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  1. VocalNeal

    LNG PNG salary

    Just curious.May have an opportunity for engineering work in PNG at a new LNG plant. Does anyone have a feeling for the salary? 12weeks in 4weeks out Cheers
  2. VocalNeal

    more bike porn

    sorry if there is an existing thread but search function didn't want to search http://xif.com/royal-enfield-by-tendance-roadster
  3. VocalNeal

    Annual Surin Charity Motorcycle Event

    Why is it called a run not a ride. Should I bring my New Balance trainers? The water theme is nice. LOL Impending name change to Surin Annual Charity Jetski Event Motorcycle Event
  4. VocalNeal

    Need Coverter From 220Thai Power To 110. 60Hz

    William, +1 for Amorn. There are however satellite branches like Tesco Rama IV Check their website for one near you.
  5. I recently added a link to my business (www.wasp-security.com) to another forum and the link title automatically changed the description to "WASPsecurity Security With a Sting" Not complaining but wonder how to change that to something more pertinent to Thailand as it may help with SEO.
  6. VocalNeal

    Shops Of Equipment

    Aw, she's a bit rough the first couple times you meet her, but if you become a regular and she gets to know you she can actually be a sweetheart. I only bought one helmet and she was quite pleasant. Even gave me a complimentary T shirt and a flash light. Is Rider's Club off Silom Soi 9/Sathorn 12 still there? It was expensive but then so is everywhere else.
  7. VocalNeal

    Electric Shower Heater

    Amps = Watts/Volts. So 10 Amps at 220v = 2200 watts. The problem is in my limited experience of once buying a shower heater they come in 3500 watt or 4500 watts for up north. You may find a 2500 watt version but then you have to consider the whole experience. If you want a "hot" shower the laws of physics will dictate a lower water flow so you will end up with a dribble rather than a shower. Another alternative would be a small water heater tank on the wall as they can use time and so draw less current. But then you will need extra plumbing and a mixer tap. If you live in a house you could get some black hose and put it on the roof and run the bathroom water through it but volume is still a problem.
  8. VocalNeal

    Sonic Rebuild

    Do you have any idea how much it would cost to have the larger piston fitted? Just a rough idea would be fine. No sorry. I bought my parts in Thailand and took them to Indonesia and built the bike there.
  9. VocalNeal

    Sonic Rebuild

    I have only done a Wave. If money is a concern don't do anything. If you need a hobby then it is different. If there are some accessory shops where you live go and have a poke around. If it has to be bored you can get larger pistons and liner to get 150 or 160cc. If it doesn't need to be bored you can get performance camshafts from say 1000 for a reground one to 1500 fro a new billet one. Loud after market exhaust about 1500 Then it turns into a Pandora's box. Larger valves , head porting, larger carburettor and manifold. None of it really expensive but very easy to spend 10,000+ on parts.
  10. VocalNeal

    Any Good Batteries In Thailand?

    The Yuasa battery on my work trucks are 4 years old and still OK, (touch wood). One of them has died completely, but with a quick charge came back to life and has been OK since. Life maybe vehicle specific. Dependent on battery location and how the under bonnet temperatures are. Plus regular electrolyte level checks which my staff do not do even when told. My plan is to buy Yuasa again when the time comes.
  11. VocalNeal

    Warranty Question

    Like medical diagnosis, if you can I would go to a different dealer who doesn't know about your first report and ask for their opinion.
  12. VocalNeal

    Try Bugs Carcasses - How To Remove Them?

    I always used WD-40 in the past.
  13. VocalNeal

    Nissan Cube

    I fancied one some years ago but now they are two a penny in Bangkok. Very practical for a town car. For Americans that is for driving in town not going to town like a Lincoln Town Car Kia has the Soul.
  14. VocalNeal

    250Cc Class Too Slow Ya Feel?

    Just a thought but it could have been a 190 Fino. http://www.motorcycle.in.th/article.php/Turning-a-Yamaha-Fino-into-a-Racer#comments I have heard of a 300 kit.
  15. VocalNeal

    Lightning Rods

    This may also help. ERICO is a company I have seen before installed in Thailand. I will assume that there is nothing within 100m or so that is higher, trees etc. If there is lightning will strike that first. If there is nothing higher around you and lightning strikes are common in your area then you have more likelihood of attracting a strike than protecting against it.