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  1. I had my knee done a few years ago in BKK. The guy who sent me was not registered as a doctor in Thailand but had sent people there before. Cost me 7,000 baht. Urapong Medical centre. As expected it was nothing serious and it went away on its own. But we did the MRI just to be sure.
  2. Steel bridge

    Food for thought if you already have the material? In this picture 3m is only the centre section Something else i found. Also food for thought.
  3. Steel bridge

    Generally a beam will be stronger across the wider section so they should be mounted on their side. Surface prep and good painting will stop you disappearing into the void in ten year's time when you have forgotten when you built it.
  4. The driver would have been charged with driving under the influence?
  5. There is a huge mattress "factory" near Pattaya which tour buses visit everyday. Chinese tourists can look at and buy mattresses and get "free delivery" to China.
  6. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    Husqvarna have a real office on Soi On Nut in Bangkok. Been in there but never asked for a mower price.
  7. It is not the thick skin of elephants that is the root cause as they explore with their trucks which are more delicate. Lack of proper grounding is more likely the cause. The didn't work for elephants because the local "animal" energizers are cheaply made and only really any good for cloven hoofed animals. Add to that the car battery power drops off after a while of use and they are almost useless. To be really effective the fence has to be maintained at a min of about 5.5 kV add to this that the farmers where probably not adding sufficient grounding. The results where ineffectiveness. Local farmers probably can't afford "real" energizers and correct installation methods so they so resort to the cheaper, "easier" method, even it is it extremely dangerous. Local wildlife dept. could offer classes and training on the correct use of electric fences but...
  8. Used oil collection/recycling point

    Can't find anywhere? Go around the back of B-Quik around 9pm on a Sunday and leave it by the back door?
  9. DFSK DFM V27 Mini MiniVan

    That vehicle would seem to suit the OP stated needs. I would however measure the ceiling height in a van . Motorbikes are taller than they might seem. Downside? The AC has to cool the whole van. Unlike say the old Isuzu van which had a separate cab. I suppose one could stick something onto the grille to separate but... Neither quick or for status but if that is what you think you need why not?
  10. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    If you are a rugby league fan. It would be both up and under!
  11. ^ Well working on a single cylinder worked for Honda F1?
  12. Electrical issues at our house

    Brazil runs on 127v 60hz. Thought I'd muddy more water.
  13. In the spirit of accuracy I should also point out that your performance enhancer may also improve a person's night vision to the point where it renders lighting unnecessary on small motorcycles.
  14. This is the key word here. Currently it cost around $0.38/mile to run a BMW hydrogen 7 on hydrogen vs 2 baht /km for LPG. I couldn't find out the cost of a 225kW wind turbine but I'm guessing they are not cheap. 50kWh for each kg of H2 at a 66% efficiency. I'd rather imagine a beer after work!