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  1. my advise is to stay home the next time you want to leave the USA. Remember buddy your not in the USA. You are in a foreign country. you have the right to come but with your problem (I do it all the time) you should have sense not to come or bring friends to 'protect' you. Bottom-line: your stupid and a criminal. That is all.
  2. they seldom go to the bars/nightlife which is very ok with me. good time for hotels to make some money. it is all ok with me. I just have to remind myself not to drive in highly Chinese tourist areas like west Chiang Mai near the Maya Mall area. they walk in the streets and they drive bikes/motorbikes very dangerously. I suggest to be ready for dangerous drivers and try not to hit one.
  3. Let me add to my comment. It would seem that if a person is thinking suicide in this manner they would sit someplace and contemplate their actions. A park bench is best. A lonely dirt path and then die in the weeds. Does not make for a suicide case. However, if it was murder, you would think the murder(s) would take the time to move the body farther into the bushes.
  4. The suitcase being 200 away shows sign of murder. They murdered him, took the case, searched the case, disposed of it at, what they thought, a far distance. Do DNA and fingerprints of the suitcase NOW. Yes, a person can put a belt around their neck and pull it tight. They could be thinking suicide, pull the belt tight, regret they did it, but too late to loosen it in panic mode. You know to loosen a belt a person has to pull it even tighter...right?
  5. I really am more alarmed by USA drivers than Thai. The individual thai driver does not seem to speed. They really are good at creating traffic jams so it is difficult to get killed on the city streets. I certainly know about driving in the mountains but I must add...you better know what your doing. A tree branch in the road means construction ahead. I can handle that but I had to know it first...and live thru it. Yes, they cross the yellow line all the time in the mountains. You got to know that. Thai know it. You do not. Look at the statistics and I think individual car deaths is somewhat normal. I am not going to research that but what is not normal is the 73% motorbike deaths. That is huge and I think it has to do with the increased number of cars on the streets/roads. It might be interesting to know the motorbike deaths where a car/truck/etc was involved.
  6. I think Thailand has a unique problem. I read that 73% of deaths are motorbikes (MBs). From that I think the following: If Thai had 100% motorbikes then the road deaths would be less. Obviously, if there were 0% MBs then roads deaths would really go down. Therefore, someplace between 0% and 100% is the high point. The high point might be 30% MBs. I do not know but I think Thailand is right or ve3ry close to the apex. For example, USA has very few MBs thus their road deaths should also be relatively less. I have been here 10 years and do not see consistently dangerous death type of driving from individual car drivers. (Yes, they drive badly causing many traffic jams and minor accidents). I see worse in USA…especially speed. In Thailand I do not see a lot of speed problems with individual cars but I see speed problems with MBs and, obviously, with vans and buses (who might be killing MBs). Speed kills!!! Bottom-line: I think I give Thailand a break on dangerous roads for individual cars. I think motorized vehicles are probably killing many MBs but also
  7. Teel everyone to face the back of the truck. This picture shows 2 men almost sitting right. almost. back against the cab. If necessary, back against the sides. Never face the direction of the truck. Obviously, a quick stop will throw many against the cab. Hold on...isn't is obvious to everyone. Come on...a little sense of safety would tell you this. Why do I see most people facing the front!!!!
  8. Woooow, I am impressed. I have never seen a government, etc give back money like this. I am sure it has happened but normally after huge legal fees, etc. This is the best police work i have read about for a long time. Scamming will continue but stopping a large group is simply great!!!!
  9. People drinking in the back normally do not cause accidents but...I understand. People in the back must not face in the direction of the truck. they must sit with their backs to the cab. if there are many then their backs to the side of the truck. Facing the front of the truck results in injury even in a small accident.
  10. Charging more may help but not by too much. The answer is Biodegradable Paper Bags They need to replace plastic altogether. do you really think the drink guy will charge you for the little plastic bag that holds your drink cup? No...he will eat the cost or charge you 5 b more. Biodegradable Paper Bags are available. Countries need to use them to lower the coat. I do not know anymore on this subject but I did read it takes 180 days for the bag to degrade.
  11. Seems like some type of compromise is needed. workers are moved in mass this way. it would be too expensive otherwise. first, make everyone face the opposite way the driver faces. I am sure that is the law in other countries. then better side rails or even enclose the back.
  12. focus probably should be young people on motorcycles...especially those that have been drinking. how about breathe tests prior to departure for all bus and van drivers. again, I doubt thai is #1 in deaths in cars operated by individuals.
  13. A room is robbed. Who had adjacent or nearby rooms. Standard procedure. A room is robbed. Who had adjacent or nearby rooms. Hummmm. It sure would not take long unless they had fake IDs. Also, it sure looks like the women turned on the guys in order to get a lighter sentence. Stupid to commit crimes with another person(s)...especially women. The women will get off easy because they turned in the guys while the men will have a very miserable life in front of them.
  14. Who are the experts? They need to look closely at 1. death at scene, 2. death within 1 month, 3. Injured to hospital for x days and 4. Considerable damage but no killed or long hospital stay. Yes, there are more but my point is ... look closely at 4. Why was there such a bad accident but everyone seems to be ok? Find out what went well. Guard-rails, seat belts, air bags, etc. Then promote those items. I am sure guard rails is the big ticket item in cost. I see many accidents with no guard rails. The guard rails cannot be cheap. They must be the right quality and installed correctly...or they can cause deaths,
  15. I am concern about the kindergarden program. I was at the movies the other night and they showed horrible, bloody highway deaths to help people understand the problem. Of course, I had my 7 year old at a kids movie. That was wrong MAJOR theaters. I feel they will show many bloody accidents to young kids. I just said...I am afraid they will. I sincerely hope they do not.