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  1. I come from a country where the nightlife ends at 8pm. It is totally boring and life is not worth living. Here in Thailand I can always count on going out to meet people at the bar. Yes, many are bar-girls but I also meet many other. I really do not think in terms of 'sex'. I think in terms of being with nice people who like me...or better put...like my money. BUT, they are nice to me. Please leave it the way it is.
  2. it is best if she stays out of the news but...then again...I am not her. maybe she will get what she is looking for faster. I wish both of them good luck.
  3. Why is the world still fighting SEX. It is the greatest gift from God. We should all take courses in improving this gift. Why shove it under tons of crap. Sex is ok folks. It is good for you folks. Let it be. If these people cannot provide this service...in the privacy of their own home with everyone older than 21, then where can people get help? Again let me say...I do not know the specifics of this case. maybe some serious laws were broken...that is not my argument or even desire to know. I just want people to know journalist sensationalize sex because ... I won't go there. Life is boring enough...work, eat, sleep, kids, school, diapers, crying, ... how about a break?
  4. I really do not know what happened in this case but there really is a mental and medical need for ‘affectionate’ therapy. It is one of the greatest gifts from God. WE use it and abuse it but it is still a great gift. People should seek help if there is a need.
  5. maybe you did not have much of a life to begin with. Time to stop and look. Then get on with being happy and kind to others. Too many people like you make a bad situation worse. do not do that!!!
  6. Is it against the law to be dressed like that? If not, then there could be a legal issue. Certainly, if these ladies were in my neighborhood dressed like that I would call the police (or get them out of the public eyes if my daughter was in school i.e I was by myself...555).
  7. I wasn't there and I probably should not comment although no one will probably read it. in any case, that does not seem like the way you stop something. What about..."Hey, stop that". I think in American society they coined the saying "Shot first, ask questions later". That is totally destructive in many cases. This being one. If I were on the jury, this man would have a lot of explaining as to why he felt he had to be brutal. The objective was to stop what he thought was wrong...not to punish. That is not his job.
  8. I think the bikes were parked in the wrong place.
  9. On a serious note...this is not easy. Good luck to the family. I hope the best for all of you! Give the kids a good education. Teach them to work hard. They will be happy...good education, work hard.
  10. Parking is a huge problem in all of Thailand. When there were few cars all was ok. Now many cars but planning cannot keep up. The change happened too fast. Now it seems like a forgone conclusion...there will never be enough parking. The market would probably make additional vendor stalls before adding parking space.
  11. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    I live in CM. I spend $3000 US a month and pay no rent since I own my house. I am single. I could spend less but choose not to. I would hate to retire on less than $3000/month. May as will stay and keep working. $1000/month and you live in proverty
  12. It seems like we have lost the ability to talk and resort to violence immediately. A simple question would have resolved this but nope....violence then ask questions later. I wasn't there. I do not know the truth. I just make an observation about how people are becoming.
  13. Listen up all foreigners. Lesson #1 - this is not your country. You are a guest. You can be gone in a few days. You can be in prison for many days. You have to be extra polite, extra good, extra positive behavior...this is not your country!!!! BTW, I am a foreigner in Thailand! I hope the Thai government gets this message across to visitors. Next, I hope to see more presents of uniform police in the nightlife area. All they need to do is walk and be visible. This reminds all the people they are real and they are watching. It also gives the peaceful people assurance of a trouble free environment. It does not scare the good people to see police officers. Each bar needs a special emergency number that will get them immediate help...within minutes! Lastly, I would have a few non uniform police walking the area. Have them talking, listening, watching. This cost money but every business in the area should be willing to pay a little something for this protection. Even 100b per business per night would go a long way for protection. In fact, maybe the business association should collect this fee and 'pay' for protection. they can pay the police or hire outside help...best to have some police.
  14. Best bang for buck

    Thailand has the deadliest roads in the world. Speed kills. You ... and we ... do not need you to be on the roads. No need for speed in Thailand.