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  1. I've been in a Volvo Estate on the Chonburi m/way at 220 kph. But that was some years ago when the traffic was lighter. Doesn't matter how fast your car is the Foundation guys belching black smoke will get there first!
  2. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    Send 1200 baht to JR motor or get the wife to call ask if their CBR box is good for CFL
  3. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    Probably running lean to save the planet?
  4. Wrong parts ordered. Another wait.
  5. Kawasaki W175 and 175SE

    Enfield Bullet 500 would be cheaper? One could get a Continental GT for the same price.
  6. I didn't believe it either when I found one one day in a old pulp mill with a stainless nut hanging on a piece of wire. But yes I suppose some algae could attach itself to the low level one and increase the level difference. The 1' level difference requirement is quite small. But one would notice that and give the probes a wipe as part of general maintenance so should be installed with some slack in the wiring. The current doesn't flow in the pond as such just across the rods which will only be a few centimeters apart if worried one could use a stainless tube as the stilling well and make that negative then there would be no current outside the system. I notice though that some Koi carp systems use exposed electrodes. Capacitance or ultrasonic/radar are a bit more expensive. I suppose one could use some float switches but needs a lot of tweaking during set up and even they would be susceptible to algae/weed. Just using the old KISS principle.
  7. I'm thinking I would use a toilet cistern float. But if one wants to be hi tech. Three steel rods in a blue plastic tube, , a 12v power supply and two? relays. One rod is "ground/common", one rod is high , one rod is low. Pump switches on when lower rod is uncovered and switches off when the top rod is covered. All-in-one? $ 9.00 http://realezshop.com/products/df96d-ac220v-5a-din-rail-mount-float-switch-auto-water-level-controller-with-3-probes/ Make your own rods and housing. The housing is to reduce waves caused by your whales!
  8. Worst Joke Ever

    Have you ever met a gay welsh toolmaker? You'll find one on Dai Grindr
  9. Benelli TNT 135...

    In theory you should be able to get some lighter clutch springs that would raise the stall speed, if that is her uphill start problem. Or but some new clutch shoes and drill a few holes to lighten them. (Have done that on a Wave). NB. There is an MSX125 Mini Moto (SuperMoto) racing class for anyone interested racing.
  10. Is this BMW slip on legal?

    OK stand corrected. Maybe my info is wrong. I thought If it has a "E" number you're alright if it is not a Geman registered bike. If it's a local bike it has to be Tuv certified and if you want to put on another pipe, you have to get new certificate. But I wouldn't worry about all the engraving and stickers here. You are in the country at the discretion of the immigration officer who stamped you in and whether you pay 500 baht for an aftermarket exhaust will be at the discretion of whomever who stops you. Xaos. That 1000 looks very nice. Might be worth a trip to BMW in Bangkok to see what they have. For 40,000 I assume you get a whole under slung muffler as well. I thought I liked the R Nine Racer until I compared the price Here is the one from the worldwide site It has a giant tailpipe. I don't know what any other differences there are. If you intend to keep the bike for a while it probably doesn't matter so tell them you are happy to take it if they throw in the 40,000 B system which didn't cost them 40,000. If not go to Bangkok and buy the new model.
  11. Is this BMW slip on legal?

    This is Thailand. Please define legal. Not road legal in Germany? I don't think any aftermarkets are legal there, just like here. (Technically) Does it look original? Doesn't matter how many markings or stamps on it. Solly no talk ingris! It could have TISI written all over it they'll still want 500 Baht from you, if they think it is loud. It looks about 8 inches long . How loud do you think it is going to be? Louder than original? BMW has cleverly designed their exhaust so you can customize what is effectively the tail pipe without compromising the actual sound reduction properties. Maybe RTP won't notice. Live upcountry and go touring? No worries. Live in Pattaya and go hooning around, carry your wallet!
  12. SRX-6 homage, 250cc ?

    One could say the OP is LQ. Or is that too many abbreviations or lazy smart phone slang.
  13. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    Any local mocy accessories shop/kiosk will sell you some foam covers. Look for a long length of foam tube. (As you ave to cut them in half) They fit over the existing hard plastic grips. After cutting they look like this. I use plain black ones. Have done for years. If fitting is too technical you can spray the existing grips with hairspray from 7-Eleven but you have to be quite quick.
  14. Ah. Systems integration. The bane of everyone's life?