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  1. Ya all really have a problem over there now, especially the U.K. and France , Sweden. And you can analyze it till the cows come home. Or unify the military , security services and police and round up all these wackos that are under surveillance , revoke there citizenship and deport them back to country of origin going back three generations. It is imperative to act now.
  2. Revoke their citizenship and send back to country of origin going back three generations. Pro active = preventative
  3. I'm waiting for the report that the bomber was on the "radar" Isn't high time for those on radar be rounded up and put on a boat.
  4. Lets just put it this way: The situation in one complete mess. There are too many taxis of all colors and its only getting worse by the day.
  5. Yes all these failures are really piling up now. They are now up to a thresh hold that is very strange.
  6. You could have Singapore infrastructure here and still not attract the 3+ star crowd because of the lowlife locals and all the associated lowlife actions. Negative Dept.
  7. And dont forget his/her statement that baht bus numbers have been greatly reduced ????. Routes clearly defined on bus but not followed. There seem to be alot of new members here ,postwise, that dont have a clue.
  8. Most of these foreign women in Pattaya could make a freight train take a dirt road
  9. I guess someone forgot to tell the shitloads of Asian and all other oblivious foreign male tourists walking/standing around smoking cigarettes all day, about this storm.
  10. For what its worth : This store is very comparable ( floor plan / size) to the Foodland in Bangkok @ Silom/Sala Dang. Up a very narrow ally ,same side Bkk Christian Hospital
  11. Indeed Here is an academic work on subject :
  12. Why do couples argue in Pattaya ??. Hint : I saw a Asian girl with her Asian boyfriend on Beach rd/Soi post office. As the girl yells at her boyfriend " you want to look lady" she grabs her ring and throws away.
  13. Obamcare Trumpcare Schmacare. Why not just expand medicare for all. Its already in place , just expand it