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  1. VocalNeal

    PB Blaster

    Maybe I should add that nothing really beats having a good quality rattle gun. Even with all the fancy alchemy.
  2. VocalNeal

    Which fan for the office?

    We have a pedestal fan which is quite old. Eventually the ball at the bottom that supports the shaft will wear through the bottom of the motor. Then one has to be clever to fix it But their advantage is the single plane movement. But they are white noise noisy. Like all fans. If it is not a "posh" office then two old horizontal fans from old AC units.
  3. VocalNeal

    PB Blaster

    PB Blaster is a penetrating oil. In most tests a 50/50 blend of ATF and Acetone comes out tops. You can make your own using nail varnish/polish remover from 7-Eleven and Automatic Transmission Fluid. The acetone is sucked into voids by capillary action and carries the ATF with it.
  4. VocalNeal

    50 Hz vs 60Hz

    have a look at online Brazilian ones? 127 volt
  5. VocalNeal

    Pumping system

    Ausfence if they are still around.
  6. VocalNeal

    Push button timer switch

    Mr. Lob, Here's a thought? Buy yourself a remote? More than one if you have different makes of AC. Then if/when you find an offender you can point the remote at/through the window and turn them off?
  7. Permanently "repair" their water supply? Stop picking up their garbage? Disable their "easy pass" vehicle entry card so the security guard has to manually let them in/out The developments are run by a committee . The committee just needs gonads or needs to enact the correct enforceable rules from the start. Russians in Pattaya are/were notorious for not paying.
  8. VocalNeal

    Push button timer switch

    Or the some clever motorcyclists can't hang his tank bag over the device. When i lived in Sabah on a townsite with diesel power they used to cycle the power on/off after lunch when the guys had gone back to work to Kill the AC left on. The Mechanical guys would ask the Instrument /Electrical guys how come their AC switched back on when the power came back. Some had put jumpers in the control circuit others simply jammed the start button with a toothpick. My home AC which is controlled by remote automatically comes back on after a power outage but. ...
  9. If one is observant even some feral dogs know to stop and look. Distraction of some form on both people's side. Victim and driver.
  10. Seems like the modern meaning of democracy is to have a vote but don't accept it unless it goes your way. Rightly or wrongly the majority , albeit small, voted to leave. So accept democracy and get on with it. But no. They need another vote and so on until it is the "correct" result.
  11. VocalNeal

    Are there any BKK foodie clubs?

    There is a "monthly" group who dine in dinner jackets etc. could probably find them if you bring one.
  12. Just for my edification when was the "again" period that Americans want to go back to?
  13. My two guys? Senior one 16,500 a month, the younger guy 13,500 rate set by Thai partner.
  14. VocalNeal

    Motorcycle Hire Bangkok

    Bangkok Scooter rental in Phrakhanong. Say NSR Mike sent you.
  15. My bikes limits or cornering are much higher than mine. That's mostly all I need to know. If ever in doubt just push a bit more on the bars she'll probably go around. This whole numbers on tires sound like more my dick is bigger than your bar type talk and best to be avoided. Mettzler tires and Yep American and encourages potentially dangerous riding. I'm sure is says on the wrapper fort rack use only but..... Just more proof of how juvenile the US is becoming.