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  1. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    Good grief cant ya all just take things at face value once in a while: From that complete post one person assumes Im an alcoholic ,now you suggest medical condition Had X rays, negative. But am sensitive to cigarette smoke.Irritating = coughing
  2. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    Puleeez : So I have 3 or 4 glasses of red wine 2 to 3 times a week and and you assume Im an alcoholic ??
  3. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    The location Pattaya, not 50 years ago whem doctors smoked. The morning i referred to lowlifes i had wine hangover and was coughing from second hand smoke at entrance to Central/Tops supermarket. From lowlife cigarette smokers.
  4. Smoking in enclosed Pattaya area restaurants

    Right just let these disgusting lowlife cigarette smokers have the place.
  5. Pattaya beach now dubbed "War Zone" by tourists

    Dotpoom yes you certainely did miss the area that is the subject/photos here. And evidentely you also missed/obliveous to the construction trailer trash junkyard at South end. Concrete junk, pumps for failed drain project, locals blocking narrow footpath .
  6. So the Thais have finally learned how to complain about some of the mess around here. Thanks to the foreigners who set the examples.
  7. Who is going to enforce this ? ( running Uber and Grab out of Pattaya) Besides Uber and Grab Car what about all these other non meter taxis around here? Are all non meter taxis Uber and Grab Taxi ? Or freelance taxis ? ( non Uber/Grab)
  8. Well I wish it was inaccurate information for every case above including the GDP up headline from a few days ago. Because what is bad for the economy is good for the exchange rate. Any theories on the baht ?
  9. And every where you look there is shitload of them and the drivers lying around making a mess of surroundings. Negative Dept
  10. On phone and two different internet outlets TV is slow. 30+ seconds to open after click
  11. What is the taxi (all kinds) supply and demand situation here ? And also where do they sell popcorn around here ?
  12. How is the economy worsening ? I see headlines lilke: exports up, tourism up, foreign reserves and direct investment up, bond inflows up,baht up, income up. Is it the economy or too many lowlifes ?
  13. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    I dont know mate: Sounds like a horror show to me.