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  1. Greenside

    Is wood like this available in Chiang Mai?

    Suksawad: I just bought softwood 12mm x 2m planed for shelves @ 240 baht per piece. Wood is very expensive here - A lot of the cheap bar furniture as pictured above is made from reclaimed pallets and there's a whole village near Lamphun that deals in that stuff, including raw materials.
  2. Greenside

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Went this morning to get my passport stamped with a Spouse Visa, having done the application a couple of months ago. Busy, given it's a Friday and with a memorial day coming up. Was directed to counter #4, gave the glamorous katoey manning the desk my passport and she told me to take a seat. I was anticipating that the new setup and the crowd might make this a longer process than the usual 5 minutes my last two have done, but it ended up as just shy of two hours up to which time no-one's passport had been returned. When at last an officer brought them over from a nearby desk, he had a stack of about ten and mine was third from the bottom. Given I'd been back to see the deskperson twice by then who claimed she didn't know where it was or how long it might be, I was pretty annoyed to realise I had just been waiting an extra 90 minutes for some nice round number to accrue in the guy's out tray before he got up and walked 5 metres to deliver them. Not a great first experience.
  3. Sadly, you are probably spot on. That'll really be an issue with so many not being eligible, let alone the cost for those who are.
  4. Greenside

    Yi Peng 2018

    I suspect this is not the same as the Mai Jo event. I'm guessing here, but I have the feeling that this company maybe organised the paid event on their behalf and have now proceeded to turn it into an ongoing tourist attraction which has nothing much to do with the original community spirit. Mahseer: Yes, my pictures. Thanks, here's another...
  5. Greenside

    Yi Peng 2018

    I don't know about this year but a generalisation is that this event started out as one of the best, fell victim to its own popularity, especially after TAT started featuring some wonderful pictures in its Amazing Thailand campaign, and couldn't seem to find a way out. The whole Yi Ping festival seems to have been suppressed by the current Powers That Be but maybe if things change it will start again.
  6. Greenside

    Grab Taxi Price Rise?

    My stepson tells me that the prices for Grab have recently risen alarmingly. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. Greenside

    Rajavej Hospital OPD fee enquiry.

    Go to the front desk with your collection of receipts and ask for the English speaking rep, khun Girlie (no, really). She will sort it out for you - it sounds like a mistake to me. It's a good hospital, but the billing at Rajavej is poorly managed although it falls a long way short of price gouging. For example the cost of a consultation in the paediatric department (without medication, dressings or the other little items that always seem to inflate a bill) can vary from zero to about 300 baht, without any significant difference in the time spent with the doctor. I was an out patient in the ENT department just a couple of weeks ago and thought the young lady doctor was good.
  8. Greenside

    Questions about Bank Letter from Kasikorn

    K Bank has a much bigger and usually emptier branch on the 3rd floor of CAP above the Aquarium. Usually takes about 15 minutes.
  9. 25??? Who do they think would ever fall for a story like that? Surreal.
  10. Greenside

    Dexion shelving material

    I've been looking around Chiang Mai for that too. Often see racking built from it but never on sale in component parts.
  11. Greenside

    Immigration Moving Back To Airport

    In addition to about 25 parking places allocated to visitors plus a lot of motorbike space, they have a notice at the new building saying you can use the spa across the road. I notice that they also have wheelchair access too.
  12. I need one today. Any ideas?
  13. Pharma Choice keeps them, or used to at any rate.
  14. I just read an article in today's UK Guardian about the spread of African Swine Fever and its impact on the economies of countries with seriously large pig farming sectors and Thailand definitely counts as one of them. In recent weeks outbreaks have been reported in China, home of more than half the world’s pigs which should be a huge cause for concern to all its neighbours. Given how apparently easy it is to spread the disease and the large numbers of Chinese tourists arriving on budget flights from a growing number of places, I'm wondering if the CNX Customs are taking this seriously. Anyone been through International Arrivals recently and spotted any notices or heard any announcements (yes, I know they'd probably be in Mandarin, but it's just possible Thai and/or English).
  15. It seems to me that the wind speed is pretty low most of the time here. I get the impression that CNX prefers the approach over Hang Dong and the take off over Nimmenhamen if they are able to choose.