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  1. Metisse is from Oxfordshire. Not Shanghai.How about a Gladstone?
  2. Because they are expensive. If they were priced normally?
  3. OK your nearest DLT licensing office is just past Soi 99. Get off the BTS at Bang Chak. If you pass DKSH building/Pedestrian overpass you have gone too far. . Go early in the morning, it opens at 8.00. The medical certificate can be obtained at any small local clinic. Can't find one near you? There is one on the corner of Soi 48, but it means a walk to and from Prakhanong BTS. You don't need a photograph they take that for you as it is integrated into the license. What else you need has been covered by links given in previous posts.
  4. Then you will know they are notoriously tail happy. Which is what the Corvair was criticised for. But don't take my word for it.
  5. Thailand and India's trade agreement does not include vehicles, so expect the price to be higher than you may think. The reason why you don't see many KTM's here.
  6. Are you insane? They are noteworthy for it. The problem being that Americans didn't adapt to the Corvair, just like they don't adapt very well to living abroad! Corvair Turbo was a nice car.
  7. Only 30!
  8. Have we decided yet what the correct term is to describe the colour of the wig caps in question?
  9. 555. I used to hang my magnetic motorcycle tank bag over the switch and go out for the evening
  10. If you told us where you are then someone can tell you where your nearest DLT office/test centre is! Allow the best part of a morning for a 1 1/2 hour video presentation, colour and peripheral vision tests and a reaction speed test. Knowing your nationality of little use in answering the questions. If you didn't have a motorcycle license, the test and getting one is quite easy.
  11. Castrol R?
  12. Is the large bore pipe vertical or horizontal?
  13. Know nothing about social security here but the 60 thing is only for teachers?
  14. Where are you there is a place off Teperak Rd, near the outer ring road. You would have to drive/ride there.
  15. Not a GOLD medal winner Not a SILVER medal winner NOT a BRONZE medal winner NO it is COPPER Couldn't even be bothered to alloy it with anything and still made with RICE not BARLEY. Marketing guys are getting a bit over confident. It is not only Craft (sic) Beer but it is Premium Craft beer. TIT