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  1. The pictures are mostly doctored. It is difficult to get a real picture on the internet
  2. Stop being negative. There were 'probably' many questionable actions in the past. USA can sure attest to that. The very, very , very positive is the surfacing of these questionable actions. I hope this is being done to root out unacceptable behavior. If so, then give people credit for taking action against what is best for the people
  3. It was once said that American men are good because the American woman made them that way. It might be money but the real cause is education and dependency on mommy. I like to think 'some' foreign men know how to 'nurture' the wife and family environment. This probably comes from the culture and the western family.
  4. Chiang Mai: The ideal solution is an airport about 15 klms from the city with new superhighway supporting passenger transfer. The airport must be away from residence, schools, malls, etc. Next, the current airport must be removed so roadways can be built to reduce the traffic problem. This is standard procedure in most cities. The airport is a major cause of traffic jams in this area. I am not referring to the people driving to the airport as much as the inability to construct many needed roads in this area. Noise abatement is also a serious consideration. Planes fly over many neighborhoods in the area...and directly over BigC. Finally, airport near malls, residences, school, etc is extremely dangerous because of accidents could cause a huge unnecessary casualty count. Lastly, the military airport should also be removed. I thought it was against Geneva Convention to have military airports near residence, school, malls, etc. This is dangerous.
  5. Scary that he complained that Thai wants to know that a teacher of young kids is a felon. I would have deported him on the spot...if he really did complain.
  6. I really think this number is a measurement of the frustration Bangkok drivers have with the traffic issues. normally, if there is an acceptable flow of traffic people drive within the law. When these jams happen...some are quite serious...then some drivers (looks like a lot of them) will start doing things they would not normally due. These intersections where the numbers are high are a problem. The tickets are simply an indication where attention is required to fix the source problem.
  7. maybe road deaths will go down for a while. hard to imagine 10,000,000 pills were needed in Thailand. I never see any of this. I guess that is good for me...:)
  8. Do you know what a thai person needs to do to get driver's license? It is not easy and very time consuming.
  9. it is a shame but at the same time kids that do this just may kill one of your kids in an accident.
  10. Seems like certain people from certain countries look down on Thais and feel very superior to them. this gets them in trouble. Always remember...this is not not not your country. Be very careful. Do not wrong. They may have a huge punishment for you. It is not your country!!!!
  11. Here are USA numbers on bus crashes 295 total fatalities in all bus crashes for 2015...not 14,000 bus crashes that resulted in injury 53,000 bus crashes that resulted in property damage only about 5.5 people a week killed in USA on buses
  12. I have lived here for 10+ years. I sincerely do not look at Thailand as a sex entertainment world. It is one of the few places on earth that I (older man) can go out and talk to lovely ladies, play pool, and have fun. what is wrong with that. I have many friends who seldom bar-fine ladies. if they do, they are already good friends with them and it is really no one's business what they do. This is to me is the real Thailand.
  13. I have been here for 10 years. During most of these years, drivers did not move over for emergency vehicles. However, in the last year I have seen a huge improvement. Obviously, the drivers must have video equipment to turn over to police to prosecute violators. It is a very simple solution.
  14. I think these numbers are apples and oranges...take out motorbike accidents from the Thailand and world numbers and what do you have? Probably very safe highways in Thailand.
  15. PLEASE REMEMBER...the number of everything normally goes up when there are more people...population growth. Also, a better economy will increase those working which increases driving, drinking, and simply more motorbikes on the road.