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  1. The price of the beer must have gone up dramatically, then, from 40 baht a can.
  2. From where? At Ramkamheang you could squirrel the bike away at Nasa Vegas?
  3. I had a quick pog around on the internet and didn't find much either Tourtech doesn't have anything aluminium for a top box. Seems Givi is the box of choice for Ducati?
  4. Calculate price of 2nd hand scooter?

    Contact Bangkok Scooter Rental. Phone after 10 am talk to the farang (Mark?) For a fee I believe about 1500 baht, you go with them to the auction and they show you the ropes and guide you through the process of paying and transfer. The weekly auction is for bikes up to 150cc most are repossessions. For larger than 150 the auction is once a month. Something like that.... You will need to take cash and be prepared to ride your purchase home.
  5. Or look to the north? http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/would-canadian-gun-laws-have-stopped-americas-worst-mass-shooters Canada has lots of guns but a lot less shooting crimes.
  6. BMA has bylaw enforcement guys . Look like police but have green shoulder patches. I would say BMA first. Or your local district office. Same place you go for pink ID card.
  7. Norwegian police don't carry guns so how can they be taken away? Soldiers are issued weapons from an armory when the are deployed but I note they cannot be deployed withing the US.
  8. Calculate price of 2nd hand scooter?

    To buy or sell? Where is also important. If in BKK you can go to auction and get a good 1 year-old one for about 20,000.
  9. Pizza is food particularly around Naples. For me at least. It is antipasto on a thin crust.
  10. Flat roof leaking.

    I'm still going with grout as it has been OK for 4 years. If there is a caveat it would be settlement of the building if it was new when the roof was poured? Yes and as stated check the drain isn't blocked and that it isn't the drain rather then the actual roof. That would be indicated by the location of the evidence of the leak I'm still thinking a hands and knees examination of the grouting. Especially the corners and the edges.
  11. Flat roof leaking.

    Have quick look around for missing grout. I had a dripping toilet cistern in a bathroom which caused a mess it was bad or missing grout. In my case there was a spot where the tiles were so close there was no room for grout. Generally speaking the tiles should all have a gap between then about a matchstick width apart. Any that are smaller than that are the likely suspects. Get a tiler in and get all the grout replaced?
  12. You should come to the Hash and tell all the fifty, sixty and seventy years old guys this. They will laugh and tell you to get a life. OK the older guys over 70 do alternate run/walk on very hot days but... Even the 80 year-old can be seen jogging on occasions. They will also tell you that one of the reasons they are relatively healthy at their age is because they still run/walk/exercise on a regular basis. One of the advantages of still running is that when older and one gets the odd ache or pain it is irrelevant as one has become accustomed to them.
  13. Waves and Supercubs - To basket or not to basket?

    Honda Cub is not a "girls" bike. And even if it was that would only apply to people with a lack of self confidence. It is in fact a utility motorcycle design for noodle delivery hence the semi-auto transmission so that it can be ridden with one hand. Ideal for a quick run to the shops etc..
  14. Sukhumvit. The Orange private buses which seem to have diminished in numbers were/are the replacement for the notorious old "racing" Green buses with the Kratingdaeng drivers. The red and blue-white non aircon buses along with the larger Orange air-con buses are the ones converted to NGV and they were the ones I was talking about. See them everyday on the streets. Very little visible particulate emissions compared to say pickup trucks with the injector pressure hyped up. The old wooden cab trucks seem to the the worst offenders but they are very few and far between.
  15. Waves and Supercubs - To basket or not to basket?

    Maybe you can still find one of those custom boom box sound systems made specifically to fit in a Honda basket?