disconnects the meter. Power outages are pretty common in our village so when we came home to a dark house we were not that surprised. It was a while before we found out the reason and were told to come and pay at the PEA office and they would re-connect us. The department my wife had to go to had some typically bureaucratic name but was most likely known internally as the "You're a no-good late paying criminal type so we'll make you feel like dirt" division and the guy there did a great job making her feel really bad. About an hour later we get a call, they reconnect the meter and all is well again. The point of this (rather longer than I intended) story is that unlike in the UK or many other countries I imagine, neither K-Bank or the PEA gave us any warning that payment hadn't been made. The failure of the DD was entirely our fault, but an SMS or a call would have solved the problem right away. The bank statement didn't show a failed payment and subscribing to their Transaction Alert service doesn't either. The PEA, who are actually very helpful in the front office, said that although they had our contact number, we had to register to get notifications if things go wrong with an automatic payment. Now we are, but who knew? So if you pay by DD it's worth checking that a failed payment won't leave you in the dark.
  12. Setting up Google Earth with an overlay showing forest reserves seems to have been a step more than the government IT department can manage. Perhaps they could ask the Immigration 90 Day Online Report people how it's done. Oh....
  13. Paid Visa Queue

    Now, I'm not 100% sure about this, but when I went along for my annual renewal a few weeks back it looked to me as if the guy that runs the food stall opposite Immigration Rooms 2 & 3 was saving spaces in the line for people who showed up fairly close to 8:00 when the numbers were awarded. I thought at the time it was a smart thing for him to be doing given he's setting up early anyway. First point here is that if you are going anytime soon and avoid a Monday, Friday or any day after a public holiday then showing up at the crack of dawn isn't necessary. I arrived after 7:00 and was number 8 in line but actually number 2 in the queue for a marriage visa. If you don't trust this approach, try taking a Thai speaker along and see if the food stall guy is prepared to put a bag on a seat for you. I'd start at a couple of hundred baht... Let us know if this works.
  14. Where To Buy: 3 inch HDD Protective Case

    I did see that, but given that it's just a plastic box I thought the price was a bit steep (although I've seen the ones like in my picture for as much as 189 baht which is just plain stupid)! When I bought them locally they were about 60 or 70 baht if I recall. Thanks for the post.
  15. HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    By the way, I found that the standard browser that comes with Android 4.4 (just called Browser) doesn't work with Teatime and for the most part only gives sound. Using Firefox makes it run OK although switching from one programme to another or changing channels seems to require a restart of the application. Good streaming with no buffering in HQ setting (looks like 720p) on a 30/10 connection.