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  1. Just curious but how would any other country know that my physical passport had been recently revoked back home?
  2. Why?
  3. Let's get get some lipstick on this pig.
  4. The same thing would have happened to him in California.
  5. Translation - the pilot realized far too late that the aircraft was overloaded and dropped the load. Oh, and that all the previous reports about tranquilizers wearing off etc. were fiction.
  6. The couriers are in bed with customs to ream you. Avoid them if at all possible.
  7. Because credit brings consumption sooner than using retained earnings would otherwise permit. It is logical but not sustainable lol....most will be 'getting it' soon too...
  9. Well if that happened to me I would pay the 5k, say thanks and move on. But this is a case featuring two desperate people not just one.
  10. Far too late. Assuming anything at all is done.
  11. Looks like some more bad wx coming from the West early next week.
  12. It does but usually takes til June.
  13. Why bacteria levels at beaches are a state secret.
  14. There is a reason that beach pollution levels are a state secret.
  15. Sorted then.