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  1. Accident & Life Insurance recommendations and advice.

    I agree. I would be interested in an accident policy with a 50k deductable and 5m max.
  2. Ill Kamnan Poh freed from prison

    And then....he stabilized....
  3. Looks to be a poll of (clueless) visitors rather than (jaded) resident expats.
  4. Thailand, where lack of care equals lack of luck...
  5. Inflatable kayak

    Hi I think I will just buy a second single place kayak from Suripol...
  6. Director chairs

    Hi does anyone know where I might find wood and canvas 'director' style folding chairs? TIA
  7. Inflatable kayak

    Hi I bought a nice single seat plastic kayak at Suripol shop but am now looking to buy a 2 seat inflatable like they use on the sea canoe tours - any shops in Phuket selling those? TIA
  8. Police crackdown targets overstaying foreign criminals

    It's a clearly a number fabricated out of thin air.
  9. More ridiculous reporting from The Nation. That is the newspaper that should really prohibit itself from being quoted or referenced.
  10. Wherever you go - there you are. It's been good for me so far after 17 years here...as soon as it isn't then back to the USSA...
  11. The same time of year they start to set all of Northern Thailand on fire...
  12. Did she ever actually collect the amount awarded?
  13. Change of permanent address on immigration file nightmare

    I live on my sail boat for several months every year during the smoky season and usually check out for Malaysia and back in to LOS at Phuket for some of that that time, and stay aboard for weeks after that before returning to our home here in the North. There is no way I can possibly comply with their TM30 requirement, so I when it's 90 day time at Promenada I shut up, smile and pay the fine or whatever hoops they want me to jump through. We live among ignorant corrupt savages - play their game or they'll tear you to pieces.
  14. Round up the usual suspects...
  15. Ready to tow them out to sea...