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  1. Can get o/bore and big valve heads for both. 170 for Yamaha and 195/200 for Vespa. ABS is a separate model for NMax so depends how many Indonesians pay extra for it.
  2. For a hotted up urban run about. Vespa maybe urban chic Yamaha more modern It will be Indonesia and used so price is about the same.
  3. VocalNeal

    Thinners/Turps-your thoughts

    AAA and Turpentine are different and used for different things. AAA is more volatile and evaporates quickly. Turpentine is more organic and evaporates slower. Both OK for cleaning the compatible paint from brushes if kept in a jar with a tight seal.
  4. VocalNeal

    Honda PCX 150 fuel gauge always shows full

    Run the fuel low by using odometer. (You should already know how many km you can do on a full tank) Then using a torch/flashlight have a look into the tank. If you can see the float poke it with a stick. Failing that your only recourse is to take it to a workshop.
  5. VocalNeal

    Pressure Washer Relief/Return line???

    I'm thinking you wouldn't do this if connected to the same water source as a house. Unless the pump has integral posts for it as it probably has a check valve.
  6. VocalNeal

    Pressure Washer Relief/Return line???

    You have to pipe water to the pump wherever it is. It doesn't seem much extra effort to run a roll up hose out to a suitable place for the relief? Does your manifold look anything like page 23 in this? http://www.siebringmfg.com/media/10.pdf
  7. VocalNeal

    Pressure Washer Relief/Return line???

    OK because normally the relief valve vents internally into the pump suction. Have a portable small tank/large bucket/ for the supply it can be fed from a hosepipe with a toilet type ball cock. Fit hose connection to the container for the inlet and pressure relief. Set up the sprayer/pressure washer. Put the tank nearby connect up the inlet and relief hoses Connect the garden hose and turn on the water.
  8. VocalNeal

    Honda PCX150 Randomly Stutters, then dies...

    Get someone to hold the bike while you get down on your knees and wiggle the side stand around to see if it or the switch are lose? And/or buy a new switch from Honda and take it to your local roadside Somchai. Clutch squeal as has been said is because you baby the bike and so once in a while you have to ride it like you stole it. Don't want to do that? Put the front wheel against and try and ride away for a few seconds to work the clutch. Or find a fat passenger and a hill and do a couple of hill starts.
  9. VocalNeal

    Pressure Washer Relief/Return line???

    Where does the water come from in the first place? Which hose in the picture is the pressure relief hose?
  10. VocalNeal

    325w Solar Panels for 4,999 Baht!

    Amorn Solar also have cheap panels.
  11. VocalNeal

    Breaker for wet areas?

    Safe-T-Cut are everywhere in Thailand and it will protect your whole house and for a fee they will comes and install it for you. In UK as an example there are no outlets in a bathroom save one near the mirror for an electric shaver. Best to keep electricity away from a wet area. Pump room may have one outlet for each pump which should be disconnected before working. Etc, etc. Mop up surplus standing water before working.
  12. VocalNeal

    Custom Honda Street Cub

    The workshop looks familiar I graduated to the front bedroom and the company TV sideboard thingy worked well as a bike bench.
  13. VocalNeal

    How good are Thai Motorcycle Helmets?

    Wow has a sticker or two that must make it better. The stickers don't look Chinese by any chance. Probably has an ISO 9000 sticker as well just for good measure. Amen to that. Good Skate board knee/elbow pads are also not to be sneezed at.
  14. VocalNeal

    Custom Honda Street Cub

    The early days. Wondered why the exhaust header was larger than the port so I bought a die grinder and made a cupful of aluminium shavings. Kawasaki Kaze piston fits with a rebore. Local motorcycle shop told me that half way through looking at all small capacity bike pistons. When I eventually sourced a big valve head I discovered why the exhaust was bigger! Most large local rural markets have a motorbike accessory stall(s). I bought the big bore carburettor and manifold in the Star Plaza market behind Tesco in Rayong. Front forks and exhaust traveled to Indonesia with clubs, in a golf bag.
  15. VocalNeal

    Where to buy a Bungee net?

    Teso/Lotus. Big C. et al. Find a picture then ask a mocy taxi guy to take you there.